Have you or someone you know been a victim of weight discrimination?

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  • V. Barrett - 12 years ago

    Years ago, I worked for a collection agency that told the more experienced staff (all staff that had been there a full year or more) to handle customer complaints in a responsible manner and to note the accounts of the issue and if it was not resolved by the customer rep then get a manager. In order to free the team managers to do their jobs more effectively because people will always complain about their bills. This was just told to us by upper management in the meeting the day before this incident. So the next day, a call comes in the system by a infrurated customer saying, he had been verbally abused, and harassed by one of the collectors and the collector belittled him and refused to work with him and he was being called over and over by the person. I apologized to the man, and advised him that was not our procedure, would he allow me to accommodate his concerns, and know that it was out effort to help him eliminate his debt. He thanked me, said he was glad to know this was not the company's way and agreed to make future payments. The collector who was a white female obviously knew how bad she treated the customer beyond the point of regulatory practice for she had been watching the account. I know this because after I notated the account with no name whatsoever only indicating the call and how it was resolved. However, the collector initals where there from the previous call to which she had no notations of the what had occurred between her and the customer; she stormed down to my desk which was 4 feet from her area and literally got in my face and stayed there aggressively threatening me about how I handled the call. I told her that she needed to get management, I had to say this 3 times and she still did not move from me. I told her that I knew my rights and if she refused to leave after threatening me things could change. She immediately pulled her white card and said she could not believe I was acting that way. What way? Informing someone who was blatantly threatening me that I knew my rights. I am obese and black, so for me to stand up for myself while I remained seated and she stood over me and in my face yelling was a ultimate "NO, NO" some black staffers sided with her because Master is always right. We had to go to the management, I couldn't be fired or reprimanded because they knew I had done nothing wrong and they didn't stipulate how to notate accounts and she had no right to address me directly passing up four team managers, 2 shift managers, and a unit manager to handle me (or put me in my place). Ironically, the same white woman yelled at me a week before for helping me but she apologized and said she was under stress. I could have reported her then but being Christian I let it go. So see, what it really involved was me taking abuse from her the first time obviously I would take it again, and nothing would happen. However, I did tell my direct white supervisor to make sure she doesn't threaten me again because as a member of their staff it was there duty to protect the workplace, his response, "And if she does what you gone do, what you gone do"? If the races were reversed and someone had been physically, verbally and aggressively threatening even without one moment of touching all of those self-hating blacks and whites would have made some issue for a police report to be filed this I know for sure in order to protect the white damsil of distress in the future. But by being obese and black, it was something that big woman to upset that white dame despite that fact nothing wrong was done at all.

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