'American Idol' Top 5: MVP of the night?

Posted 7 years.


  • Nancy - 7 years ago

    If Hollie is ranked highest here, why was she in the bottom two? What is wrong with this picture?
    Much as I hate to see any of them leave at this point, I think Philip is a one trick pony. All his songs are beginning to sound alike to me.

  • Hollie - 7 years ago

    I'm da best in town!!!!

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    brin it on people, my only girlfriend Skyler is waiting for me will win, coz she's really know how to shout

  • Helen - 7 years ago

    Philip Philip and jesicca are great, wish them to be at the finale, so America will see the big different shot of different vocalbility.

  • Aznad - 7 years ago

    Jessica is the best, courges, emotional talented singer for me, do you know why? every singer makes people fee, but for me she steps up with so many ideas in so many characteristics. Philip Philips is great but he need to work for his vocalbility, but Jessica and Philip will be nice for the final

  • Anwar Hossain - 7 years ago

    This teen girl Jessica is a sure Winner!!!

  • deacongry - 7 years ago

    Joshua is awesome, but I wouldn't buy anything he has put out thus far. I just don't care about Soul or Gospel...I think the judges have hyped him enough to keep him on top, but the real test is in the market place...and Joshua so far hasn't convinced me.

    I keep hearing, this is a singer comp, this is a talent comp, but both aren't true. This is about marketing and while I think he will have a great career, I doubt he will ever be all that an American Music Idol, like Taylor, or Petti, Garth Brooks...not unless he changes everything about who we are seeing now.

    Country is the market with the uptick and I think after it is all over and the mindless masses stop voting for who they want to kiss, Skyler will be the one making the records and filling big venues.

  • tricia - 7 years ago

    i think jessica or joshua will win the american idol season 11 :))

  • Federico Santa Cruz - 7 years ago

    Jessica Sanchez is definitely the best singer of American Idol this season. Joshua Ledet may be the loudest but he cannot compare to Jessica. I observe that the judges show favoritism to Ledet by standing and applauding after he sings. Jessica is a Mexican [Hispanic]-Filipino [Asian]. These two races are subject to most racial discrimination not only in singing but in anything else. I am a Hispanic-Filipino and I experienced racial discrimination in my employement in private industry and in the US Federal Government. I am a professional engineer and I have finished the core subjects of 2 doctoral degreew in a university in the US.

  • Luz - 7 years ago

    The contestants this year are really talented but Philip Phillips is the best. Yes, Joshua and Jessica are good but they sing everything the same way. They will not attract large audiences and lack the charisma needed. Remember the person who beat Clay Aiken? what is he doing now? Clay has a career. I heard the judges say that Joshua is one of the best contestants that Idol has had. Well Joshua is good but cannot be compared to Clay Aiken or especially Adam Lambert. Adam will go down in history as the BEST contestant ever in Idol. He is so talented.

  • BigPapa51 - 7 years ago

    Joshua is by far, (with maybe the exception of Jessica), the most talented performer this year. Jessica and Holly both have great voices, but Joshua has a great voice and a great stage presence. He has the complete package. I don't know what the judges are listening to, but I thought that Shylar was terrible this week. She and Phillip should be the next 2 to get voted off. The final 3 should be Joshua, Jessica and Holly, followed by a final 2 of Joshua and Jessica. Joshua should win this years finally hands down. He is clearly the most talented and the most deserving. I know that everyone wants to see a girl finally win again, but you first have to find a girl who is better than ALL of the boys. It really isn't about gender, it's about talent, and Joshua is the best talent this year.

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