Should raw milk be allowed for sale?


  • Chuck Zimmerman - 12 years ago

    All right folks. Sorry for not seeing these comments earlier. I changed option three for now. May be a little late but . . . Poll runs until tomorrow morning. Thanks for the input.

  • Ruth - 12 years ago

    I too would have voted had the 4th option been there!

  • Tammy - 12 years ago

    I also would have voted if a 4th option was given. Allow the sale of raw milk for those that want it, provided there is regular quality testing for pathogens and appropriate minimal oversight of sanitary conditions for production.

  • Carolyn Collins - 12 years ago

    I also did not vote because of the lack of a fourth catagory. Milk animals need to be tested annually for brucellosis. When I was a child, we bought raw milk from a local farmer. My younger sister contracted undulant fever from drinking milk from an infected cow. Even with that, I believe that milk from a local farmer whose cows or goats have been tested is safer than the stuff that comes from the poor tortured animals in these nasty factory dairies. Redo the petition with that fourth category and you will get much more participation. Thanks.

  • foodart - 12 years ago

    I'm sorry, I can't vote on this. This is too black and white. There is no room for practical oversight without oppressive and limiting regulation. The oversight should come not only from the customer visiting the farm (here in PA I pick up directly from the farmer) but also limited government testing and inspection or the acceptence of independent testing by the farm itself.

  • Ruthann - 12 years ago

    There needs to be a fourth option, to be available to all that want. The cows, goats and their milk should be tested on a regular schedule. Thus insuring the animals are health and free of disease. The mill has been proceed under clean and sanitary conditions. That the milking building /rooms and equipment are kept
    clean. Inspection much like a restaurant kitchen.

  • Jeanne Naeger - 12 years ago

    Voted absolutely, but would have liked to see an option for, "With appropriate regulation."

  • Judith - 12 years ago

    It is obvious that this poll is skewed on purpose. The results will not be valid.Add the fourth option, if you sincerely want public opinion. Otherwise, this is just propaganda.

  • Catherine Jones - 12 years ago

    Agreed- we need a fourth option. The cows and the milk need to be maintained correctly.

  • Maria Moles - 12 years ago

    I agree with the other comments. There needs to be the fourth option. YES, I believe in the legalization of raw milk sales. BUT, I do not believe just anyone and everyone is equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle or sell it safely. So, I think we should have some standard guidelines and appropriate regulation. I also believe people should take the responsibility to know their farmer, how their milk is produced (what the cow is fed, how she's cared for, etc.), and how it's handled. We shouldn't sit on our butts and depend on some law or regulation to keep us safe.

  • bp - 12 years ago

    The current options for the poll will skew the results, and we want them to be relevant.

  • bp - 12 years ago

    I would really like to vote, but my vote is for the fourth option, which doesn't yet appear. Make that correction and I will vote.

  • Cecilia Long - 12 years ago

    Definitely needs a fourth option. I get raw milk in NH with limited regs. Know your farmer.

  • Chris - 12 years ago

    I agree with Gumpert.

  • Anji - 12 years ago

    I had the same concern - there needs to be a fourth option - absolutely with reasonable regulation. If given the options above, Iwould have to say Absolutely with no regulation, but only because that is preferable to strict regulation with limited access. I will buy (and have bought) my raw milk illegally if I have to, and so will most people who buy it.

  • rachel whetzel - 12 years ago

    I voted for the first one, but would have preferred the fourth option that Mr. Gumpert pointed out is missing.

  • Corwin - 12 years ago

    @David Gumpert: I agree. I did not respond because of the lack of a fourth option.

  • David Gumpert - 12 years ago

    You really should have a fourth category--absolutely, with appropriate regulation (like in CT, ME, and CA).

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