Should guns be allowed in Virginia parks?

  • M Nelson - 9 years ago

    Most people who carry guns are peacable, law abiding citizens who would never even think of shooting a bald eagle. Not sure where she pulled that one out of. A personal protection habdgun is carried to afford protection from a much more dangerous species - human beings. And her comment about getting upset and thinking "hey I have a gun - pow" is so far from the reality of those of us who do carry a gun everywhere we go, that it is laughable. I have a concealed handgun permit in the Commonwealth, and BECAUSE I carry a gun, I would go to great lengths to avoid or escape those situiations where someone threatens my life. But if I have no other choice - I have the tool to ensure the safety of my family and myself. Kudos to Gov. McDonald for stepping up to preserve our rights and our safety. And to that lady in the video - until this was signed into law, the only folks carrying in the park were police and criminals. And you know the truth about law enforcement - when seconds count police are only minutes away!

  • W. Fetrow - 9 years ago

    Criminals have always been "allowed" to carry guns in state parks. The only difference is that now the law abiding gun owners can carry too.

    Criminals ignore the laws because that is what they do. Law abiding gun owners don't carry where it is not allowed because that is what THEY do.

    The only difference is that now the good guys have guns too.

    Oh, and the comment about shooting Bald Eagles is just pandering. However, pandering by gun haters is so common it is to be expected.

  • Dwight - 9 years ago

    The logic of the anti-gun rights group is impeccable. So let me get this right. She might be in the park when someone decides to do something with a gun, like shoot an eagle? But perhaps she might be in the park, or at a 7-11, or a McDonalds, or even her home when someone likewise decides to "do something." Gun control is about controlling people, not guns. If she is so concerned about guns in Virginia, or guns in the US, perhaps she should move to a city in the US or another country that does not have guns. Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC are all good places that I highly recommend to her that have no guns, and tremendous murder rates committed by people who use guns...where guns are completely outlawed. Living in a nation that professes freedom I have to ask myself "Where do we get such people...." Probably from public scrools...but that is another issue for another day....

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