But seriously, who would you cast as Thanos in 'Avengers 2' or 'Thor 2' or whatever?

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  • jakean little - 6 years ago

    Dwayne Johnson, ving rhames, or the russian from rocky movie

  • Ron - 7 years ago

    Leonard nimoy or James earl Jones

  • Zuriel Seven - 7 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • George Little - 7 years ago

    Ving Rhames. Projects intelligence and power.

  • Chris Cjin - 7 years ago


  • Anthony volz - 7 years ago

    You all are stupid, choose someone who is truly unstoppable like bill goldberg, the wrestler, you don't want to have have a someone that isn't tough, it just wouldn't be Thanos.

  • happy - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • LB - 8 years ago

    Josh Brolin or body of wrestler, voice of Keith David for sure. Why the hell is everyone voting for Gary Oldman, Thanos needs a more aggressive voice, not David Gordon and McShane would make a better Modok lol. Dolph Lundgren??

  • Pat - 8 years ago

    Gary busey?

  • ta be - 8 years ago

    Michael Sheen

  • stud - 8 years ago

    Nathan Fillion!

  • Sarah Moffatt - 8 years ago

    Anthony Hopkins, Michael Clark Duncan (obvious though) and Richard Kiel for the height. Unrelated, but i would love it if Michael Emerson made an appearance in the next avengers film, maybe as a scientist or historian. Think he'd suit a comic book style

  • Vez - 8 years ago

    Alexis Denisof, who actually played Thanos in the end-credit scene. The guy is one of many gems from the Whedonverse.

  • henry - 8 years ago

    TERRY CREWS. I'm surprised no one mentioned him, maybe because he'll just end up dancing all over the place.

  • Cory - 8 years ago

    Michael Jai White

  • james - 8 years ago

    ron perlman

  • nmbac - 8 years ago

    Michael Clarke Duncan hands down. As can be seen by the above votes it has all but been cast already to Mr. Duncan. Huzzah!

  • Gary Coleman - 8 years ago

    Gary Coleman

  • Ochild20 - 8 years ago

    I was thinking of CGI Thanos or if they pick an actor. It has to be the scary black man from green mile, the huge black dude. michael...something!!

  • Jeff - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • KC - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • dgoose - 8 years ago

    Viggo Mortenson

  • CaptainPajamas - 8 years ago

    Aye Michael Ironside why not? He was in the latest X-men movie as a secondary character. He would have been a so much more convincing Sebastian Shaw than Kevin Bacon.

  • Sleebs - 8 years ago

    Gerard Butler or someone voiced by Christopher Lee

  • Jarls Countingham - 8 years ago


  • Jeremy - 8 years ago

    Michael Clark Duncan... period.

  • Jess - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • Harkonen - 8 years ago

    Dave I agree, your choice of Michael Ironside is inspired. He's got exactly the right smile!

  • Gil - 8 years ago

    Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Ashleigh Ayala - 8 years ago

    Ron freaking Pearlman! He palyed hellboy, he can play Thanos...

  • Odell - 8 years ago

    Come on man it's a no brainer, Michael Clarke Duncan. He has the size and the voice!

  • Odell - 8 years ago

    Come on man it's a no brainer, Michael Clarke Duncan. He has the size and the voice!

  • J - 8 years ago

    +1 Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Tian Roux - 8 years ago

    Taylor Reed - Good guard turned bad...

  • kev - 8 years ago

    I also like the Brock Lesnar, idea (bumping the idea)

  • Kev - 8 years ago

    Liam Nielson, he's got voice and overall bad ass villain like face.

  • Stoffer - 8 years ago

    Donald Trump.

  • phantysmina - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • me - 8 years ago

    james earl jones for voice, micheal clarke duncan for body

  • Louie - 8 years ago

    Thanos is close to hulk like size so some cgi with a voice over maybe someone like Alan rickman would be awesome.

  • jason steel - 8 years ago

    Robert Englund (Freddy Kruegar)
    The Rock (Faster)
    Glen Jacobs (Kane from WWE (See No Evil))
    Alan Rickman (Die Hard)
    Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter)

    have all played a villian/psycotic characters in movies before

  • rob - 8 years ago

    Well, seeing there were also rumors of a Silver Surfer movie, maybe Thanos would be part of that. Most of the times, these "easter eggs' on the last page of a comic help promote other title, thus it might make sense for a Surfer tie in.

  • Josh - 8 years ago

    Ron Perlman

  • Shadow - 8 years ago

    John Malkovich

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock"... Enough already with the hero roles. He needs to play the anti-hero in a couple of movies.
    Jim Parsons, aka "Sheldon Cooper"/CGI - Just the thought of Jim voicing a CGI villain-it would be awesome

  • nate - 8 years ago

    michael clark duncan

  • dave - 8 years ago

    Michael Ironside. he has the voice as well as the build even though hes older than dirt, but he was also the voice of darkseid, and sam fisher in splinter cell, two VERY intimidating characters so you know he can do thanos justice. just keep shwartzenegger out so theres no "see you at the paaty richter jokes.

  • Lino - 8 years ago

    Peter Mensah- Oenamaeus/ Doctore from the TV series, Spartacus. The dude is just a badass

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    TOM HARDY. Okay, I know he's already playing Bane in Batman, but he would be THE perfect choice for Thanos.

  • Biff - 8 years ago

    A big part of the threat that Thanos exudes is his intimidating physique - he is quite literally built like a Hulk. To do him right would probably mean a motion capture performance and a lot of CGI work, like Ruffalo + Hulk in the movie.

    Give us Thanos and Adam Warlock for the sequel and a lot of geeks will die happy.

  • mredom - 8 years ago

    How about the actor currently IN the role for this movie-Alexis Denisof

  • sewwer - 8 years ago

    Ken Jeong!

  • BOBBYthebrainBUNDY - 8 years ago

    Wladimer Klitschko. He has size, He is a natural fighter/brawler, he speaks multiple languages so English wouldn't be a problem and that crazy Ukrainian accent means no need to fake different sounding English for effect.

  • PANE - 8 years ago


  • Tom Wolf - 8 years ago

    The voice of Thanos should be.... JAMES EARL JONES. Come on!

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