Did Skylar Laine deserve to be sent home?

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  • Sophia - 8 years ago

    Jessica has the purist voice, and will do well without the "Idol" fame.
    Joshua has the best showmanship, and will also do well -- but not as well as Jessica.
    Phillip has the artistic, songwriting, and individualist singing voice -- he has it all -- for a true American "Idol."
    The judges are no help -- they are only their for their popularity, and in the end support "all of the contestants", and the unlimited voting is ridiculous, and unfair.
    Each season is too long, dramatic, and dragged out -- we have picked the "winner" weeks in advance, after viewing only a couple of shows.

  • Jeanie51 - 8 years ago

    Based on the past few performances, Phil Phillips should have gone home before Colton and Elise. Skylar is ok but not as good as the judges say. Hollie is just now beginning to get better. I have to disagree with the judges about this being the best group ever on Idol. Really, this is still a popularity content & that is why PP will probably win.

  • Cali - 8 years ago

    Jessica or Joshua should have gone before her. The judges want Joshua to win and I don't trust the voting on the show anymore. He gets a standing ovation whenever he sings, please he screams half the songs and they all sound the same. Jessica should have gone when she was voted off the first time. PP is the only true talent left. He's a singer, artist, writer and he will sell. But it's what the judges and idol want, not really what the people want they made that clear when they saved Jessica.

  • kATHY - 8 years ago

    The public vote a personality contest NOT who can sing!!!

  • kATHY - 8 years ago

    The public vote a personality contest NOT who can sing!!!

  • Idol Geezer - 8 years ago

    Phillip Phillips makes every song his own because he can't sing the notes the way they were written. He should have been gone long ago. Skyler wasn't the best but she's better than Phillip. Idol's voting should be patterned after Dancing With The Stars. Limited voting for each phone number and judges votes should count. This will be our last year to watch Idol. The public has gotten it wrong too many times.

  • Carol B - 8 years ago

    I would like to hear the total of votes each singer gets, not the grand total. By doing this it makes you wonder how fair it is. It should not be unlimited voting. I loved Sklyar, she was fun to listen to and watch and I voted for her from the very begining. She should not been taken off the show, like I said you wonder how fair the votes are. I

  • Ron - 8 years ago

    My wife and I will never understand the popularity of this girl, with the judges and the public, who sings through her nose and thinks the more you jump around on stage the better the performance. She should have gone home weeks ago. Holly has a beautiful voice comparred to Skylar and she has gained in performance skills the last couple of weeks. There was no way she had the talent to win on American Idol.

  • barbara - 8 years ago

    American Idol will never stop the viewers' ability to vote as many times as they would like. The show collects money for each vote.

    As far as Skylar is concerned. Bless her soul, but she really was horrid and should never have been allowed on the show. The last straw was her twang version of the great Dusty Springfield song. She had no voice -- and no she did NOT compare to Reba. She also had no stage craft. She seemed to think that pounding her boots and skipping around the stage was some sort of style. It was not. She also had no personal style. She continually tried to show off her legs in mini skirts, open gowns, and boots. NO, NO, NO! She had bad legs and did not look good in those clothes. Her makeup was not done well and her hair should have been cut, colored, and styled by a professional. The Idol crew is supposed to help these young people become a "star". They seem to be doing that with Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua. I don't know if Philip and Skylar were rejecting their help but something was not working.

    Good luck to this young lady. I hope she returns to her little home town where she can develop before trying to become a professional singer.

  • Joanne - 8 years ago

    Skylar was fantastic and Hollie should have gone home...but you just never know, do you?

  • Jill - 8 years ago

    She definitely had the best showmanship of the remaining 5. Elise and Colton were great performers as well.

  • Pam Goodpaster - 8 years ago

    As far as we are concerned in my home, American Idol ended last night!

  • Gayle R Streff - 8 years ago

    It shows the basic problem with American Idol, and that problem is the unlimited voting that is allowed. I am sure that they realize there are ways to "stuff" their voting box. But, they just want to be able to say "50 Million voters last night!"

  • Louis - 8 years ago

    As far as I am concerned she should have in the top three.

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