Is Heartland's Billboard Campaign a blunder?


  • Tom - 12 years ago

    I'd expect this type of rhetoric from authoritarian propagandists like ThinkProgress or MediaMatters not from Heartland.

  • David Springer - 12 years ago

    You people need to lighten up. I thought the billboard was hilarious. If it enrages the other side that's good. Rage blinds reason and leads to grave error. That was the best $200 HI ever spent.

  • TC@LeatherPenguin - 12 years ago

    Anthony, while I admire your insistence on playing square, you are wrong on this one. Heartland understands that their opponents have absolutely no compunction smearing them (something you, too, have first-hand knowledge about). The *political* science is settled, and whether you agree or not, in a Presidential election cycle, it's street-fighting time.

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