What's the best lie?


  • James Mears - 10 years ago

    I voted for the solar fusion lie because it's self evident in the statement that the claim has to be nonsense. They said, "The nuclear fusion theory of how the sun emits heat and light is an invention of evolution scientists." Of course evolutionary biologists don't have anything to do with nuclear physics. Physics theories come from Physicists. It is revealing that the people who presume to be of higher moral character engage in pious fraud in presenting false information. Exodus 20:16 " You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." These comments in the ACE curriculum have to be intentionally made up as no scientific source has biologists proposing physics theories.

  • Neo - 11 years ago

    I did not find any lie in the arguments. I support ACE's theory - the universe was created by the CREATOR.

  • ray reynolds - 11 years ago

    As Lewis Black says they think the "Flintstones" is a documentary.

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