Do you think criticism of Bolt's interracial relationship is warranted?


  • Bobby - 8 years ago

    I prefer my own kind but I don't have a problem with anyone else dating outside their race. One of these days (I have no idea when that will be) we will learn to get along like piano notes black and white

  • Evoy - 12 years ago

    Tina please be quiet! Everything I read in your post was legit until you mentioned that the only people who were having problems with you and your husband's marriage were a few black women. I am sure white men, white women and black women both had problems with your unions throughout your Twenty years and some of these whites who had problem stemmed from your family. I noticed you mentioned that you got along with his family which includes his Black mom and sisters but you failed to mentioned how he got along with your family and how much they loved him. This is 2012 and racism still exists everywhere stemming mostly from white people so you all need to grow up and you need to stop hating on black women and go somewhere to your black Husband and be happy because you seemed to be bothered by black women somewhat!

  • Tom - 12 years ago

    As a white scandinavian man I live quite far from the historical grounds of the racist battles. Maybe that is why I might have easier of living by the rule that idiots comes in any disguise and in any colour. It is also extremely surprising that so many coloured position themselves in a victim role even when there is none. As with Bolt. Black women act as if he has betrayed them and use exactly the same rethorics that Germans had under the Hitler era. Ladies, you are on a dangerous slippery slope here. And as far as white women chasing black men when they get famous, and using Tiger Woods as an exampel of victim...hhrrrmmm. It was not his wife who banged numerous guys in any mix of colours in years while he was at home catering for the family.

  • Southern beauty - 12 years ago

    usain is no longer with his white girlfriend of 1 year. He broke up with her. Black men date and break up with white women everyday..why is that such a big deal? Obviously he was not in love with her. AND as for many of the comments about black women dating and marrying white men....c'mon look at those numbers. Most black women prefer black men...but i guess MOST black men prefer black woman too...shrugs*

  • Kelly q - 12 years ago

    I'm with queenie and wendy. The problem is that we need our black men to support us. We are just as good as any white woman and further, he was born of a black woman - so why decide, after you've made your money, that we aren't good enough. its a slap in our face and whoever don't see it that way is just fooling themselves. you want us to go away or accept 2nd class treatment, but we won't and we'll keep holding our black men to the standard until they get it. shame on him really and as the sister said, if he feel that way, then g'long. we nuh need u. idolizing the white man prize. just foolish - because they still gonna call you n--- when they're done. we sit and we watch the whole world shit on us and we are not going to be silent about it.

    and as to the one tina above, you're rank and you don't have no soul. yes black woman give you bad eye because you supposed to go find one of your own and stop thief ours. and mind someone don't come up to you and box you one day, with your fresh mouth. and mind it don't be me.

  • will Bankhead - 12 years ago

    I'm not a racist,but I have race pride and "Nothing"!! is worthy than the woman who cradled civilization, (the blk women).

  • will Bankhead - 12 years ago

    I'm not a racist,but I have race pride and "Nothing"!! is worthy than the woman who cradled civilization, (the blk women).

  • Tina - 12 years ago

    As a white woman who has been married to a black man for 20 yrs...I could care LESS what anyone thinks of our relationship. HE LOVES ME and I LOVE HIM!!! Dont be mad ladies!

    Our children are beautiful and have a good head on their shoulders. They are not predjudiced or racist. They consider themselves the best of both worlds! His family has always been good to me and I love them so much. They never judged my color...they got to know ME, not my white skin!!

    To be honest the only people who have ever had a problem with our relationship have been a few black women. And guess what? It doesnt phase us at all! Keep spewing your hatred, it doesnt matter. Im happy and obviously the haters are not! GROW UP!

  • LP - 12 years ago

    So funny how racist black people are but fail to see it...possibly because they are so busy pointing out how racist white people are?? It is no wonder when black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson criticize white people who commit crimes against black people calling them hate crimes but turn a blind eye to black on white crimes ( even when the blacks say it is racially motivated eg. "for travon!!")

  • Gentle_Man - 12 years ago

    WOW!!! I can't believe this stupidity! What's wrong with Bolt dating a white woman? I date black women, white women, asian, indian...point is, I don't care about race...I'm color blind where this is concerned. All I care about is how people treat each other. I see black women date and marry white men all the time and I think that's great! ANd then I hear all sorts of reasons why black women marry or date white men; saying that black men don't know how to treat women, black men don't take care of their kids, black men don't provide...all sorts of reasons. But because a black man dates a white woman, all hell has to break loose? Come on! I bet if it were a regular, less accomplished black man who was dating the white woman, black women would have no problem with it. But no, its Bolt so you get upset. So what if the woman wants to be with a successful (black) man, so what! Let me ask you, angry black woman, wouldn't you?

  • FPHILLIPS - 12 years ago

    I voted 'No" because of the way the question was worded. While I don't believe Bolt's choice in itself should be subject to "criticism". I do believe it's inevitable that questions will arise. That she is Slovak raises the question "Where did they meet?". The fact that she is a resident of Jamaica and relocated from Canada are positives in my mind. That the meeting was the result of a chance introduction by a third person answers further questions.
    If as stated, ten percent(10%) of men of African heritage marry outside their race, it calls for reflection. Not that marrying outside of one's race is in any way wrong; but that it means those men are practicing less racial exclusivity than others and therefore, women of their race are being placed at a disadvantage in finding men to marry.
    As an aside; why doesn't Bob Marley get the type of condemnation for being a serial adulterer, including with at least one white woman, that is being heaped on Bolt and others for dating or marrying outside of their race?

  • Slimgem - 12 years ago

    What a shame but certainly not surprising!!!
    All of those who are saying race doesn't matter, open your eyes and smell the coffee. Race always matters and the only way that it doesn't is if there were no races and all people were the same but, that is not the case and we all know that. If you don't believe what is being said about successful black men and their white women, just look at the numbers. They don't lie. This is not a trend it's an epidemic that doesn't appear to be changing anytime in the future. As soon as a brother has any real success, the next step is to reach across the line and grab the white girl. That is when they really know..........I've finally made it!

    I hope he marries her and that they have lots of kids and when he can't run anymore and there is no more money, I hope she takes him to the cleaners!

  • Kennih - 12 years ago

    I personally donot care who any one wants to date. I have been dating Jamaican women all my life and I have had some real ugly experiences with these women. That did not stop me...... I am currently married to a Jamaican who grew up in England most of her life. She is the best thing a man who wants to be successful in life can ever have. I told her what my goals are and she works with me towards them. I think it is an individual situation and not race or culture. I personally prefer dating my own Jamaican woman because (1) Jamaicans are very unique and (2) I grew up speaking PATOIS (jamaican slang) and I do not have time to explain myself to my wife. My eife and I understand each other very well.

  • soulbrotherian - 12 years ago

    Listen the man can date who he wants to date, why is it anybody's business I don't know, there is a history of slavery everywhere, there is also light and dark skin people that have issues in the Caribbean and America too, and that's the black race, we have been so distorted to think what is acceptable, and what is not, people are people, does it matter that the girl is a white girl, he must know why he is with her, if he couldn't run face half of the women who has commented on his dating wouldn't give two hoots, he probably would be called ugly, i know because I am a brother that has seen this. Its hypocrisy, why are we lying that he's important to us, where are the jamaican sisters all sorts that ask out usain with the right reasons in mind? tell me, and why should he choose a jamaican woman, he must choose the woman that he likes, not what everyone likes, right, when a black woman is with a white man, i don't care, what I care about is her happiness, if its only that he's white why she is with him, then she is as shallow as the brother that goes out with a woman just because she is white, for me what is the substance? do they love one another, but whether I believe it or not, people will get together anyway, and that's all that matters. What's amazing to me, is that these woman who are saying these derogatory things about bolt are the same ones if he wasn't running may not have wanted him anyway. Let the brother choose who he wants to choose and if they love each other, that is suppose to be cherished, after all if a black woman chooses a white man and they love each other, i don't think that I will have a problem with that. Is it the money, is it the fame why sisters are upset, then why when he wasn't famous, they didn't take him up, I am sure that there was women in jamaica that he liked, I know because I am from that background, and I hear the things said about the brothers, and if you ain't light or so called good hair, which is bull shit, then you don't have chance do you, when a white woman likes a brother for himself and I see a lot of that here in London, why are you sweating the brother, I hate it, let people live. If he has chose wrong and the gal ain't good, it don't matter what colour you are, the relationship will fail, you don't have to want bad for usain. But its his life, and he must do what he feels fit, lef dem fi get on with it, and mind your business, nuff man deh ah road that want you, tek dem up to rass. and Live.

  • Julie T - 12 years ago

    Black men date outside of their race more than anyone else. This is pathetic and such a shame. The black race is deteriorating largely in part to this trend. Successful black men often run away and never look back, shitting on their Black women and children. Get over the forbidden fruit syndrome and man-up. Rise up and bring your black queens with you because black queens will take a poor black man, a broken black man, any black man and support him as we always have and always will. Those of you in denial about race are a lost cause.

  • Vivi - 12 years ago

    I question it because had he been poor black and Jamaican would this woman even look at him twice?
    It seems that for the most part black women are ok when black men are poor or just starting out, but the minute they start to make money, black women are no longer desirable.
    I question how comes it seems as if black women are so unattractive that barely white men/ black men/ most men don't want us?
    I personally couldn't care less who he dates, my only issue is you are in a country where there are so many beautiful black women how comes you couldn't find one who was to your liking?
    Does he presume to think this woman would want him if he wasn't rich famous and the fastest man on earth?
    But I guess right now he couldn't care less either

  • xsolo - 12 years ago

    Why would anyone notice? Isn't that, the person with the racial problem? As a certified mongrel, let me say, race is an illusion. The origin of the notion that people can be divided by race is obscure but some say it's from the English to justify slavery by defining us as a lesser race of people. Racism is not the problem, prejudice is... and those who notice the 'race' of Usain's girlfriends betray their prejudice. And they are dangerous. I travel between two countries, one where I am sometimes white because I am not black the other where I am always black because I am not white. Stop this nonsense, we have real problems to solve.

  • RUTH - 12 years ago

    If it were not for his fame, I would believe that their dating was not extraordinary. It seems to me that whenever a black man becomes famous/successful/wealthy, he rarely is involved with a black woman, and if he is with a black woman, it's because they met before the fame. White women have more access to wealthy men than do black women, and because of this, the black men end up choosing the white woman, i.e., the one who is more likely to be available.

  • Tony - 12 years ago

    So Queenie, I'm a caveman if I date a caucasian female? Such ignorance in 2012 is astounding...but not surprising. I pity you.

  • Lewis - 12 years ago

    It's 2012 and we are still occupied by what race dates another. He likes white women.....SO WHAT!!!!! If they are happy then let them be happy. I'm a black man who dates black women but I do not care if another person decides to date out their race. That is their business. I don't think it has anything to do with being rich or popular. Hell, I live in Baltimore and see poor black men with white women all the time. Once you have a true understanding of who YOU are as a person, the peace of mind and knowledge of self will shine so bright you won't be able to see the negativity.

  • George Collins - 12 years ago

    I am a white male, and the love of my life is a beautiful, elegant, smart, accomplished, dark-skinned black woman. I understand the resistance to black men dating white women as a cultural thing, but where does this leave me? This is my soul-mate.

  • Queen - 12 years ago

    I agree Wendy Wise...Less than 10% of the Brothers in the world date outside. When we think globally, we dominate, we do not need him. In fact I think it is a good weeding out process...The strong from the week...Those Brothers that honor and respect their Mother's and themselves will prosper and find happiness with the one that he is equally yoked.

    Sisters trust....he wants to explore the caveman in him. Being with a Caucasian or Non-African woman allows him to do so. All the immoral behavoir that he would never get away with while sith someone that knows him.

  • wendy wisse - 12 years ago

    Lets allow Bolts explore his boundries.he is no kid.hope he doesn't end up like O J simpson or Woods or a scandal all in a quest to smear and denigrate the black race some more.
    There's an African adage which says:those whome the gods want to kill they make deaf and dumb.Also the stuborn fly follows the corpse to the grave.

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