Who SHOULD have been crowned "The Voice"?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Francesca Vogrig - 7 years ago

    Juliet should have won...but it's a man's world! A back up singer? You can't be serious? Juliet lovey, you are going places....x0x0x.... In my eyes you are the winner...

  • mie - 7 years ago

    jermaine????? what in the world? theres a reason he was just a back up singer. he was lucky to even get that gig. never saw anything in his talent or looks or personality. who was voting or not voting. sheez. anybody but him. he was last on my list out of ALL the contestants. wow, what a disappointment, voice.

  • Lady179 - 7 years ago

    All of the finalists deserved to win. They were all amazing!!
    I think they will all get recording contacts. And they should.
    Christina was rude and negative towards Tony ever since she was told who he was. She was obviously not interested in seeing him do well. Why? The rest of the Mouseketeers from their era ended up singing for their careers, he deserves to also.
    But it was so obvious that Christina was biased...what a *itch!!!

  • Shay Garcia - 7 years ago

    Gosh I Love Him!!!!!!!!!!!! I Think He Should Of Won The Whole Thing, he Deserved It !!(:

  • JES - 7 years ago

    Jermaine Paul deserved the win due to his incredible voice, delivery and consistency. He also could do a range of styles and had alot of charisma. However, I voted for Juliet Simms because of the tremendous courage it takes to sing a style of music that is dominated by males and yet she sings rock with conviction and feminity. She had great imagination with how she used her voice and her way of moving around the stage was fascinating. She paints pictures with her singing, and draws the audience into her spell as she sings. And the power! WOW.
    I am happy for Jermaine, and I am happy that C-Lo is in love with Juliet. Maybe he will produce her, sing with her, or marry her. All I know is, C-Lo- please produce her first record, because I want to buy it. In fact, I would buy a CD by all the finalists - they were all amazing. JES

  • Nite - 7 years ago

    Why was Christina being such a B**ch about Tony?

  • CS - 7 years ago

    Juliet Simms is AMAZING! Totally disappointed that she came in second. Closest voice to Janis Joplin since Janis Joplin.

  • Mnh - 7 years ago

    In my opinion juliet and tony were the best... O well i guess theres nothing to do now exept support them...

  • Kk - 7 years ago

    RAGEEE JULIET was the best singer!! She should of won! Jermaine was just getting publicity from alicia keys.. Grrr
    The order should have been:
    1. Juliet simms
    2. Tony Lucca
    3. Jermaine Paul
    4. Chris Mann

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