Do you think it is a good idea for Jay-Z to spoil his daughter?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Harrypotter - 7 years ago

    Who gives a shit?! Seriously I can't believe people are consumed with this crap! If you are concerned whether or not they spoil the baby, you should be concerned about the ridiculous amount of money they blew on renting out the entire wing of the hospital! (1.3 million) that is insane. They should of bought or rented a couple dr.'s and nurses and had the damn baby at home. Come on people, find a hobby!

  • Honesty - 7 years ago

    I agree hip hop has added to the restrictions of black people no doubt. I call them BET babies. Let's just be honest because we all know a few orare related to a few. These kids are stupid irresponsible and have no idea of self worth. I'm just keeping it real. But it is not all Hip Hops fault. It is the parents that refuse to break the cycle of influence. I don't care who is on tv I'M YOUR HERO! Thaw the attitude we need to have to beat this ignorance. We need to come together like OUR PEOPLE CAN. forget about Oboma being the leader of black people. He is the president and that's a big difference. We need to come together; meet in the streets and march. March against this unemployment that has black people forever at the shoes of it's new country men. Black men have never been able to get jobs. 75% steady unemployment rate. So if there is four black men in a room only one has a job; staggering numbers! And the one that has a job is more than likely at minimum wage. This is an injustice to long has my people suffered at the bottom of society. We need black leaders not celebrities! The problem is society has done so well discrediting strong black men before they could run. So now the only black people our kids see on tv are the professional jesters. In turn produce dick riders, fakes, and uneducated celebrities that boast of dropping out. Oh please. I've bet more black people have read this article than The Catcher in the Rye. We need to educate our black people but where are our resources. Exactly with only 1/4 black men working the only education we are giving our kids is that when times get rough go out and steal or join a gang. I'm tired of this idiotic cycle we allow to continue. Just because a man has fault doesn't make him any less of a leader. We need to come together and stop letting the media ruin our views of our black leaders. So what if that person has cheated on their wife or has a "criminal record". Face it Jesus is not going to lead a march. So stop looking at the leaders faults and appreciate the struggle and willingness to fight. But no we let hip hop win. Instead of Marching in LA my people chose to riot. What got accomplished.... That's right not a dam thing. Unemployment is still a decease among us. And now America is so fixated on the recession. That just means that Americans are starting to feel a fraction of what blacks have dealt with for hundreds of years. I'm gonna say this and then I'm done. Nothing will or is going to change until enough people get pissed off. And when it happens I hope you will choose to meet me in the street so we can march. I'm talking to whites, Latinas, Asians too. Meet me in the streets NON- VIOLENTLY so we can march on wall street and finally say ENOUGH

  • Deanie1913 - 7 years ago

    Dr. Watkins comments were accusatory and presumptive which negated any instructional value. The article could have been written as an impersonal analysis on parenting however it appeared small by being more of a personal attack. Too often this is the style of this publication...missing the forest for the trees.

  • dani - 7 years ago

    Does he spoil his son? Never heard him talk about him in any interviews. At the end of the day who cares. Jay-Z nor Beyonce are blueprints for my life...the Bible is. I could care less if he spoils her or not. It's no skin off my back.

  • Totally Cool - 7 years ago

    They will raise a fine child. When you assume you...

  • Jarbe - 7 years ago

    Sounds like the "Dr" is ego-tripping! Instead of assuming what Jay-Z meant referring to spoiling HIS daughter "DR" could have just asked him!?!

  • Shannon Neighbors - 7 years ago

    I am personally tired of every media outlet coming down on anything that this couple does. What I find that is more hurtful than anything is the media outlet for African Americans are the worst. Allow Mr. & Mrs. Carter to adore and spoil the Hell out of Blue. They can not be responisble for a generation of irresponsible people. Each should know their own limits. Stop the Carter "Hate" Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Womanrise - 7 years ago

    Wow, unbelievable. He should be able to raise his daughter however he so desires, without anyone criticizing it. Especially without anyone throwing stones and hating on them! Love on JayZ with your beautiful family! God Bless!!!! There's no winning for losing. However he was raised, he's fine now. Let's everyone discuss our skeletons that were fortunately able to keep as a secret!

  • daniel - 7 years ago

    i do not think is a good idea.

  • trish - 7 years ago

    jasz you are right. the person that wont that article is most likely a racist.

  • Jasz - 7 years ago

    COME ON NOW! REALLY! This is what you wasted your time on! This MAN has made sure to set aside time to maintain a HEALTHY relationship with another superstar and you think he means just with fancy clothes and jewels...smdh! How I took it was...she is growing up the daughter of millionares- she WILL have the finer life- she WILL travel the world and receive expensive gifts- how can you help it when your parents are millionares! I mean I doubt he will be shopping in target and payless. BUT AT THE SAME TIME I AM CERTAIN they will spend time with her- Beyonce hasnt worked since January and how often has he really been committing to work? Evey thing that has gone on has been in NY WHERE THEY LIVE! Again this was a total waste of time! SAVE IT AND SPEND TIME WRITING ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!

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