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Posted 7 years.


  • Brian - 7 years ago

    I think anyone who voted Adam doesn't know the whole story. Christina said during the show she was pulling for tony to win since she use to work with him. Also for Adam to pick 99 problems by jay z for tony and said it was about Christina was cruel. http://abcnews.go.com/entertainment/t/blogEntry?id=16302418

  • Ashley - 7 years ago

    I don't believe half of the drama that their pulling on Christina. Christina is very smart, Talented, kind, and professional. She is the only one their with a child and there for she had a different and greater amount of respect and responsibility. I don't know why people hate her for voicing her mind but she is the only female judge there, She is going to act different then how the guys act, and I respect her for always standing up for herself and staying strong. I am on Christina's side on this one!

  • Edward - 7 years ago

    I think adam is so cruel to xtina becoz he should not compares to women he is jst like girls yar

  • justchris - 7 years ago

    I agree with jess. I think Christina's biggest fan is herself, it is not a bad thing to be confident but she is beyond that and also it's good to have some humility. There is a certain element of luck involved in everyones success, it's not all just hard work. I came to watch the voice because I'm a Maroon 5/Adam Levine fan, but I respect the talent of all the coaches on the show. I/We all can see the restraint that Adam shows toward Christina when she is beyond negative to Tony, that is more than being professional, dare i say it maybe he could be called a gentleman. Both he and Tony were professional and gentlemanly toward Christina even when she was being neither a professional or ladylike. If Adam leaves, I leave.

  • Shannon - 7 years ago

    If Adam was fired I would not watch the show anymore.

  • JES - 7 years ago

    If Christina Aguilera is sensitive to Adam Levine's comments or "antics", then she needs to not dish it out as well. She said some amazingly cruel comments to Tony Lucca which made her look pettty and unprofessional. I think she behaved like a snob due to her success, whereas he devoted himself to family and now is choosing show business again. She might actually be jealous of that, who knows? I don't think she is as terribly self aware as she thinks she is. And if she is so up on respect for women, then why does she play all the usual sexist appearance games for men, like half her breasts showing every night and a ton of makeup? She appears to want to have it both ways. Allow me to look very undignified, but please respect my dignity. On the other hand, Adam Levine probably likes provoking people because he has a good sense of humor and diva's don't always appreciate that if it is directed towards them. And she is a diva. However, I like the artistry of both of these people and think they are SUPER talented, so who expects them to act like saints? All show business people have huge egos. That is part of what makes them so charismatic. I enjoyed the Voice this season very much and I hope that someone can get these two to make up, because I would like to see the same judges next year. Thanks.

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