Do you think the judge made the right decision?

  • Gina - 8 years ago

    From wut I read... Yes the judge did the right thing by awarding Dion in favor. He is a good father to his kids & then take on 5 more....GOD will bless him for doing such a great thing....I watch his show & I amend him on his,great deeds & all that he does for,other children. I have,2 grandchildren that live in Dallas & Both r academic students, wish they could join his prime prep school. Dion lkp doing the GREATNESS that u r doing.....I Love Ya!!!

  • FPHILLIPS - 10 years ago

    Even Casey Anthony has defenders. Evidently, people will deny their own eyes and ears in reaching a conclusion. How do you discount the information presented by their daughter, Deiondra?
    Global warming, anyone?

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