Should Christina Aguilera quit "The Voice"?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Nikita - 7 years ago

    I think all haters can suck it up and put up with her she's amazing she's not the "lady gaga or Madonna wannabe" as people say she is, It is a high possibility the half the people the watch the voice will not watch if she's gone.

  • Daniel Jackson - 7 years ago

    Christina is the best judge on the show, and the best singer to ever exist. She is a credit to the show and so what if she's anooying etc. She probably isn't. The men just probably get annoyed because she's the only woman. She is probably mis-understood, because she is the most talented judge, she has the most experience of them all, and she needs to make sure she puts all of her enthusiasm into her work, and not into behind the scenes. And taking her son to the shows is just showing that she's looking after her son and showing everything his mommy does, NOT using him as a weapon. She is such a lovely woman, and the only woman on the show, it's simple as that. She's a perfect woman, she's a credit to the show, a pleasure to watch and listen to, and a pleasure to see her true personality come through. Love you Xtina xxxxxxx

  • lauren - 7 years ago

    The show would totally not be the same without Christina. I really don't care what other people say about her, she is and will always be one of my role models! Love you Xtina!
    PS before any of you out there insult her, think about it. Would you like it if someone insulted you, repeatedly???

  • Ashley - 7 years ago

    Christina should not leave The Voice. First of all, I bet she is not creating half of the drama that has been going on. I don't believe that she is mean, selfish, or rude. She has been confident, kind, and strong from the first mile of her journey. Why would she change now? She is a very talented, inspiring, kind, knowledgeable, strong, and confident person. All those sick and internally ugly people out there who try to hurt and tear down Christina are so board with your own lives that you try to tear down others. Why can't people see how childish, rude, and immature that is. If their is one thing I would like cruel people to know is that I believe in Christina and Christina Aguilera will never be torn down. Hopefully the haters get something respectful out of this message.

  • Cath - 7 years ago

    I think Christina should stay on the show.
    Her clothing - Well If I had just a third of her income I would dress like that two. who cares, she's not worried.

    Adam Man he got to stay supper grate personality to his team and great to the public. Hats off to him when Christina is giving her last 5c worth for just ignoring her. Show's what kind of a man he is.

    The both should stay and if they cant sort out there dislikes then not to show it on the show and NOT to show it towards the other teams members (eg Christina been nasty to someone who has done so well from adams team, yet applause someone from Ceoloes or blakes team. Not cool)
    Just my 5c from South Africa

  • bailey - 7 years ago

    Like she says, "if you don't like it then don't look at it simple as that!"

  • Shay Garcia - 7 years ago

    She Dose Need To leave, All She causes On The Show Is Drama & She Wears Some Inapropriate Clothes & thats Not Good For Her Son !!!!!!!!!! She Needs To leave & Never Think Twice Or Look Back At It !!!!!!!

  • GARY - 7 years ago

    She is a DIVA and is amazing and contraversial Why wouldn't you want her on the show!! Even though I hate the way she treated Tony Luca, she should stay with the show. It makes for great TV! LOL

  • Cady - 7 years ago

    Love Xtina! Tired of all the misogyny, and Adam is the jealous jerk on the show. I can't stand him.

  • Lily - 7 years ago

    I hope Christina stays! She makes the show. It looks like these guys have ganged up on her

    and what person wouldn't be upset about that. The show needs to do some healthy conflict

    resolution on this. These guys are losing my respect.

    Get a clue network...there are laws against this!!! There are other music contest shows to

    watch instead. I'll watch you wherever you go Christina....

    Hang in Christina!! Karma!

  • Bg - 7 years ago

    I reall don't know how her boyfriend can live with her under one roof!

  • Nick - 7 years ago

    If she quits i will no longer watch the show

  • Donna - 7 years ago

    Can't stand her. She looks like Miss Piggy & she's totally unprofessional.

  • reality check - 7 years ago

    I love you XTINAA!!!!! She is doing her job and Adam should be fired for using Tony as a puppet to call Christina a Bitch (by having his contestant sing 99 problems and hit me baby one more time) for being honest about one-dimensional singers. Katrina was ten times more talented than Tony will ever be...thats the truth call me a bitch for it if you want.

  • Mayka - 7 years ago

    Christina is the REAL DEAL. She was critical to a song choice... every other conestant performed uplifting great "finale type" songs. Well... its ok to make not so good choices. It was overreacted!!! Adam could have said : it may not had been the best choice, but fantastic performance, and original. But its eisier to generate scandal, and pick toni over a much better singer Katrina Parker, hoping to win a scandalous popularity contest.
    My favorite was Juliet and Jermain, and very happy with the results...
    Please Christina STAY!!!

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