Do you support legislation to legally recognize same-sex relationships?

Posted 7 years.


  • David B - 7 years ago

    S. Marvin- Your comment tells me two things. One, you most likely didn’t read all the comments because if you did, you would know I was addressing a comment Bob Bailey stated- “even animals don't do what humans do.” So no- My argument is not “Bad.” Second, you don’t seem to know much about the animal kingdom- Yet you seem to be speaking for them. “Aniamls have no self actualization.” ‘ and yes in know animals is spelled wrong, I am just quoting exactly what you said S.Marvin.‘- Yes, animals are not always the smartest creatures- But when you see a mother play, protect and feed their cubs, those are obviously signs of thoughts, feelings and emotions;- JAMES-The first book of the Bible, “Genesis,” was verbally completed about 1271 B.C.E, and the last book, Revelation was completed about the year 96 C.E. Some people also suggest that Moses collected earlier records and thus was not the actual author of Genesis but merely its final editor. In this case Genesis would have been written hundreds of years earlier, making some verbally passed down stories of the Bible nearly 4000 years old. So I think you’re exaggerating a bit when you say 5,000- Maybe you should also read it again. Scienceguy- Before Noah’s ark there was obviously life and vegetation which in science terms means there was light and rain, which also means there was rainbows before Noah’s ark. This goes out to everyone- I understand you have your religion and beliefs and it is “your right” to believe what you want. But when any of your rights that are important to you are taken away, then you shall understand why it’s important to those people.

  • JAMES - 7 years ago

    All I have to say on the issue is!!!!
    Marriage is between one Man & one Woman!!
    It's in the book of GENESIS which dates back 5,000 years-this for any uninformed Liberals info!! Little Teaching Tool!!!

  • ActionJacksonManBeast - 7 years ago


  • ScienceGuyFirstCause - 7 years ago

    David --- You're right about how rainbows are made, but GOD made that science possible.

    Rainbows are a promise from GOD that the world wont flood again.

  • MacDaddyZ - 7 years ago

    lzbear ---- will the same GOD that forgives Chuck for making general statements forgive you for your personal attack? .... or all the rules yo demand only for people against your issues?

  • Smelly Marvin - 7 years ago

    The things the people say will come with Gay Marriage is currently possible with a simple filing of court documents. Wills, health/life decisions, buying property and such, are already possible.

    The aniamal kingdom has homosexuallity? People aren't animals. Aniamls have no self actulization... (to realize one's full potential) .. they don't think about themselves and have very little respect for right and wrong. Sorry - bad argument.

    It's a STATE issue folks --- lets vote on it. Majority rulz!

    Being GAY is just being unable to control sexual desires. Don't confuse lust with love.

    Don't hate, but dont tolerate bad behavior. No name calling.... no violence.... but no compromise.

    Lets talk about BIG polictics. Not meanless and valueless issues that effect 10% of the population. GAS PRICES, FOOD PRICES, TAX LEVELS, ECONOMY, UNEMPLOYMENT, SCHOOLS..... all issues that effect all Americans.

    No special laws for SPECIAL GROUPS that just like to scream, hplla and whine a lot.

  • lzbear - 7 years ago

    Chuck jones you are an idiot selfish arrogant and probably in the closet as well. Hopefully you understand someday the reality and God will have mercy of your nonsense comments.

  • David B - 7 years ago

    You idiots, the rainbow belongs to no one- a rainbow is caused by light being refracted while entering a droplet of water, then reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again when leaving it- no one owns light or water! Also there is tons of species that don't have a gender or need the other gender to multiply. Further more, there is many mammals that have homosexual behavior, but it seems like humans are the only ones that seem to have so much hate about it- But these are all besides the point. The point is every one should have equal rights, quit using religious as an excuse for your hate!

  • Jenn - 7 years ago

    give me a break... I wish they would just say no one is allowed to get married then. this is so ridiculous. So we live in a society where being FAT is genes but being GAY is a choice, You people are so effing stupid.

    Everyone should have the right to marry, or no one at all!!!!!!

    ~~Str8 against HATE~~

  • Denver IT Tech Guy - 7 years ago

    I am gay. While the "greater majority" may not completely agree with who I have relationships with, who are they to decide if it is ok for me to love my partner or not? It would not be allowed, appropriate or accepted if I went up to a straight couple and told them that I did not support their relationship and thought it should be illegal. I would get scoffed at if I suggested that these so-called political representatives of the people should create legislation to make opposite-sex relationships illegal or at the very least face the same scrutiny that I face. Why can't people just accept that not everyone is the same? Just because a person finds love from someone of the same gender does not make them a 2nd class citizen. I work. I pay taxes. I got my education. I bleed red just like you. The only thing that sets me apart is that the one I love is the same gender as I am. How is that so wrong? I did not wake up one day and say "Oh boy! I just want to be gay! I just love the notion of being part of the most hated, most discriminated against, and least protected social class in the world. I just love knowing that I can be discriminated against in housing and in employment and in every other aspect of life that everyone else has protections for." Do you really think that someone likes to be left holding the empty bag while every other social, racial and demographic class has legal protections? Do you think it is right that someone can tell another what form of love is ok and what is not? I see straight people kissing and holding hands and making out in the most publicly inappropriate way every day. They force me to observe their behavior in public. But to you that is ok. If you see two guys do the same thing, you would cry about it, make a big scene and call the police to complain. How is this right? I do not force my love life into your face, why is it ok for you to do that to me? If I am in a hospital bed, do you not think for a minute that I may want my lover to be able to have the final say so over my medical decisions and what happens to my body after death when I cannot make those decisions myself? Don't you think I would love to be able to actually list my lover as "spouse" instead of always having to say I am "single" and then add him in a different place on the paperwork? What is wrong with you stupid, ignorant, short-sighted idiots?! Love is love, no matter who is involved. Gay love and relationships are no different than that of straight couples. We have the same dynamics, same arguments… everything. Why can't is be legal for us to be in love? The so-called politicians are too worried about ratings, how much money they can stuff in their pockets and getting away with breaking the very laws that they create to be able to actually do the job that they were elected to do: represent the people and their best interests. You would think that gay sexuality was something new that everyone just discovered. This is not the dark ages anymore, wake up! Gay sexuality can be traced back through history as far back as it was ever written. This is nothing new. How can the USA be so far behind the times with this subject? There are other countries in the world where gay sex was punished by public execution once upon a time; these same countries now allow and accept gay marriage and full same-sex rights! Our president is too weak and too much of a pansy to stand up and tell everyone whispering in his ear to buzz off and do what is right: make same-sex marriage legal at the federal level and stop allowing individual states to just play games with it. Our government needs to grow some balls and get with the program. If I stopped paying taxes and stopped being a law-abiding citizen then I would be wrong. But, how can it be right to expect me to do so, when I do not get the same equal rights as every other citizen? You give rights to illegal aliens, and encouage them to be here. Yet I, a natural born US citizen, get less rights.

  • Kimberly - 7 years ago

    Reading through all these comments I cannot believe that people call themselves Christians. Homosexuality is no worse than cutting your hair, eating shellfish, or masturbation, but how many Christians have done that? Just like everyone else, homosexuals will stand before God on judgement day and HE will decide their fate, not YOU. The hate you spread is against God's word. Homosexuals do not affect your lives one bit, but yet you take away their rights to supporting and caring for their loved ones. My father was a Baptist minister and guess what?? I grew up and married to a man, just for him to abandon me when I was 2 weeks pregnant. Then the only person who ever showed my son the time of day, was a beautiful young lady. The fact that she could love my son more than my husband or anyone else ever did MEANT something. I fell in love with her and she and I have been together for almost 6 years. If you want to SMITE someone.. SMITE yourselves for raising children who know nothing about love and caring about other people. God is LOVE, and I guarantee when I stand in judgement, you are more likely to go to hell than me due to your HATE for your fellow man.
    In ANY case, you cannot force your religious beliefs on politics. We deserve every right you do. Our love for our significant other is no different than yours, but at least we are honest with ourselves...

  • Harold - 7 years ago

    As a christian I dont agree with same sex marriage. Christ, who said one of the greatest commandments was to love your neighbor as yourself also said "from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall becomeone flesh. So they are no longer two but one fleshh. What therefore God has joined together, let man not seperate." Therefore I will continue to love all wether I agree with their beliefs or not.

  • Eve - 7 years ago

    Aware that God loves me.
    & the government can't change that=)

  • minnie - 7 years ago

    i agree with Sam. if u don"t know what your talking about keep your mouth shut that"s what i was taught as well. no one is to say what our hearts say and how they feel. i"m personally not homosexual but i have family members n friends who are and i feel that if they love someone they deserve to be happy as well as me. we are suppose to all be adults here and set example for our children and look how were acting towards each other over what our hearts say to us about who we love come on. we all have our own opinions and are entitled to them but maybe everyone needs to figure out a different way to do it our economy is down right now y don"t we consintrate on that stronger n let everyone love who they want.

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    Please stop all the hate. If you want your founding in the Bible then read it! Study it. Learn from it. Don't spout rhetoric that is false.

    A young Jewish scholar asked Jesus, “What is the greatest commandment?” Quoting the prophets, Jesus replied, “The great commandment is this… to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and the second command is like it, to love your neighbor as you love yourself.” “This is my commandment,” Jesus said, “that you love one another, as I have loved you.” On this the Bible is explicitly clear. Even if we disagree about what the Bible seems to say about homosexuality, we can agree that above all else we are commanded by the Scriptures to love God and to love one another.

  • Chuck Jones - 7 years ago

    As a Christian first and a Vietnam War Veteran, a Father and a loyal American Patriot, I believe that same sex marriage is an "ABOMINATION" as it is referred to in the BIBLE! The fact that the "vote buyer" obama came out of the closet yesterday wasn't a surprise. He is and has been bisexual, and a regular patron at the Chicago gay bath houses, just as ex sheriff Pat Sullivan was here in Denver! Obama is also an "OBAMANATION"!!!!!

  • Sam - 7 years ago

    As I read some of these comments... I'm saddened by the ignorance displayed. Do not hold strong opinions about things you do not understand. Educate yourself. Until then, do the rest of us a favor and don't have children you will likely teach to be lazily ignorant and hateful as well.

  • ken - 7 years ago

    I feel that the timing of the presidents "change of heart" is based on the possibility of political gain. The loudest people arent always the majority. When it's placed on general election ballots, the public has shown this

  • kalli - 7 years ago

    Here again, the left is pushing their agenda using taxpayer money to do battle against a majority of Americans who are against gay lifestyles. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe in God or not, marriage is and always has been between a woman and man as it is God's law. This nation is paying the price for disobedience to God as the immorality declines, and those who know this to be true are fighting against the evil that has permeated this country, especially in our leadership. This lifestyle is as sin and an abomination to God...we will pay the price for accepting it in this land. America will fall!

  • Allison - 7 years ago

    God loved the world enough to give his only son as sacrifrice for our sin. That doesnt mean that we are to continue in sin under the belief that its ok because he loves us.

  • V - 7 years ago

    I am at an absolute loss with this need for Religion to control civil rights and our Government. Since when does an idealogy become a right to a dictatorship? Religion is a personal issue, not a right to control or invade upon your neighbor's lifestyles. When does Government begin to control Religion?

  • Eddie - 7 years ago

    There is a separation of church and state! As a US citizen everyone has the same right! So although you may be against it personally, as a citizen of the United States they are entitled to the same rights.

  • Naomi - 7 years ago

    The majority of the people are not for gay marriage! That is a lie! The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin. Plain and simple it is wrong and it hurts people.

  • MLK Fan - 7 years ago

    Dr Martin Luther King would not approve of gay marriage.

  • SUPPORT THE ISSUE - 7 years ago

    The sooneer this passes, the sooner we can get started on my right to marry my hampster.... who I love.... and want in the hspital when I am dying..... and I can get medical coverage for ..... you know.... all that stuff. I love my hampster. I want our hampster kids to see that we are a family. The Hamster Family!

  • Geo - 7 years ago

    GOD doesn't HATE anyone! But he will kick you in the backside if you don't shape up!

  • Jack - 7 years ago

    The rainbow is a promise from GOD that he will never flood the earth again. Give it back! The administration is using the Gay Community. He doesn't give a flying fart about the gay community. He wants to deflect the important issues. What?!?!? all of a sudden he sees a flash of light and changes his mind? Bullcrap - dont be studpid. ITS ALL POLITICS AND WILL DO NOTHING BUT DIVIDE THE GAY AND STRAIGHT COMMUNITY.

  • Marvin - 7 years ago

    This is just a smoke screen for jamming liberal values down our throats. Let's vote on it! A state wide vote .... oh wait - we already did that and made a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. All these things that they say they want ..... in hospitals, in wills..... are already possible using the laws and courts that are in place. Civil Unions and Gay Marraige will never be accepted if the Gay community keeps throwing it in other's faces and demanding things. With all the improtant things on the tables, why would the President put this umnimportant issue on top? Becuase he is deflecting from the things that are making our lives worse.... the economy, the wars, the unemployment. President Obama is using the unsuspecting gay community to deflect the real issues........

  • Someone who wants a world without discrimination - 7 years ago

    You say God hates gays, but doesn't the Bible even say that God loves everyone? and we're created in God's image, so if he created the human race (including gay people) does that mean God secretly has a gay side? If God isn't killing gay people then he must approve of them. Besides, why are you discriminating and trying to do God's job? let the universe turn, the Earth spin, and let God decide who does or doesn't deserve to live.

  • Joseph - 7 years ago

    Sodom &Gomorrah we use to be one nation under God. Being gay is a mental health issue.I believe God loves us gay or straight. Gays have an illness God is smart enough for all of us. He will do what's right in time. We don't needs to do his job. I also want our rainbow back.

  • cdaeda - 7 years ago

    You allow this then you need to legalize other forms of marriage like poligamy

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    There are over 1300 species of animals that have homosexual members. Yet there is only one that displays homophobia. Can you guess which one that is. How exactly does legal gay marriage effect you? It only effects you because you let it effect you.

  • Johnny - 7 years ago

    Obama was for SSM when was a Senator. It is a civil rights issue, period. I am straight as an arrow and an Indy voter and I don't think the Gov't should be telling anybody in the 21st century who they can and should marry.
    Ironically enough when Obama was born his parents was illegal in 22 states because it was inter-racial. Go figure. The times, they are a changing and either you get with them or you get forgotten. American public opinion is now fully behind same sex marriage. It isn't the early part of the 20th century any longer.

  • Jackie - 7 years ago

    Are serious, the President is saying that is their civil right. Please he just saying that becouse he wants their VOTES, Mr President I think you know that the American people is NOT happy with you, so you are doing just about anything to get the homesexsual VOTES. And by the way went GOD create humanity he made a MAN and a WOMEN. NOT MAN and MAN, or WOMEN and WOMEN. no wonder why this country and the wold is in such of MESH. This is again,s the LORD LAWS. GET A CLUE......

  • atropos77 - 7 years ago

    So, "dub", homosexuals are preventing you from getting married? No? Well, people like you are preventing them from being in an officially-recognized loving relationship. And YOU have the nerve to say that THEY can't respect your rights? You are a true idiot.

    It's not about marriage and you know it. If that's all it was, then civil unions would be legal in all 50 states. Why aren't they? Because bigots (Republicans) hate gays and, as such, want superior rights to gays, so they can feel big about themselves.

    Take your Bible and thump it all you want. But you have no right to thump it on the head of other people, jerk.

  • Dub - 7 years ago

    We want our rainbow back!!! All I hear is gays crying discrimination, discrimination. The gays can't respect our religious and moral rights. God is against homosexuality, not the individual. They are just living in sin. look at Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed due to gays. They just do not love this country. God will smite us for their sins!

    And how dare our gay governor quote Dr. Martin Luther King! I'm sure if Dr. King was here, he would not vote for hussein obama and frown on gay unions. he would say God made Adam and Eve, not adam and steve!!!!

  • Bob Bailey - 7 years ago

    Wow, now the president is even for civil unions although in his mind he is against it-just approving for the votes I see. This is the Roman Empire all over again just waiting for the BIG FALL!
    Your right Bob, God intended for a Man and Woman to be fruitful and multiply-two men by themselves can't do that and two women by themselves can't do that-sheesh even animals don't do what humans do.

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    Elect no Democrats. They are Socialists in disguise. The Democrat party is no longer the party of Jefferson, Jackson and Cleveland. It has become the party of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, all Athiest, Unamerican, useful idiots to the Communist President, Obama.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    This is not what God intended. He made a man and a woman.

  • Marc - 7 years ago

    If you for it you are one!

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