How has Sounders success changed your view of soccer?

Posted 7 years.


  • Mare craig - 7 years ago

    LOVE the soccer in general.If you pay attention to each play it is NOT BORING. I would love to be able to attend MORE Sounder games!!!!

  • michp - 7 years ago

    They spend just as much time going backwards as forward, so boring. Its a great sport if you are 9 yrs old. I'm not sure what number it is as far as ranking but neck and neck with woman basketball. Neither register.

  • Kirk - 7 years ago

    Soccer will always be the #4 sport in the US. It's boring, and games should never end in a tie. Not to mention any sport where using your hands is illegal unless you're the goalie is wrong in my book. I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but that's my .02 cents

  • Cam - 7 years ago

    Silly compare M's to Sounders. M's have 82 games to sell. MLS trophy would mean as much as the Storm Championship....

  • john - 7 years ago

    Just not interested. It would take the grand kids getting interested to turn me.

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