When it comes to priorities, do you think Black folks are at the back of the bus?


  • Kelly Pirre - 12 years ago

    This is all a lie no black person sit at the back of the bus! Man this is bullsh**!!! Look just becasue were different doesn't mean anything at all. Damn that's how the the LORD made us. So this is just a sex way.

  • Kelly Pirre - 12 years ago

    This is all a lie no black person sit at the back of the bus! Man this is bullsh**!!! Look just becasue were different doesn't mean anything at all. Damn that's how the the LORD made us. So this is just a sex way.

  • gburley - 12 years ago

    @dwayne jefferson - HELL NO!, I f you have no spiritual connection with the creator, he will not talk to you! Only his rival, and you know who that is! The bible was written for believers, not non-believers. And it was not written from the mind of man, it was given by spiritual revelation from GOD for man to write. put that in your knowledge bank!

  • gburley - 12 years ago

    Manuel Walker-Nowlin, Uh... I think you skipped a lot of scriptures, there is no argument in GOD's word of his stance on homosexuality, the argument is only with man, there is no contradictions in the Bible, only in man's understanding, II Timothy 2:16, Study to shew yourself approved of god, A workman needth not be ashamed, "RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH"! (Undersanding and living what GOD is saying, not what you think he is saying. Study your Bible!

  • K - 12 years ago

    BS. You can't have civil rights without civilians. You need votes, Obama? Work on the unemployment in the US so people can have a home, feed their families and heal their sick. I didn't vote for you because you were black before and I am not going to do it now. How many children will be granted quality education because Adam and Steve can walk down the Aisle?

  • Leon Allen - 12 years ago

    I was one who thought we should wait until he was re-elected before we pressured him on what ails us but in light of this I think, we too, should start raising hell!!

  • wb2nd - 12 years ago

    Evers. I typed "Evers," but my g.d. phone's autocorrect overrode me, and I didn't realize until after my comment posted.

  • wb2nd - 12 years ago

    @ Manuel: Centuries and centuries of racism? Hyperbolic much? Four-hundred years is not "centuries and centuries". And that stuff about a slap to the face of slaves and Till and Every was just way over the top. I mean, if the struggle (no quotes, by the way) for gay rights isn't a civil rights issue, then what is it? No, I think that, as a gay, black man (who, by the way, believes that white gays are just as racist as their heterosexual counterparts), I think I WILL equate the struggle for gay rights with the struggle for black civil rights, even if--and I'll admit this --gays in America have suffered way less, and in (some) different ways, than have black people.

  • me - 12 years ago

    Marry people have the right to have f#@kup marriages like the rest of us!

  • J B - 12 years ago

    Really two separate issues. Two men hookin' up to be married is not my cup of tea but as long as they're not bothering me I could care less. Just fix the economy...

  • Manuel Waller-Nowlin - 12 years ago

    As far as ministers go, I do not believe they should comment one way or the other concerning a sexual perference. There is an arguement both for and against homosexuality in the scriptures. On the one hand the old testament admonishes against this sin. In the New testament Jesus comes and says judge not that you be not judged...then Paul says that we all will sin as long as we are confined inside these fleshly vessels (he even says that he is the chief sinner). Jesus, however, told the prostitute to "go and sin no more. She was forgiven. Those who condemned the women,cursiosity, didn't condemn the "john". We are like that today when we selectively condemn one sin and overlook others (especially the ones that we or our loved ones engage in). Make you go "hmmm".
    Black people will never get what is due to them because our proirities are all screwed up. We still suffer from an inferiority complex and are not even aware of it. We believe that we've "arrived" in the promised land because the overt conditions of racism are't visible. We can sit anywhere on the bus now...we can sign into any motel...enter any establishment without any restrains...we can vote now (although we don't)...So now we're more concerned about other ethic groups problems -Hispanics and Jews, and everybody..not realizing that we still suffer disportionitely more then anybody else...We don't know that we are the minority again (Hispanics outnumber us now).
    We'll fighting everybody elses battles but our own...We're in the gay fight...the illegal alien fight...the womens fight...the Jewish fight...but when it comes to fighting for us where are these people? As a matter of fact, where are we? Oh, we'll make a little noise here and there and then it's over. We;ve become moment people and not movement people.
    We've allowed the gays to equate their "struggle" with the centuries and centuries of overt ,institutionalized, and law enforced racisim of, not only America, but the world towards people of color. That is a slap in the face of every slave who ever walked these shores, that is a slap in the face of the Emmitt Tills, and Medger Evans of this world...it's a slap in the face of every Black man who was castagted, lychned, jail..beated..burned aliveand chain ganged sikmply for the color of their skin!!. I won't deny them their efforts at equality of opportunity..but don't you dare equate that with this--don't you dare!!

  • dwayne jefferson - 12 years ago

    Me myself i am agnostic not atheis,but agnostic.Anyway for those so call ministers who called themselves men or women of god should be very supportive of same sex marriages,according to bibles don't god love everybody regardless of sexual preference.May i reiterate man wrote the bible i have never heard god say one word to me or anybody i know of.I am not homosexual nor as i said a christian but if i was i would certainly would not want hear somebody telling who i could or could not fall in love with just because they do differ from what i believe in,anybody black should be able to relate from just being black.PEACE

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