Should Obama Have Supported Same-Sex Marriage?


  • isupportjesus - 12 years ago

    the big issue, the real issues, issues, issues, issues!
    the ISSUE is Rev 22:7 BEHOLD I COME quickley: blessed is he that keepeth the the sayings
    of the prophecy of this book.
    1john 3:7 LET KNOW MAN DECEIVE YOU: he that doeth righteousness is righteous,even as he is righteous 8 he that committeth sin is of the devil: for the devil sinneth from the beginning.FOR THIS PURPOSE THE SON OF GOD WAS MANIFESTED THAT HE MIGHT DESTROY THE "WORKS OF THE DEVIL".
    use your vote(POWER) to destroy the works of the devil! SELAH

  • Denise - 12 years ago

    I feel that he is a good man but just a man. He wants to win the election and unfortunately will play to the popular opinion or in biblical terms the broad way instead of God's way. The preacher's that have sided with an supported him are after a dollar bill and popularity also. Unfortunately they know the bible and are leading their people into sin just to please the masses. They want to straddle the fence. The bible says not to add to or take away from the word.

  • Pastor Murphy - 12 years ago

    As far as the President's sudden "consideration of Gay/Lesbian marraige" I make this comment; We should not be surprised that he has spoken at such a time as this, when we see the elections drawing nigh, and his oppressors/opponents becoming more aggressive in their pursuit, Amen? How can we be "surprised" by this? We aught remember he & First Lady in Prayer, considering they have not (1) but (2) daughters who may not see things the way they do, regarding their support of this type of practice... HERE'S A THOUGHT TO PONDER... How well will our President embrace this concept which he & first lady now support if one day his daughter comes home from school, and says "Daddy, I want you to meet my new lover....Christine or Sally" without discrimination?...Let us Pray without Ceasing people, Let us Pray!

  • Pastor Murphy - 12 years ago

    All comments that have come in can be considered as opinions(we are all entitled to one). God knows the ways of man. He also knows man has not ceased to create evil devices/practices from begining ex: (tower of babel) even to this day. This shall not change my friends. Most (not all) Lesbian relationships usually start through fornication (sex without marraige) so, the fact that they are fighting for marital permission of Law should not surprise any of us as Christians.Study of the book Revelation will assure that times, and these type of practices will wax worse & worse. My natural opinion is this; If more men would get back to practicing faithfulness/fidelity to the women they have in marraige, honor the woman as they honor their own bodies, and be strong for their weak moments (as women are declared the weaker vessel in the Word) women would'nt so easily turn to the same sex for comfort(lust) they are lacking from their men. I've counseled a few of the (Lesbian society) who want out, yet fear being hurt by men. All in all, we as Christian Community should "Watch & Pray" as the Word has commanded....We ain't seen nothin' yet people of God!

  • Mheena - 12 years ago

    Please understand that the President rules by the LAW, and according to the LAW, if same sex couples can adopt a child, they should be given any other right according to THE LAW!!! I'm proud of his stand because he's not God, He's the President!! And by the way, I am a Christian and I do believe that morally it's wrong but according to THE LAW, it's discrimination.
    Don't let this issue become a smoke screen and distraction to cover up the real issues we should be concerned about .... the economy...our wallets, the working class people whom he has fought hard for. By the way, did you all see that across the nation, jobs for state troopers have opened up....! Let's get out and vote and stick to the issues that really make a difference regardless of who you are!!!

  • Warren Raines - 12 years ago

    I think what is more important is his stance and support for Civil Liberties!!!!!!! That's something this country really needs right now. Someone to stan for something.

  • Lester J.Outterbridge - 12 years ago

    There should not be same sex marriage.God clearly states it in His word the Holy Bible.Humans are the only one's who want to get with their own sex.In the animal world you don't see a male jackass,trying to have sex with another male jackass.We can not change what God has done,and that is He made male and female.

  • Rose - 12 years ago

    If they can get married to same sex let them make there on babies and stop using the other sex to be donors. Being these babies into that sin confusing them in how they are to love the right way and live the life GOD has given to them. It makes me SICK but we have to love them and hate the sin and pray for them. And pray for those who see know wrong in this life they have choose,their is no GOD in them.

  • Sharon - 12 years ago

    If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. He just lost my vote. Read Romans1:27

  • darnita - 12 years ago

    It's there life and let them be happy.

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