Is Logic A Drake Clone? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, he needs to get his own style.
    270 votes

  • No, this is just how rappers are now.
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Posted 7 years.


  • Scott Scalice - 5 years ago

    all you guys are right an amazing rapper really changing the game and if you really listen to all his music his nothin like drake

  • Billy Guarton - 6 years ago

    Logic might sound A LITTLE like Drake but Sir Robert Brian Hall II is just a better rapper than Drake. This is Drake's lyrics for his hit song "Started From the Bottom"

    Started from the bottom now we're here
    Started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here
    Started from the bottom now we're here
    Started from the bottom now the whole team here, nigga
    Started from the bottom now we're here
    Started from the bottom now my whole team here, nigga
    Started from the bottom now we're here
    Started from the bottom now the whole team fucking here

    And now heres Logic's lyrics for his hit song "Welcome To Forever"

    Yeah, I've been fiending for this moment
    I've been dreaming 'bout this moment
    I guess this is how it feel to have everything you ever wanted
    Writing these records like a dissertation
    While the fans go crazy from anticipation
    Damn, nine years that's a lot of patiences
    And now I'm looking at my idols and feeling adjacent
    It's hell of a long way from back in the basement
    Looking at hip-hop tryna find my placement
    I bought my first pair of Jordans at 22
    Same year I bought a crib too
    Now my face in magazines I used to flip through
    And my music on all the sites I used to sift through
    Remember meeting Nas for the first time
    Shook his hand and he started quoting my lines
    Said he a fan, god damn this is my time
    I'mma get it, I'mma do it till we prime time
    I told him every single day that I be at it
    In the studio recording like an addict
    He said that real hip-hop shit I had it
    Thinking to myself, "Damn, man, you made Illmatic"

    Notice anything differnt about the lyrics? I Do! I Do! Logic's lyrics actually have MEANING while Drake lyrics are just a pile of garbage. Really Drake? Started From the Bottom? You started on a hit TV show! Logic is the guy who started at the bottom. His Dad was never in his life, his mom was and still is an alcoholic, his borthers sold drugs and to top it all off, Logiv was expelled from school in 10th grade. So Logic puts more meaning into his lyricism than Drake and i bet you in a couple of years, Logic will make it bigger than the mainstream, poison brain Drake.

    Sorry about that I had to vent about Jerry L Barlow's Stupidity. If your going to compare artists, then please listen to more than one song before you jump to conclusions.

  • Riley - 6 years ago

    He needs to get his own style?? haha what a joke, drake wishes he had style like this

  • yves24 - 6 years ago

    How is he like drake? They rap nuttin alike, they're styles are completely different. I am sick of this stupid YMCMB club of little niggas runnin around acting like they can rap. Drake was amazing up to Thank Me Later, after that he has been completely garbage and jus sings like he should have been on Destiny's Child. Logic is doing his thing and I hope he signs to a record label that supports reall hip-hop and not this new candy rap that comes out every minute of the day and people think its good.

  • Khalin - 6 years ago

    Hey, I feel that logic has his own style.. Stop comparing him to Drake because its disrespectful to him...I feel that Drake is good but logic has his own unique style which make him better

  • HE DOES NOT SOUND LIKE DRAKE. He does in THIS SONG - 7 years ago

    If you listen to the rest of his music, you'll also compare him to a lot of other rappers, like JCole. Seriously, he sounds like himself and you are looking at one song. Tic Tac Toe is the only other plausible example. But Logic is a far superior rapper, and I'm not being a hipster saying this just because he isn't very mainstream. I'm saying it because it's just true, there's no argument.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    Anyone who compares Logic to any rapper out there is completely right and wrong at the same time... he has his own flow, lyricism, and style but he takes the best aspects of rappers like Kanye West, Wu Tang, Jay-Z, and many others, and he makes it his own. You cant compare him to any one rapper because he mixes the old with the new and creates masterful music. "Born famous now it's just time to convince the world" -Numbers by Logic

  • Sean - 7 years ago

    Drake is ok but there are alot better rappers. Logic and Hi-Rez are some of them but overall logic is my favorite cause of the lyrics in his songs. Also he is nothing like drake people need to stop saying that in one song he sounds like him, the only song remotely close to sounding like drake is in the song Numbers. Other than that he has his ownt style.

  • Kishan - 7 years ago

    are you serious right now? logic is nothing like drake, just because he has one song that resembles a drake like flow doesnt mean he is like drake.. drake sucks compared to him.. logic is real and he is a lyricist, he has the new school flow with the old school lyrics and he is versatile.. he will never sellout (unlike drake) , logic is way better than drake.. logic is way smarter and is just a better overall rapper..

  • Keag - 7 years ago

    listen to SET THE TONE it shows you how much better logic is..

  • JJ - 7 years ago

    I love how people compare him to drake because of how he sounds and his hand gestures, maybe if you people actually listen to the lryics logic has a way better sense of rapping. I mean i love drake but logic can spit rhymes like no other, they may not be the fastest but surely they are better.

  • Jdog - 7 years ago

    I think he has his own style, the mind can make connections all day. but he definitely has his own style. I wouldn't doubt if he was influenced by drake, though. look at all the comparisons Drake got to Andre 3000.

  • Dave - 7 years ago

    He's no clone of drake. LOGIC defintely has his own style.
    We should be comparing LOGIC to Eminem.

    And search up LOGIC, and download his Mixtape.

  • dre - 7 years ago

    Agreed with the other commenter. The first Young Sinatra mixtape got me hooked on him and he sounds nothing like Drake in essence. Even if this song does to a slight degree, artists are free to experiment with their delivery, are they not? Also, Drake's not exactly re-inventing the wheel or anything.

  • nate - 7 years ago

    Listen to his other songs.
    This was just one of his experiments. Not a clone. But a good artist nontheless. Listen to young sinatea III

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