Should more advertisers pull out of the show?


  • Awesomemar - 11 years ago

    I will not support Eve and Chad, there is nothing positive about this. she starts these fight and every one sat there and say nothing to help the other female, what is that saying to our daughters, that this was ok. I refuse to watch this show, I hope the season is over and we don't have to see this mess anymore.We do not tolerate this. Bulling is WRONG

  • GCS210 - 11 years ago

    I have written several comments regarding last Monday's show. I was sick watching the horrible interaction between the Ghetto-ite, from the gutter...Tami and her totally bulling threating conversation with Kesha. The rest of the audience sat there and just let her go off on Kesha. If they were not as much a GHETTO group, I do not know who would be. I felt helpless because there was nothing I could do to help Kesha from that horrible thing called a woman...Tami.

    Tami has daughters...I wonder how they felt watching their horrible ugly mother doing this to someone that she knew she could do this to. Tami should be sued!!!! As should VH1...for even airing that show.

    Finally, I will not be watching the show going forward! I will boycott the products that advertise with that program...going forward as well.

    A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE program! Kesha and Royce needs to not walk...but, run away from those horrible people. Trust me, they do not represent the Basketball wife’s from any team here in the USA!!!! They are just too stupid and mean!!!!

  • Alicia - 11 years ago

    What a disgrace that the show has become to all young ladies and women around the world. Shaunie is supposed to be a professional and mother of 5, 6 or 7 kids and she allowed it to be shown for the world to see. I feel Shaunie has sold her soul to the Devil and this will all back fire on her. Evelyn has a beautiful daughter who has to be so embarrassed of her antics and Tami is older than what has been printed, is just the worst and a disgrace to all.
    They all were great in the beginning, but now the crazy 4's are starting to physically and emotionally hurt people with intent to "do some serious body harm." Evelyn throwing glass, jumping off the table and throwing knives really showed all of us, why her ex did not want her as part of his family and have children by her. Tami, is really in bad shape and if she does not get help, she is going to end up killing someone. Suzi is the biggest snake of them all. She is the evil voice that gets it all stirred up and then her phenom strikes. Suzi is full with wickedness and they all should just drop her. The worst of the cast is the person that produced the show, SHAUNIE! I am very ashame to tell people I even watch the show. I am ready for another set of Basketball wives who have fun, but who do not think and act violent 24/7.

  • teanna - 11 years ago

    Tami is the worst offender by my standards, constantly challenging those that are younger and smaller than she,, grow up already!!

  • the one - 11 years ago

    I will not be watchin any thing with evelyn or tami. Its just sad how women conduct them self on t.v. Evelyn jealousy for jennifer is simply out of control. Simply sad.tami just wants to be a badd ass and wants attention. Both of these women are bullies. Both of these women needs JEASUS.

  • Betty - 11 years ago

    I see women fighting rveryday

  • beautiful - 11 years ago

    I will not watch a chow with Evelyn and Chad. With both of them having children, if I was Chad I would not let my children be around Evelyn. I am sure Evelyn's daughter is hurt seeing her mother act so violent. Tami has some big issues also. This show is too terrible. Evelyn feels as though she can do anything. I don't blame Jennifer for not dealing with her anymore. Evelyn is jealous of Jennifer, because Jennifer is going on with her life, she is not stupid and she does not stoop to Evelyn evil tactica. I say Chad and Evelyn does not need a show and Chad needs to call off the wedding because Evelyn is not stable.

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