Do YOU agree with Jamie breast-feeding on the cover of Time Magazine?

  • WalterBowne - 8 years ago

    Traditional marriage? Christianism? There was a time when Christianity was no more than a cult, a damnation that's followers were hunted and killed, and had to worship in secrecy, it has since then blossomed into a full religion of it's own, the values of life are constanty changing and evolving, there will always be people that fight it and are disgusted by it but it is human nature to not like change as much as it is human nature to evolve, now down to the fact of the matter, biology, it is unnatural for humans to drink the milk of any other animal than ourselves, yet we do it and no one is disgusted by this because it is our normal, but that milk wasn't meant for us, it was meant for cows, while human breast milk holds vital vitamins and nutrients that were meant for humans, so why don't we drink our own breast milk? It is literally genetically designed for us by us yet it is wrong for us to drink it? But acceptable to drink the milk harvested from a four legged creature that eats cud, or to believe that our lives can be altered by preying to some greater being that's only proof of existence is a book written by men thousands of years ago with stories, fantastical stories, magical even, but still just stories, and it is acceptable to believe in these magical stories all your life, but not in the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny, but why not? These stories are just as fantastical and magical, why not believe in them? And for that matter what about the stories that came before Christianity? The stories of Zeus or Odin? The old gods that were preyed to centuries ago, but are now considered no more than legend, what makes the Christian god real and those gods imaginary? There are foolish things going on in this world every day from ignorance and a lack of willingness to use common sense, to even look around and question why some things are the way they are, but it is human nature to not like change, as much as it is human nature to evolve, what Jamie is doing is something that actually makes sense, for anyone who is willing to think logically, what she is doing is providing a stronger source of nutrition for her child for a longer period of time allowing him to have a greater chance to grow up healthy, the way humans were biologically meant to, it's not for everyone, not everyone can accept life at such face value, but it most certainly isn't wrong, and I support her bravery for sharing with the world such a strong part of her life

    ~Walter Balthazar Bowne
    A human In a horde of zombies

  • Carlos - 8 years ago

    Disturbing sexualized photos and diminishing for women, but very in match with the pursued destruction of Occidental values like traditional marriage, Christianism, you name it!

  • Celine - 8 years ago


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