Who should Elena be with?


  • Anna Tole - 7 years ago

    Damon and Elena are perfect for each other. Stelena fans don't understand the fact that in order to truly understand Damon, you need to read between the lines. This entire show, the writers have done a beautiful job of showing the fact that Damon has had WAY too many disappointments and hard times in his life and showing why Damon puts up such a bad-boy smokescreen to cover it up. They've also done such a good job of showing scenes where Damon shows his true, beautiful humanity that in many ways is even deeper than Stefan's humanity. Stefan was willing to let Elena choose death, but Damon does everything possible to keep her alive, even if it means that she hates him. If my true love was making that decision, I would never allow them to choose death. I would do anything to keep them from choosing death. If Stefan really loved her, yes he would let her make her own decisions when it comes to certain things, but death? No. Damon would never do that to her. She brings out his humanity and like Rose said, Damon challenges Elena and makes her question her life in a good way. Yes, Stefan was her first love, but they happened too quickly and it's honestly such a chliche and teenage relationship. Damon and Elena have a consuming love that is full of passion. Their relationship had time to grow and change, making it a more real and true love. I will always side with Delena, even if the writers make the mistake of having Stefan and Elena be together in the end, Delena will ALWAYS be my endgame

  • Katie - 8 years ago

    umm first of all, what happened to Stefan wasn't his fault. and we can't say Damon never did anything bad!
    DUHDUHDUHDUHHHH Stefan is obviously the right choice. and if you say Damon is cuter you are 100% wrong. and let's not forget that Stefan let's Elena make her own decisions while Damon pretty much controls EVERYTHING she tries to do and every decision she tries to make! AND STOP SAYING THAT STEFAN LET ELENA DIE OMG SHE MADE STEFAN SAVE MATT WTF! and it also makes me mad when you spell his name "Stephan" okay it's STEFAN. and yes Damon would threaten Elena's life if he was COMPELLED TO Y AN ORIGINAL DUH STEFAN HAD NOOOO CONTROL OVER THAT! who cares if they met first! I honestly doubt it makes a difference...and let's just say at the end of season 3, Elena straight up CHOSE Stefan. CASE CLOSED.

  • ashley - 8 years ago

    I would die if Damon and Elena were together. STEFAN STEFAN STEFAN STEFAN STEFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delena - 8 years ago

    Damon is so romantic with elena and stephen is well just Stephen Elena brings out the good in Damon it's so sweet and heartwarming I just love them so much and im gonna go nuts if they're not togerther by the end of season4. Seriously I'm not joking just them together is like ohh yeah Stephen and Elena is like aaaww not again I mean seriously

  • Kayla - 8 years ago

    I luv the thought of delena because Damon has always been there for Elena and Stephen hasnt at all really most ppl want wat I want delena so I hope they just do it already because evey time it ends and they're not together I get my iPod and instantly search delena moment and I love them both so they need to be together!!!!!

  • Billy bob - 8 years ago

    I'm a die-hard Delena fan. I believe that true love is fought for and that all in all, Stefan didn't really have to fight for Elena. Damon started out complex and impulsive and through all of his heart breaking moments, he does everything for the person he loves. Stefan is a romantic. He's compassionate and naturally good-hearted. Any women that ends up with him would want him forever. But he lacks conviction; the need to do whatever it takes to keep the one he loves safe. I think it's amazing his ability to let Elena choose her own path, and I would want my man to give me my decisions as well, but with all that has happened, Damon is the only one who really needs her. He had to change his whole life's perspective to catch Elena's eye and in the end, his instinct to do whatever it takes to keep Elena safe and in his arms is what makes Damon the right choice. He let go of everything for her. It's time for her to do a little sacrifice of her own.

  • Jenny - 8 years ago

    Team Damon. But I'm over it. Stefan and Elena are so cheesy, lifeless and dull together. I fast forward SE and will only be watching Youtube. It's all become boring.

  • boogieman - 8 years ago

    team stefan all they way... he did what he did for the love of his life and to save his brother and damon did move in on her when stefan was saving his life... so maybe next time he should just left him to died.... but anyways nina and ian are dating in real life so think about he actually win...

  • Lola - 8 years ago

    I choose Damon. I don't think SE really connected. Stefan only showed what he wanted to, not his whole true self. He doesn't want Elena upset with him, so he acts like an obedient puppy and never takes a stand, like letting her drown and die. He lied about the beginning, Katherine, his Ripper past. But with Damon, Elena is falling for him attitude, warts and all. SE are just so bland, I hope they give it a rest next season.

  • SE - 8 years ago

    I think Stefan and Elena should be together because Stefan only turned bad to help Damon , and while Stefan was going through with what he promised Klaus, Damon kissed Elena . and if Stefan would of just left Damon die ,there wouldn't be a problem but he didn't because he loves his brother but what Damon did what selfish. even though I love Damon I think Stefan should be with Elena because they connected so well .

  • sandara - 8 years ago

    I believe Stefan and Elene should be together. for the right reasons Elena still ends up with Stefan. If Elena was totaslly over Stefan she would have never went back to Stefan on season 3 epsiode 22 the departed. when it comes down to it and you give elene a choice she said "i love stefan, he came in the right time when i needing love and save me from the car accident" then for damon she said," im on my way to mystic falls, i love stefan but i care about you, its the same reason i have to let you go." elene went after stefan when stefan was with klaus when damon was the storage unit fighting clark, did she even try to go where damon was? no. I believe the writer should bring stefan and elena back together for good but make it where damon is still trying to fight for elena or better yet kathrina and damon should reunite. i will be pretty pissed if the writer brakes elena and stefan up i think it will turn many viewers away.

  • Chootie - 8 years ago

    Seriously Damon and Elena are meant to be together...They really look like a couple unlike Stephen and Elena...Love Damon a lot he's soooooooooo HOT !!!

  • lilly - 8 years ago

    To all stelena fans : i know u guys want stefan and elena together again , but if elena really loved stefan she wouldnt have kissed damon , when they were in the hotel .
    And elena ends up with stefan at last in the books . I think we delena fans should have more delena moments in season four. I hope the writters do some delena action this season ! Delenaaaaa period .

  • lilly - 8 years ago

    To all stelena fans : i know u guys want stefan and elena together again , but if elena really loved stefan she wouldnt have kissed damon , when they were in the hotel .
    And elena ends up with stefan at last in the books . I think we delena fans should have more delena moments in season four. I hope the writters do some delena action this season ! Delenaaaaa period .

  • Mary hubbard - 8 years ago

    I think damon and elena should be together!! :D

  • ferny - 8 years ago

    I think elena should be with damon (:
    because these past seasons all we saw was elena and stefan all the time .
    it got boring now . yeah to be honest i used to love the fact that elena was with stefan .
    now it kinda got boring ... since season 2/3 i've been a DELENA fan (:
    i really want to see them together is that too much to ask . ?

  • Loveth - 8 years ago

    Damon and Elena are perfect 2gether, damon is the real guy, he come out straight unlike stefan who pretends 2 be d nice guy. Elena should be with Damon bcos Damon luvs her much and can lay his head 4 her.

  • Kimberly Bell - 8 years ago

    Stefan was so ready to commit suicide the first time he went back on human blood. He wasn't even worried about hurting Elena!!! Damon would never do that. It's not that Damon deserves Elema, it's that Elena deserves Damon:)

  • Delenafan2123 - 8 years ago

    I think that Damon totally deserves Elena after all he's done? You all say that Stephan has done a lot but if you think about it he hasn't really. Damon would die for Elena he knew her first then left. Stefan only liked her because she looked like Katherine but Damon didn't Damon liked her because was her. also I feel bad thy supposly both Katherine and Elena liked Stefan and that broke his heart even though they were lies.

  • Shona - 8 years ago

    Ripper Stefan referred to as perfect is lol. Damon and Stefan were both toxic for Elena while she was human. Let's see what the new season brings, hopefully something different and not a repeat of seasons one, two and three.......yawn.

  • Alysa - 8 years ago

    Stefan and Elena! They are erfect and when she met damon first and they were suppose to be together then he would have not compelled her and left! Stefan stayed and got to know her! Even though it was dangerous now that is true love! Stelena!!! Stelena!! Stelena!!

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    Elena and stefan are meant to be!! i love damon but stefan and elana her perfect for each other.stefan did what he did to save is brother and protect elena,so stefan should get elena in the end.

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    It really annoys me when people say "you only root for Delena because Damon's hot and good looking, Nian in real life blah, blah, blah". If that was the case I'd be rooting for Damon and Katherine and I'm not. Yeah Nicole you're right Delena has more fans, but you'll only believe it's for superficial reasons, so what's the point. BTW Paul Wesley is super hot too and that remark is always a real insult to him.

  • Nicole - 8 years ago

    Stelena!!!! Who cares if delena has more fans, if you really loved the vampire diaries, you wouldn't stop watching over who she's with. The reason I'm a Stelena fan, Stefan and elena fought for there love. Stefan's made so many sacrifices for elena while Damon moves in on Elena. So what if she met Damon first...that doesn't define true love....she is attracted to both brothers and loves both of them. But she's just like Katherine she loves Stefan more...no matter what she fills for Damon...it's always gonna be Stefan. Like klaus said "that kind of love never dies" and if you stop being blinded by damon and how "good looking" he is maybe you'll see how Stefan and Elena are meant to be...now I could go on and on but I'm gonna stop right here...StelenaForever

  • C - 8 years ago

    I was reading how people were upset that Damon doesn't care because he wouldn't let her make her own decisions which i get to a point but her decisions would end up with her death he loves her he would do anything to keep her alive so if you loved someone so much and didn't want them to step into a dangerous situation where they could die wouldn't you do the same? but anyway i love Stephen but I love Damon wayyy more :P haha if Elena doesn't want him ILL HAVE HIM!!!! :D haha I AM SOOO TEAM DELENA ALL THE WAY :)

  • Damonteam - 8 years ago

    Yess team Delina baby :) that's the perfect couple :) he Really deserve herr

  • delenalover - 8 years ago

    well if you think about it damon is the best choice because before when they really first met he said that she wants a love that consumes her and in season 3 episode 22 she said that he does consume her and tht she want adventure which she can have with damon because hes all open stephan is a closed box but hes just waiting to burst with bood lust and i know since elenas a vampire now it wont effect her but it will effect her friends and she wont be able to handle that. and damon also said that she also wanted a little bit of danger and she can have that controlled danger with damon but not with stephan bacause we all can clearly see that stephan cant controle any thing. so basicaly stephans still a little boy who cant make the right decisions for his love for elena.

  • Britt - 8 years ago

    Elena and Stefan are meant to be!! I love Damon and all but her and Stefan are perfect for eachother. I would hate to see her end up with Damon when this show is over

  • Sonytv - 8 years ago

    as rose told jeremy, damon is either the worst or the best thing for elana. Love is all about taking the chance, so im all for DELANA

  • maryann - 8 years ago

    Elena should stay with Stefan but still love Damon but have a really close relationship

  • stephan - 8 years ago

    bite me to all of you people who voted for damon, katherine loves stephan and so does elena so tata

  • Tankazuka - 8 years ago

    Stephan does not deserve elena Damon earned her and she just doesn't want to admit she loves damon ( so much for Being optimistic they say love is in the air. So I advise you to hold ur breath)

  • Damonlover - 8 years ago

    WOW N.. Put a lot of feeling into that. Now that elenas a vampire, I hope shell admit her feelings to damon and they'll live happily ever after. And Stefan will die alone and yea. See? Happy endings 4 everyone!

  • Nina - 9 years ago

    I agree with all the people who chose delena.....screw Stefan!!!!!!! I love team delena

  • j4d - 9 years ago

    i love elena and stephen as they were soo cute and love struct and iv always wanted them to be happy .. but come on i know stephen has been through a hard time and that hes really hurt from it .. but damon is always the one who isnt trying to please elena because he loves her and he is the one who acually cares and let her decide who she loves hes been through way more pain compared to stephen. elena has always loved stephen even when he did worng but with damon he has to see the girl he loves hate him despise him and love another ... damon never gets the girl hes always the one being heart broken ... i think he should get the chance to love and be loved for once

  • addeline - 9 years ago

    I'm a total Stelena fan I mean who cares if she met Damon 1st that's not important does meeting Damon 1st means that she was never inlove with Stefan? She spoke to Damon for like 5 minutes was that enough for them to share the kind of feelings that she shares with Stefan currently. The important thing is she fell inlove with Stefan 1st. Stefan and Elena belong together. And remember the reason why Stefan did the things he did was to save his brother and protect Elena. He sacrificed enough so he should get Elena in the end. Stefan let's Elena make her own decisions he treats her like an equal and respects her whereas Damon always tries to control her. Well I could go on and on bt I'm not going too. In conclusion all I can say is that if she ends up with damon then VAMPIRE DIARIES WOULD SUCK!!!

  • Andreia - 9 years ago

    In my opinion Stephan isn't the best choice for Elena. Love with Stephen seems an unlit candle , without challenges. When he returns to her, he make Elena suffer taking her for the brigde where was the crash whith her parents (was Stephen choice, he could do it anywhere else). Damon consumes Elena, is so beautiful. He does Elena exceed your own expectations, it is a constant challenge. In other hand, Elena make Damon more human, having not good feelings to Elena as well as for the others.

  • lizamyje - 9 years ago

    Wait... so now that Elena is a vampire doesn't that mean she will remember that she met Damon first? Then we will have to wait to see who she chooses all over again!

  • Jenny - 9 years ago

    SS. Well she's dead now, so good for him. Bravo. In real life that set up (the whole truck incident) would be total BS.

  • SS - 9 years ago

    I agree with "N" even though I wouldnt use those exact words. I get their anger though. After all Stefan has been through, he gets zero respect from DE shippers. SE shippers have been getting bashed as well, and is really pisses me off. That being said, Stefan didnt let Elena die..he let her CHOOSE. She insisted that he leave her to save Matt. Stefan didnt want to do it, but he knows that Elena has the right to make her own decisions. Damon on the other hand has never had any respect for Elena’s opinions and decisions. And throughout the series he kept forcing her to drink his blood and threatened to turn her. The fact is STEFAN is the one who has been sacrificing everything to keep her alive. STEFAN is the one who was there for her when she was alone. STEFAN is the one who not only loves her, but respects her as well, which is something Damon has yet to do.

  • Butterfly - 9 years ago

    Now there you go, commenter N has nothing better to add than profanity. The perfect example of the common Stelena shipper... although I have met a few that were really nice.

  • Lana - 9 years ago

    N...Lol yeah you sound like a Stelena fan. Please......Stefan let Elena DIE, no back bone, no balls. Put a gun to your head and see if a loved one tries to stop you in a life and death situation or leaves you to it because that's what you want.....what an insult to one's intelligence!! Pathetic!!. There is only one way for Stelena and that is down over the next three seasons. Enough already, it's like watching a brother and sister get it on. Boring!!!

  • N - 9 years ago

    I'm sick and tired of playing nice. Fuck Delena. Fuck the ignorant, biased, pathetic excuse for an article author.

  • Mareek1994 - 9 years ago

    No thing new delena as always and as all websites and thats why the producers keep playing with our minds giving us the true love story i mean im sorry the true love is not about timing she chosed stefan cause he was there when her parents died she was weak and needed someone its completely normal but when she met damon at first she was anormal girl with no broken heart and yet they connected instantly thats why delena is the true love
    Delena ftw

  • Ashley - 9 years ago

    No matter how many polls you do or win, Damon never gets the girl. Stop being DElusional LOL

  • DelenaIslove - 9 years ago

    DE FTW. The poll agrees 80%- 20%. DE RULES

  • popy - 9 years ago

    of course delena team and we know that she is going to chose damon always and for ever XD

  • popy - 9 years ago

    of course delena team and we know that she is going to chose damon always and for ever XD

  • clair - 9 years ago

    really the poll results say it all!! delena ftw :D

  • SHANTEL - 9 years ago

    ok damon all the way!! when they first met he knew what she wanted and it was him all the way my fingers r crossed!! i love stephan but damon was their when he left her and she wants a love that comsumes her!! and she said damon cosumes her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo vampire diaries fans untill season 4

  • Barbara - 9 years ago

    Just looking at Damon's percentage bar compared to Stefan's makes me all giddy lol. I seriously don't understand why Julie Plec (or whoever decides) keeps putting Elena and Stephen back together. As far as I've seen and know, I've noticed that even though there are Stelena fans, there are WAY MORE Delena fans out there. In that way, if they pick Delena, they'll be keeping a bigger part of the fan base happier. The only reason I could think of for Elena picking Stephen in the Season 3 finale is that they can't automatically put Delena together because then there won't be so much of a storyline afterwards. They have to work their way there (even though it's frustrating and agonizing) and keep the Delena fans on edge until it finally happens. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder [in this case it'll make their reunital and love more passionate.] And now that she's a vampire, I'm positive everything is going to change, and she's going to have a whole re-consideration of everything that's happened between her and Damon (since she'll remember all the times he's compelled her to forget all those sweet moments between them.) Besides, the directors and producers have given Stelena fans some time to enjoy them. It's our turn now, Delena fans! ;)

  • poppy - 9 years ago

    I love damon and elena together there perfect. They have chemisrty and i think in the way they were acting in 3x22 damon acted more upset to think elena was dead more than stefan but thats just my opinion. I also think stefans had his turn and failed and its damon turn and it will succead. even thou she picked stefan in the finale 3x22. I think stefan has allways got what he wants and i feel upset for damon becuase they would be exellont tooooo gether!!!!!!

  • Alyssa - 9 years ago

    Damon and Elena are perfect for eachother Elena is just stuck in her moral ways and doesn't want to be another Kathrine but she knows that she longs for Damon "he consumes her" and I don't know about you but passion overcomes everything in love .it drives you to kepp on going she will be with Damon after she finally realizes who she is as a person .the chemistry and love that they have isn't for nothing they need eachother she just won't admit it she's trying to hard to break the cycle Kathrine startedbur she can't fight her feeling forever. Damon is dead sexy and his love for her is never going to fade unlike Stephan nothing couldcome between him and Elena she's everthing to him

  • CC - 9 years ago

    Butterfly it's already too late. Get a clue, Julie Plec will always hesitate to go there. I think she lives on Mars or has some deluded idea that the majority can keep on taking season after season of the same old SE which she must think is more popular than it actually is. I only see gushing from 12 year olds using the words epic or they dated first or people struggling to string a sentence together.

  • Clare - 9 years ago

    Stefan and Elena might just be as pathetic as each other. Gutless, Weak, Mopey and whiney. Awesome!!!!!!

  • butterfly - 9 years ago

    Even stefan knows elena loves damon. Hell everyone but elena knows. Get a clue girl before its too late.

  • dee dee - 9 years ago

    Damon and Elena are perfect for each other. Damon and her met first and she was drawn to him instantly and he was drawn to her. It was fate that brought them together. Damon made a mistake by compelling her to forget him. They are soul mates. The sooner she remembers their first meeting , the sooner she will realize he is her one.

  • Thicknessbeauty - 9 years ago

    I love stephen i love him cus hes sweet thoughtful protective & safe. & u see how his wife is in the hsow now. lols. I love damon more though because he's just like stephen but he has a danger side which makes it perfect for elena because she always wants to put herself in danger for ppl so they will match perfectly. & She did meet him first anyways. I saw elena and damon They've been dating for three years outside the show & still stron its time for them to put them tugether inside the show. I read the synopis of the books in the very last ending of the book they have elena and damon & stephen run away together because she realized that katherine was correct. Your vampire self does have your real feeling come out and even though u can surpressed them they are still there. Katherine cudnt hide her feelings with damon either cus damon is another stephen with a bad side so hes a much better stephen & cuter ;) elena realized that & cudnt choose she didnt want to so ran away with both of them. Which is perfect for her to choose properly and with all three of them vampires it will work.

  • ray - 9 years ago

    Elena and Damon would be perfect for eachother he has always been there and he DID meet her first.... But i am really angry the only thing that is similar is the names but ANYWAYS Damon is
    SOOOO ADORABLE and they would be perfect for eachother:D

  • ajaero syndey - 9 years ago

    Elena brings out the best in damon. Nd if she really luved stefan, she won't be consiidering damon. So team damon all d way....x0x0.

  • vampireaddicted - 9 years ago

    I do agree with Bonnie, Damon has always been there for her, even he knew her before Stefan and he fell in love with her at the second, and she too, but she forgot because Damon compelled her. DELENA ALL THE WAY!!

  • Shay Garcia - 9 years ago

    Stefan, Because They were Happy Before Damon Had To Come & Ruin It, & Im pretty Sure You Wouldnt Want Your Brother To Date You Ex-Girlfriend Would You ???
    Didn't Think So !!!! >:/
    So Team Stephan All The Way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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