Your Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade: How Well Did It Go?


  • Julianne - 10 years ago

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would
    never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I'll try to get the hang of it!

  • central texas - 11 years ago

    Finally got around to updating an old and stable 10.0.4. The good news is that the update works more or less. I was really unimpressed by the dialog boxes filled with blank rectangles for characters demanding a choice of one or the other other set of blank rectangles. Who knows what it was that I approved or declined? (there were three occasions of this during the upgrade)

    Along with curmugeon above, I don't find much of the icon-ization to be either useful or aesthetically appealing. I too have older eyes and better things to do with my time than play scavanger hunt with my desktop trying to find where and how simple things can be accomplished. As always, the "help" provided in the installation is both minimal and often not updated to whatever has been changed.

    I suppose that with time I'll come to an understanding and get on with things like finding a windows machine with which to rescue my Picasa files.

  • Nabil H - 12 years ago

    Extremely dissatisfied...
    It takes ages to load after an almost never ending blinking cursor...
    latest woe: the partition on which it was installed became of filesystem type unknown...
    and it is taking ages recovering it with countless multiply-claimed blocks and a damaged journal on a filesystem which is journaled!
    How? choking on usb devices, and other hardware...
    why for the life of us no better safeguards are built in at boot time, like dropping modules that take too long to load? I wonder...
    never had such stupid bad boot-up experience with other flavors of Linux...

  • Fidel Viegas - 12 years ago

    I installed it from scratch on a new machine, but have upgraded it on my netbook and it went smoothly from 11.10 to 12.04. From 10.04 to 12.04, I have had to re-install a few packages ,but it all went well. No issues until now.

    I have had one or two crashes, but I don't have that any more.

  • curmudgeon - 12 years ago

    The actual upgrade, although taking about 3 hours, went well. However, before I could run the upgrade, I had to do a search to find out how to "update" my "Update" program, because it offered no "upgrade" options regardless of the settings: "normal" or "LTS" distros.

    After using the 'Terminal' to issue the following command, I was able to make the upgrade from 10.04LTS to 12.04LTS:

    I will have to say that in the 5 years I've been installing and using UBUNTU, this is the first time I've been tempted to head to another OS. As a senior user, north of 70, with failing eyesight, I really think they've missed the mark for making this OS more user friendly, and it will, indeed be interesting to see if a larger user base materializes.

    That being said, I'm still gratefull for the thousands upon thousands of gifted individuals who spend their time so that we "users" can have a more secure, relieable OS. I salute you all!

  • aw - 12 years ago

    I had problems with the annoying nVidia-bug with 7100 gpu

  • Michael Hazell - 12 years ago

    I have a network issue with the Atheros WiFi card drivers. Sometimes it connects to my access point for about then seconds, then suddenly disconnects. It does this about 5 times, then stays steadily connected. Very odd and weird, because 10.04 worked fine.

  • shadow firebird - 12 years ago

    After two tries at a clean install I got a computer that crashed, hung and logged me out two to five times a day.

    The issue appears to be a disagreement between compiz and the proprietary Nvidia card drivers. Going to Unity 2D pretty much made it go away. However, Unity 2D can't be configured to work sanely and politely with me and my two monitors.

    Gone back to Openbox; now working with 12.04 quite happily -- if you ignore the fact that I'm not using any of the default window managers...

  • ArtMan - 12 years ago

    Upgraded 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.10 to 12.04 on venerable, dual-boot Toshiba laptop.

    No major problems, but it was a rather tedious process, and overall the current LTS version seems more sluggish than 10.10. This is my kitchen utility machine, so top performance isn't a must, but it does seem to take an extra second or two for a wide range of tasks — from initial logon to popping up my favorite Mah-jongg game (which always forgets it should be full-screen) — and occasionally losing the Weather indicator.

    Wish there was a more direct upgrade path from older versions. I only upgrade when I have to, which is why I was a few versions behind.

  • imh - 12 years ago

    Had to reinstall on my HP desktop, upgrade went reasonably well on an old Compaq (!), worked perfectly for our Lenovo S10 netbook. Overall happy, and well worth the upgrade. By far the best version of Ubuntu so far, and I am a big fan of Unity and HUD:-)

  • Strx - 12 years ago

    Upgrade perfect for 3 laptops (1 toshiba, 2 lenovo) and one server...

    Ubuntu has made it again, thanks

  • John Stiles - 12 years ago

    eeepc netbook upgrade from 11.10 was perfect.

    HP Pavilion laptop "upgrade" was fine once I committed to a clean install. The upgrade from 11.10 on the original dual boot was problematic (As was the original 11.10 install).

    Guess I cannot mark down Ubuntu for letting me achieve what no other OS could come near to doing.

  • Otoku Otok - 12 years ago

    I had dual boot 10.04 and 11.10, properly updated. Upgrade from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS on day one of availability, freezed close to the end of installing phase. I have to fresh install, 12.04, which works flawlessly. 12.04 is nice. Thanks everybody. Have been using Ubuntu only since 09.04 with GIMP, Blender, video editor and Draft Sight recently.

  • Slava - 12 years ago

    Overall, it was smooth. But I ran into a bug with ssh (or related) that prevented me from working (could not get remote access to another server), and have to work from a Debian in a virtual box until I dump Ubuntu as soon as I've bought a new HDD.

  • Martin Wildam - 12 years ago

    I do fresh install but transferring profile data and list of installed programs.

  • MK - 12 years ago

    update failed with a bunch of errors. Bricked the GUI including failsafe mode, tried to solve the many issues from the terminal but doing a clean install proved easier...

  • G - 12 years ago

    Every time they upgrade a game or two are lost.

  • Rory - 12 years ago

    A fail for me.

    I downloaded the iso, put it on a disc, and attempted to upgrade from the disc. It got through about 90% and then froze on the final stages. Lost everything! I know, I know, should've done a back-up. Well, I had a hard drive full of videos my young daughter had made. It amounted to about 100gigs. She took it exceptionally well, asked for a new SD card, and said she would just start again.

    It was quite liberating, actually. Clean install went fine.

  • Dennis - 12 years ago

    I upgrade every 6 months, figure it is a contribution to testing on 4-6 yr old single and multi- user systems. So far upgrades on 2 desktops and one laptop have been pretty consistantly fantastic. The only thing that wasn't flawless was that the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers were very slow. I went back to stock drivers and things ran much better (especially after re-setting reasonable resolutions). All Linux apps upgraded and run great, a couple mission critical Wine apps still run fine (something I had a problem with in the past). Ran Ubuntu Friendly system testing on Inspiron 6000 laptop and everything passed with flying colors.

  • vitaly - 12 years ago

    On my laptop I do upgrades since 9.10. Never had major issues.

  • Firestorm9 - 12 years ago

    Complete fail for me. Dell M1530 XPS -- no mouse, no touchpad, no wifi. Tried several times.

    Kubuntu 12.04 worked flawlessly.

  • ryukom - 12 years ago

    qemu didnt work correctly after upgrade, but this is more a 12.04 issue since it didn't work on a clean install afterwards.
    qemu is about the only reason I use ubuntu those days, need it for my university assignments, so I was realy disapointed.

    Aside from that it looks like the upgrade went smoothly, but I didn't toy with it enough to be sure.
    went back to 11.10 the same day.

  • Suz - 12 years ago

    Everything worked, but my was it sloooow!

  • Keith Bates - 12 years ago

    Apart from templates not crossing over in Libre Office and not being able to get Ubuntu One to work on my desktop, everything else was pretty good.

  • ragv - 12 years ago

    upgrade failed while trying to install the 11.10 programs. I had to do a clean install subsequently. The machine is Acer aspire core i3 2nd generation with intel graphics and 6gb ram.

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