Do you think a RN should wear gloves when palpating for veins prior to venipuncture? (Poll Closed)

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  • jill - 10 years ago

    gotta have some alcohol rub on hand for hygiene prior to donning glove, otherwise, the trip to the sink for a wash will make the whole vein hunt, well, not so useful.

  • Suzanne Stahl - 10 years ago

    Circumstances will vary. Follow Standard/Contact Precautions as indicated. Gloves precannulation, if not otherwise required, is optional. Depending on years of experience one may want to palpate first w/o and then with gloves so they are comfortable w/chosen site once gloves have been donned for the cannulation. I'm a 26 year RN. Still believe in that skin to skin contact. It's about commen sense and good hand washing. When I started we didn't have gloves and threw needles in the garbage!

  • Brenda - 10 years ago

    I check for several veins, then release tourniquet get everything ready... and then re tighten, check again that it is the best... don gloves and site cleanse and cannulate..

  • Nananurse - 10 years ago

    I voted no, but then it occurred to me that if gloves aren't worn prior to cannulation, they may not be put on at all....

  • MK - 10 years ago

    Before site care: no gloves. After site care: use gloves.

  • Valorie Dunn - 10 years ago

    I would have liked to see the question stated different. How many people palpate the vein after they have completed site care? If there are no open areas it is fine to palpate with a bare hand prior to site care but nothing annoys me more than those who will palpate the vein after prepaing the site:(

  • Meagan reeves - 10 years ago

    Of course! But i nvr do (shhh lol) so much easier to find a vein w out esp on the elderly

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