Do you think the carbon tax will seriously impact on your business?

  • Alexandra Lyus - 8 years ago

    This tax is completely ill-timed in the current economy and I believe will have a devastating effect on Australia's competitiveness internationally and send a significant number of local businesses to the wall.
    If there was ANY benefit to the global environment I would entertain the concept, but there is not and will not be. This is a smokescreen grab at the environmental vote from a Government that is gutting the economic advantages and stability that Australia has enjoyed previously.
    It will affect everyone's business and do irreparable damage.

  • Frank Keaveny - 8 years ago

    It is a ludicrous unnecessary tax introduced by people who have no idea about the real world and it is going to have a devestating effect on business and investment in Australia.

  • Rod Doherty - 8 years ago

    It will have an impact on every business bottom line. Those who think it won't are on another planet.

  • Louise Rhodes - 8 years ago

    Very little is published about the business opportunities associated with the low carbon economy. Small business can reduce operating expenses and increase staff engagement via energy efficiency projects. New businesses will be created in areas like low carbon products & services (which will be more cost competitive), carbon permit trading & carbon permit creation, advice & assurance. It would be good to see some reporting on the business benefits of a low carbon economy.

  • Jim Jenkins - 8 years ago

    The impact in increased electricity on my business will be less than $200.00 per year but I am expecting freight costs to increase between 5-10% and this will have an impact on the cost of the majority products across the board particularly for country people and manufactures.

  • Ron Carterton - 8 years ago

    Worried about the transport costs.

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