Should Black America receive reparations from the U.S. government for slavery?

  • ryan - 7 years ago

    nope but we can get the blacks descendant to pay the white people for their families selling humans

  • Henrietta Reynolds - 8 years ago

    African Americans deserve a Federal lump sum payment from the government! Why, because of the blood, sweat, and tears of our slave forefathers. Since they cannot collect, we must collect for them. Another form of reparations would be in the luxury of a free education. We deserve it, we need it. Our cousins do not have to live under bridges or in the many shelters, or apartments! They need to be living in their own homes, with their free education that this country owes us! We need to collect in the form of financial support and education, perhaps even land - since 40 acres and a mule never proved to be true!!

  • Al Brown - 8 years ago

    Not only no, but hell no. Everyone that endorsed or suffered from slavery is dead and has been for quite some time. It's time to move on.

  • Anthony Vance - 8 years ago

    So the native Americans can do wherever they please.... The government gives money to foreigners to come over and start there own businesses tax free... in present day the government is making it sweet to be Hispanic... And African Americans can't get What they deserve....what race has went through these hardships for 400 years had What was promised to them taken back and has still never seen a cent... And even after slavery hardships weren't over.. so basically the African American race might as well be the slave that will continue to build this country and see nothing in return but a F*** Y**.

  • HowardB - 9 years ago

    At one time reparations might have been a good idea, but that time is long past. We have people unfairly imprisoned, children who grow up in abusive households, the descendants of children who slaved away in sweat shops for decades.

    It's time to move on. Had the US settled with the slaves after the Civil War, that would have been a good thing, but they didn't, save the few that got some land.

    There's not a chance of it happening anymore. Too many will point to blacks that owned blacks, blacks that sold blacks into slavery and whites who made the ultimate sacrifice to free blacks.

    It's too late. It will never happen.

  • Marsha - 9 years ago

    How about we all look to the future for our children and grandchildren? Today children all over Africa are being slaughtered, sold into slavery, and taken in human sex slave trade as in many other countries around the world, including the United States. Unfortunately, there are horrible, evil people all over the world who will continue to do horrible, evil things. This doesn't make them right it just makes them the people in power or the ones able to evade the moral outrage and justice at that moment in history such as Hitler, Stalin, or the slave traders and owners. History repeats itself because human nature does not change. Is getting paid going to repair the past? No one doubts these evils or gives any less credence to them but at some point we have to move forward to make life better not focus on the past we couldn't control.

  • African Descendant - 9 years ago

    In response to Tina Franks: " first you would have to trace your family tree as far back as you possibly can go and then theres probably so many people with no means of doing that or, from all the records being lost". I think that this will not be as big a problem as it use to be in the past. Ancestry DNA testing places one back in Africa, it tell you where your tribe resides today . These test will show ancestry , also going back into the census records one can find family who were born into Slavery. I was able to find my Great Great Great Grand Mother she had been born in 1857 her parents were slaves, this is the kind of research one needs to do to find a family member who ties them to the Slave Trade. My Ancestry DNA test shows my ancestors came from Sierra Leone West Africa , and that my tribe is Mende . I believe this is what has to be done to place oneself there into the slavery , this should be enough information to qualify for reparation . The fact is America know what happened , it would be impossible to deny a person who could actually find a family member who had been a Slave , or born into Slavery . The other point I want to make is, we as a people are indigenous to America this occurred when we took the title "African" American . It is not congress who has to vote or decide the case on Reparation , it should be file via the Department of Justice , and be fought from the point is place that justice was not served to African Americans post Slavery. It is my understanding that the United States made us "citizens" of the United States as Federal Citizens making African Descendant's their responsibility and a sworn in protection that it would protect us from it's former Citizen's of the State who were all white people. Today the 14TH amendment has been down played by alleging it is to be applied to (all American's) while it was clearly not written for (all American's) it was written for the former Slave. It was stolen some 3 to 4 years after Slavery ended to win rights for white citizens to say it also meant them, due it had been drawn from the Bill of Rights . The Slaughter House case stole the 14TH amendment from us rendering it as a euphemism, which is why the Federal Govt. breached it context to protect African Descendant's from white's who abused our closest ancestors who were freedman and no longer slaves .

  • Sherri - 9 years ago

    Black people should be able to go to any college they choose for free.

  • Tina Franks - 9 years ago

    On one hand I agree but, where the problem comes in at is how can it be done without very, very strong opposition not to mention all those who has to approve or pass such a bill. I truly would like to see much more done than just a meaningless apology but, I am 55 I really doubt if I will see anything in my life time. My goodness first you would have to trace your family tree as far back as you possibly can go and then theres probably so many people with no means of doing that or, from all the records being lost. Yeah! I'm pretty sure and I can safely bet that I will not get to see such a thing happen but, it's a good idea.

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