Do You Like The New Song By Tamela Mann "Take Me To The King"?


  • nicki palmer - 9 years ago

    I hope you and may the lord bless you to and I love you and.I hope you know that

  • Arlene Walker - 10 years ago

    Thank you both for this song, you are singing this song from your soul like you do all your songs. You are beautiful inside and out and I THANK GOD FOR YOU & YOUR GIFT THAT YOU SHARE WITH ALL OF US. Xoxox

  • inga williams - 10 years ago

    it is nice. This song will minster to someones heart. I wish I had that kind of talent

  • K-Mor - 10 years ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I cried tears of joy as I worshiped God while listening to this song! The only complaint is that it ended to abruptly! I wanted the song to go on. Whew, what a gift from God Tamela possesses!

  • Dianne - 10 years ago

    All blood wash believers desire is to lay at the throne of Jesus in His full Glory. Sometimes we do get tired and weary even while serving God. And what I love about God; He will take us just where we are in our faith. We can cry out Abba Father and then everything seems to be well! This song ministers to our souls and tell us to:
    Meditate in His presence
    Listen for God's direction
    Then experience the peace of God that surpasses all issues in our hearts
    God bless you Tamala Mann for blessing us:)

  • Karen - 10 years ago

    I Love the song, the whole CD is beautiful!!!

  • Regina - 10 years ago

    when i first heard this song i knew right there that this song sent a message to me and everyone who praises god in victory and needed that hand. Amen i just loved it

  • Wanda D Bogan - 10 years ago

    I love this song it’s my testimony thank God for the both of you
    (Kirk Franklin) & (Tamela Mann) for this song
    keep on Let God ministery to you all

  • Jada - 10 years ago

    Our church just came off of a 10 day Fast on Sunday and when I heard this song, it made me realized just how blessed I am. Everyday I am trying to walk with God and become closer with him. The verse that says, No rules, no religion, I've made my decision to run to you, says everything that I have been feeling over the past 10 days. Thank you Jesus. Thank you to Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin, for bringing such a beautiful and meaningful song to the world. This needs to be the Alter Call Theme for every church.

  • Veleda Purcell - 10 years ago

    You know, the first 2 or 3 times I heard this song I wasn't able to understand it but after coming out of prayer one morning the anointing of the song just hit me so deeply. I can connect to God through this song. Its powerful and beautiful.

  • earline poche - 10 years ago

    This song is so amazeing the frist time I hear it on the radio. My GOD Bless you all!!!

  • Josephine kelly Degree - 10 years ago

    This song is food to my soul, I believe it is anointing, for everyone to listing to, Mrs. Tamela Mann, keep up what you are doing, because our Father, using you to bring our people to him. and to show what he can do, just have faith, in yourself and in him,and he will see you through.

  • Marcia P - 10 years ago

    This song is so lovely. It really touch my soul, Thank you Mrs. Tamela!

  • Darryl DJ - 10 years ago

    This Song is so fitting with my Praise and Worship. This song Glorifies the father and ushers the Holy Spirit Into Your Presence. Thank You Lord for using Kirk Franklin this song with be song in every church all over the World.

  • kathy bailey - 10 years ago

    this is my testimony .it blessed me beyond measures,it is a awsome song

  • Dretta - 10 years ago

    This song is powerful beyond measures, it ministers to the heart of people. I believe this song is going to cross over into main stream music and will be song by EVERYONE. It makes me think of times in my life when, I have done all that I could do. When I become tired, weary and my options are very few. ....When trials becomes heavy on me and I just need Jesus. When only a move from the King will do. This is a awsomely lyric song for this season in the lives of all God's people.

  • Dannice - 10 years ago

    Like a reader said before, this song had me when I first heard it. It makes you want to get up and do a praise dance. This song is beautiful....thanks to Kirk Franklin for his beautiful writing and Tamela Mann you go girl.

  • SK - 10 years ago

    This song speaks magnitudes...I am encouraged by such heavenly and real lyrics. I admire Mrs. Mann, and appreciate that she allowed the Lord to use her through this song. My children enjoy this song as well.

  • Audrey - 10 years ago

    I love this song because the lyrics speak to my heart and soul. I know God never leaves us, but at times we (God's children) can be so that we need to be lifted up to him to receive the inspiration to go on and praise him in the midst of our storms. God is Good

  • Dee - 10 years ago

    This song ministers to the heart of God's people. Yes, we know what the Word says about encouraging yourself. This is just a living example that when we feel that we are at our lowest point, all we have to do is petition the King's throne(which is on our knees) and God will meet us there. To God Be The Glory for a song like this in sure a time as this.

  • malesha - 10 years ago

    Prefect very powerful. Great song

  • - 10 years ago

    Are You Kidding. It's all about being taken to the king. At the end of this earthly journey we,
    if you are living right, look forward to meeting the King of Glory. U Know Who! Let us
    Shabach God!

  • Lorie Dixon - 10 years ago

    This song is a time when so many people are going through so much she just kept it real and it touched my heart....GREAT job Mrs. Mann...

  • J Brown - 10 years ago

    Sometimes life can get a little rough and we need some help. Take Me To The
    King found me right where I was and lifted me out of the slump that I was in. I thank my friend for sending me the link and thank Tamela for singing it like I feel. Praise be to God!


  • J Brown - 10 years ago

    Sometimes life can get a little rough and we need a some help. Take Me To The
    King found me right where I was and lifted me out of the slump that I was in. I thank my friend for sending me the link and thank Tamela for singing it like I feel.


  • Jennifer - 10 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE it! Her voice is amazing and she looks great

  • Pontheola - 10 years ago

    First of all I would like to thank God for letting his light shine in your life, Mrs. Tamela Mann. He has given you a gift to be able to bless people in there place of need. I wanted to be the first to congratulation you on your Stella win, for this song." Take Me To The King". And all other award's that you will get, along with Mr. Kirk Franklin, the songwriter, God has also give him a gift to pick the person that he wanted to sing his praise to his people. May you keep on letting God use you in getting his message to his people. And I would also like to said thank's you and your husband for being an example to other saves couple's.

  • Everetta - 10 years ago

    This song takes me to the inner courts, where I can meet the King! Thank You, Tamela Mann for taking me to the King! God bless you!

  • sheila - 10 years ago

    this song has meaning it touches my soul everytime i hear it keep on using your god given gift

  • Dawaun - 10 years ago

    I truly love this song, I am really at this point in my life that she is singing about. I really needed to hear this song.

  • MsTonae - 10 years ago

    This song completely explains the place I'm in. I thank you for your consisten encouragement. You are such a great inspiration. Much love always:)

  • Mona - 10 years ago

    I first heard it on CoCo Brother Live. She had me with the first few words "Take Me to the King"

  • Regina Gray - 10 years ago

    I've loved the way you sing in the Tyler Perry movies and I would definitely buy your CD. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care, love you much.

  • Angie - 10 years ago

    This so is amazing and the words speaks to people's hearts. Every time I heard I feel a spirit move me. I think she's wonderful and I couldn't believe it was her. Props to Kirk for writing the song. 10 stars

  • Catherine Askins - 10 years ago

    Wow !!!!! This song really usher u to the very throne of Gode in worship and, u see ur at his feet OMG ....Thank u Sis Tamela may God's continued Blesings be on U and ur fam.......

  • Arlene - 10 years ago

    I LOVE this song, I tried to get it on itunes as soon as I heard it but I guess its not available yet. I know the album is slammin.

  • Gary - 10 years ago

    Dear hurting people of the world this song is so heart touching that believe in GOD to the point that u can actually close your eyes and see yourselves at GODS feet ....feeling total peace and overwhelming's spiritual connection thst takes overyour entire being...Praise God for Kirk and Tamela

  • Sunflower - 10 years ago

    These words describe my current state! I'm relieved I'm not alone but even more relieved to know that I can go to Him as I am!

  • Janie - 10 years ago

    Omg!!! That song minister to my need..because I have given everything and my soul and spirit has been broken...all I have to offer is my broken heart...thank you Tamela and Kirk ...that song will heal many hearts..

  • Michael Rosemond - 10 years ago

    I was completely taken by this song. I was able to enter into God's presence immediately because of the anointing on this song. God's word says to give honor to where honor is due, so I give honor and praise God for Mrs. Tamela Mann and her so supportive man of God, Mr. David Mann. May God bless you both and greatly expand your territory. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Mickye - 10 years ago

    It was amazing, breath=taking, so spiritual.! the chorus should have ran through 2 times at the beginning & should have not ended so much left in the air like that! BUT VERSES && WORDS & BEATS.! OMG me & my cousins are workin on a praise dance already, After I heardit on the radio I've been looking for forever.!

  • Joycelyn walker - 10 years ago

    Awesome, wonderful, great it speak to your spirit. God is speaking.

  • sharon evans - 10 years ago

    Beautiful song that truly ministers to the spirit!

  • Tammy C - 10 years ago

    This song ministered to my soul. First heard it on my way to work. I had to pull over to worship with this woman of God. I believe this song is anointed and will minister to many who are hurting and searching for healing. "Take it to the King". God Bless Kirk Franklin for allowing God to speak through him and Tamela Mann for being used as a vessel to minister to God's people.

  • Patricia - 10 years ago

    This song speaks to me, where I am. I just need HIM!!!!

  • Kevin - 10 years ago

    Absolutely love it!

  • evangelist davis - 10 years ago

    Is nice ...

  • Reba Wiggins - 10 years ago

    I love this song, when will the cd be released.....I LOVE IT!

  • Sharron - 10 years ago

    Loved it! When will it be released? Tamela always sings with such heartfelt passion.

  • Brenda - 10 years ago

    This song blessed my soul, where can I find it for my everyday listening pleasure, I need to know.

  • E. C. SMART - 10 years ago


  • Stephanie - 10 years ago

    I love this song. It is a beautiful inspiration, and it takes me to the "King". Its where I want to be; giving him the glory.

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