Campaign Shakeup: Which campaign organization is most likely to shake up its senior staff before election day?


  • neil - 15 years ago

    Why would that be the real poll?

    I'm pretty sure Ambinder is a conservative in the rare occasion that he allows his personal politics to come out to play. If you can't tell that, then he must be doing better than you think.

  • James - 15 years ago

    Since you stopped comments for the most part, the real poll is are you a Clinton shill on the turn for McCain, or do you simply regurgitate press releases in the pretense that it is actually journalism?

  • SamSinister - 15 years ago

    "Ponderable: Does Barack Obama believe that he can have his wife campaign for him in public and then also claim anything she says is out of bounds?"

    Hmmm. Wife isn't that relevant. However, hasn't Cindy McCain come out and denounced Michelle Obama? Hasn't Cindy come out and campaigned as well - - perhaps less than M.Obama, but then it's just a matter of degree, isn't it.

    If Cindy has campaigned, then PONDER: Isn't she "fair game" too? With regard to her activities with John McCain while he was married? With respect to her tax returns? With regard to her alleged previous drug addiction and improper actions regarding pharmaceuticals at a nonprofit she worked with?

  • Gabriel - 15 years ago

    Does it even make sense for the NRCC to have a staff shakeup at this point? Wouldn't euthanasia be the more humane option?

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