Should the kid have been allowed to keep the blackface?


  • Musclehead84 - 12 years ago

    Vader- Your an Idiot!!! He is a 2nd grader and the project was to remember historical figures. He chose to do Martin Luther King and wanted to try to look like him. Who cares? It wasnt done to make fun of blacks. It was a school project. The kid tried his best. Yes everyone overreacted. I totally agree with C's comment.

  • vee - 12 years ago

    Due to the exploitation of Blacks over the years after slavery and Blacks not being able to play on stage, whites put on that coal and made fun of Blacks. They had no respect and we were limited as far as roles in movies, and theater.
    Many Black children including myself have portrayed characters who were white and makeup was not placed on your faces. This young man could have been Dr. King for the day in other ways.
    Yes, we have come along way but I do not want to see anyone putting on coal and mocking Blacks. I am not that old but I am a history buff. People need to go into the history of ethnic groups because they allow themselves or their children to disrespect another race.
    Yes, it is one thing for us to exploit ourselves, but it is another thing for another race to exploit us.
    The young man could have dressed like Dr. King and introduced himself as Dr. King and told what is dream was or what Dr. King's dream means to him. I could continue with many ways for this young boy to express himself , but I would be writing a book. Parents use your imagination, but use the right imagination.

  • Vader510 - 12 years ago

    43.46% of you are fucking retarded performing in blackface is fucking sick and his parents should be slapped to death.

  • c - 12 years ago

    I am a black person and I did not take offense to the little boy's choice of costume. I think he really wanted to represent Dr. King and this is the only way he knew how. I think people underestimate the creativity of children and take things to far.

  • Sarah McCallister - 12 years ago

    Kids learn from their parents. I'm the mom of two beautiful biracial daughters,ages,17 and 15.Before they were born I knew about racism,but never really gave it much thought,being white and raised in a small town,it never became an issue.Now,living in a large city,an adult not an unconcerned child,my 3 oldest children are grown and white,even they see the looks,unfairness and harassment that isn't addressed if the person is black.Luckily,my daughters have a dad to teach them not to make trouble for their self,but not to let pure,unashamed,racism go without saying something.And on our side,me my grown kids and my grand kids,don't always agree that it's racism every time,which gives the girls both views.My daughters are honor students,have goals and do well in both their families.I have to say on behalf of my daughters and myself,stupid parents raise stupid kids,no educated parent without intentions of causing a problem,would have allowed their child to embarrass their self like this.It was wrong,the parent knew it,the child knew it and he should have been sent home.

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