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Alpha Showdown Round 7 (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,419

  • Preternatural Addict a.k.a Shan - 12 years ago

    Aww boo for you Tohr *places fist over heart* You're the clear winner to me on this one by far. You totally rocked before Wellsie died and now that you've moved on you're rocking again OW! I've been told that Sookies last few stories are meh so haven't even bothered to start the series but luuuurve the T.V show.

  • Jen - 12 years ago

    It might have been a fair win if you were only allowed to vote once but that's not the case here.

  • Sandra - 12 years ago

    Shitley: You can't win! Lmao!

  • beth - 12 years ago

    BDB wins against everyone no matter what!

  • Shirley Mortimer - 12 years ago

    Aren't Eric fans great? LOL

  • Tina - 12 years ago

    BDB all the way!!!!!

  • jamie - 12 years ago

    This was the hardest show down yet!

  • Lana - 12 years ago

    Go Eric! You're the BEST!

  • cathy - 12 years ago

    and shirley i agree with u eric gives me the shits hahahah go torrrr

  • cathy - 12 years ago

    come on where are those bdb fans,, dont let a whimp like northmen win

  • Sandra - 12 years ago

    Shitley, you are so stupid.

  • cindy vinzant - 12 years ago

    Eric but I love the brothers

  • Shirley Mortimer - 12 years ago

    Tohrment all the way, love him, actually any of Brothers are better then Erik.

  • Sharonda - 12 years ago

    Love Torhment...BUT Im in live with Eric

  • Janet - 12 years ago

    The only reason you don't vote for the Brother is you haven't read the books!

  • wendy - 12 years ago

    If it were the Erik in the beginning of the series then yes! The Erik from the last book - absolutely not!

  • Caona - 12 years ago

    Eric wins .

  • Tessy Zaan - 12 years ago

    Eric of course... though after reading Thorments book... I kinda like him al lot better! So tough one.. but hey It's Eric who can compete with him..
    Oh Hell bones can!

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