Should the Rev. Wright be an anti-Obama campaign issue?

Posted 7 years.


  • Nancy - 7 years ago

    All issues should be addressed. All his illicit activities in the White House. He's not even a a United States citizen. Practices racism and slowly but surely making the United States a communist nation. Get him out of office before he accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on the nation he swore to protect.

  • db804 - 7 years ago

    Open it all up! Obama made it thru the first election, he'll do just fine the second time around. Now as for Mittens and his magic underwear, polygamy and all that stuff about black people, being a Mormon it might be a problem..... all those bible belt Christians don’t believe it’s a religion..can you say CULT!!!

  • dan - 7 years ago

    He should be THE campaign issue!

  • clearstory - 7 years ago

    Why 2 Bush presidents are buddies with terrorist supporter Saudi's . Bush allowed a plane load of his Saudi buddies escape on 9-12-200. Songbird McCain gave military information to the enemy to save his life . Reagan agreed to sell weapons to Iran to get elected . Why should guilt by association be confinded to Democrats?

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