Should Lexie have been killed off "Grey's Anatomy"?

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  • jan - 3 years ago

    Debate here as to whether she should have stayed on the show or been killed off. Perhaps the actress wanted out... Normal people move and change their lives for SO MANY REASONS. What lack of imagination leaves you with nothing but a plane crash?

    Assume the actress wanted to leave the show... even for good... she has an alcoholic dad, perhaps she wanted to go care for him for a year and transfer her residency, but then she just never returns, or her life takes a new turn in the new place. Both Sloan & Lexie's actors want to move on to new things? well Mark, the best plastic surgeon in the whole wide world, is offered an amazing teaching position in Florence Italy and Lexie decides to go with him. They occassionally send picture postcards of their Italian babies and never return stateside. SO MANY OPTIONS!

    I just FF'd through the Mark and Lexie scene. Felt I was being emotionally manipulated. Of course a storyline pulls on emotions by definition, but this isn't Romeo and Juliette and Shonda Rhimes, good as she is, isn't Shakespeare. Really a silly ending. What next? North Korea hits Seattle with an H-Bomb? A few remaining Drs clamber limbless and dazed from the rubble?

    Note to other TV creators: we don't need apocalypses to keep watching.

  • SUPARNA - 7 years ago


  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    I can't believed they killed her off. Mark needed to be happy with somebody and now all he has is his baby. I hope that with all the angry comments that people have written will change shondra's mind as well as Chyler. We all loved her character. You should have killed another character off like maybe April or even Jackson not Lexie.

  • amber - 7 years ago

    I hope she ends up in a coma or something, because Lexie's relationship with Mark was left unsatisfied and it really made me upset with the show. Lexie was a very likable character and i really wanted to see what happened between her and Mark once they got back. i'm still going to watch the show, im just sad that they killed off George and now Lexie? it doesn't make any sense. i cried my eyes out! it was a very bad decision to kill off another main character especially just killing her off out of the blue! i mean we were all waiting for Mark to tell her how he feels then BAM! she dies in a plane crash..? c'mon! you have to make her be in a comma or Merredith halucinating because she hit her head. ANYTHING but her dying!! truly was a terrible decision...

  • Kara - 7 years ago

    I really loved this show with all the medical stuff and drama to make it exciting. But the last season with all the sad and crazy stuff that happens with Meridith and Derek is depressing. Then to top it all of Lexi Grey freakin died!!! I always hoped her and Mark would get back together but instead she freakin dies... WTF!!! I was pissed when George died and now Lexi... Why do they always kill off the good characters. It's really pissing me off and making me not want to watch the show anymore.

  • ex-fan - 7 years ago

    i was already getting tired of the series, but now i'm really done with it. life isn't only about drama, people really get happy indeed

  • ex-fan - 7 years ago

    i was already getting tired of the series, but now i'm really done with it. life isn't only about drama, people really get happy indeed

  • Donna - 8 years ago

    Lexi was the last person I wanted to die. Her character brought life to the show. I think I am done watching the show!!! The original characters are getting boring.

  • cherry2k3 - 8 years ago

    What the hell was that why did you killed lexie MAAANNNN I cried my shit out thats not right i love her character she was one of my favorite just like izzy what the hell????? this sucks bad :( i wished they can bring her back or something or now what she's gonna be a ghost aaaaahh that sucks it should have been with mark been waiting for that moment they were supposed to be together what the hell just happen your making greys anatomy sucks again!!!! you better not killed meredith and christina cuz im not watch this show anymore!!!!

  • jia - 8 years ago

    Im so sad.Out of all the characters,it's Lexie who I love most.She's beautiful & has the right mix of naughty/nice she's the only 1 with a photographic memory.and she's the only 1 who made the elusive Mark want to commit.In my opinion,what sucks is the timing. I do not think lexie was given enough storyline and her relationship with Mark wasn't fully satisfied.If these much has happened then killing her off won't feel like she was taken out of the show prematurely.However, from the writer's point of view,I understand why her character needs to be killed off when there are other candidates we won't be too sappy to say goodbye to.The show needs a showstopping finale.Something that will not only generate a buzz but a wildfire.Like George, she is a well-loved character in the show.Besides that,she's the character from which we won't expect to die because she seems indispensable.Why just not Arizona or Mark or Kepner?It's coz fans won't be crying this hard or be tormented for days if one of them was killed off instead of Lexie.Her character has endeared to fans thus,her death is more poignant. Moreover,the writers needed someone's death to be the catalyst that will define most characters' lives on the show. Besides Derek and Cristina (who obviously can't be killed off) she has the biggest connection to the lead, which is Meredith. She is the love of Mark's life, and was Jackson's love. She is Derek's sister in law and most promising protegeè.She is bestfriends with Alex and Kepner. And one of Bailey's favorite resident. She was mentored by most attending like Richard, Callie, Arizona and Owen. So she's definitely a loss to every characters' lives.Lexie's death will pose the most heart wrenching impact and life altering change for the rest of episodes for the next season. 

  • Brianne - 8 years ago

    The only reason I can watch Grey's Anatomy anymore is because of Lexie. Everyone else is so irritating anymore. I am actually 5 episodes behind and happened to see this article not caring about a spoiler. The show is definitely spoiled now that Lexi won't be in it. Killing her? Harsh! Perhaps Shonda just likes to go after the nice guys? Kill George, kill Lexi, kill Percy and almost kill Shepherd. Who lives? Izzy.

  • Sarah - 8 years ago

    They could of kill someone with a smaller part. I loved lexie and mark together! I cried in that scene wen she died

  • Sandy - 8 years ago


  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    It's hard to admit, but Lexie is dead & there's no way she could've survived her injuries. I, too, was waiting for the happily ever after scenes with Mark and Lexie. I think that's the only reason why I kept watching because Meredith and Derek are already in their happily ever after. But, Lexie was seriously my favorite character and I don't plan to watch Grey's when the new season comes without her. I understand Shonda and Chyler talked this thing out, but from a devoted fan... I expected so much more for Lexie. Killing her off was just such an awful idea, especially after her confession to Mark that she's been clearly holding in all season. And it's sad how she suffered way worse than Meredith. Lexie never got her McSteamy, she saw him have a kid with Callie. Lexie never got through residency cuz of her death, Meredith just passed her boards. I'm just going on and on cuz I'm just so upset about this season finale. I honestly didn't even care for what happened after Lexie died. I wasn't interested in Kepner's situation, didn't care about Bailey's proposal, was sad when Teddy left, but I honestly just watched to see if something with Lexie came back up.

    These past 8 seasons have kept me watching every Thursday nights when it was on. Sorry Grey's, there's just no interest for me to watch you anymore.

  • Michili - 8 years ago

    Who's anatomy will it then be once the new season begins next year????

  • maria - 8 years ago to sign a petition

  • stephany - 8 years ago

    p.s. you couldn't have killed kepner???i want to mute out the tv everytime she comes on! she might be worse than the blonde who hated burke....the one who was callies first girlfriend. she was a terrible, negative character, and i might prefer her back over kepner!

  • stephany - 8 years ago

    i bought all DVDs up to season 6- and i almost didn't by season 6! first they kill off george, than get rid of izzie who was always so sweet and charming to watch and now lexie? i don't care to watch anymore...when i read grey down, i figured they meant meredith and i thought "oh so that's how their dealing with her sudden seasoned look." meredith looks like she could be mcdreamy's mother. she and mark were supposed to finally be together:( i am so disappointed. WHAT HAPPENED TO GREY'S ANATOMY??

  • Angel - 8 years ago

    I can't believe this! I think it's the stupidest move shonda could make! she couldve killed off Izzie but didn't... Instead killed off one of the most loved characters?! Ridiculous!! I hope that this ends up being a dream or something & lexie doesn't die. I've pretty much decided that is the last episode of greys for me! I've got all summer to change my mind, as well as shonda. So sad my greys affair has ended. It's been a great 8 years together but when u take away your loved characters, u take away ur fans

  • Lauren - 8 years ago

    I cant believe it !! I mean i think it is not the way it was supposed to be. Why killing lexie when she told mark she loves him ? I think that if she. Would not have been killed, she could have been something. Just à stupid end. Damit you could have killed kepner ! She does not have any plan anyway.

  • Candace - 8 years ago

    When I watched the season finale at first I was sad and then I was pissed. I cannot believe that lexopedia was killed off she was my favorite character on the show as well. She not only brought the show to life but she also brought allot of comedy and I was extremely happy when she finally told Mark how she felt and just knew in the end that he would pick her cause they were destined to be together. Then the season finale happens and it's like WTF as all the viewers are waiting for Mark to tell Lexie that he picks her they freaking kill her off like what is up with that, her character had so much more potential and could have went far on the show not to mention she is loved by all. So I am joining in the plea to please make this a dream or a nightmare or someone being in a coma and PLEASE PLEASE bring back Lexie Grey the show will never be the same if she is not on it and I can't imagine watching the show if she isn't in it.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    The fact that there has been nothing said from Chyler Leigh makes me question how agreeable she was to the whole thing.

  • Bao92 - 8 years ago

    Please shonda just make it into someone's dream :( don't kill lexie. Her character make the show alive.

  • Janet - 8 years ago

    I am truly saddened the show has taken the turn ... I'll be honest I never watched grey's til a year and a half ago - was switching channels late one night and just happened to catch the season finale of season 5 (when George died) - that episode intrigued me to rent season 6 but mark and lexie is what kept me interested to not only continue watching to date but also to purchase the first five seasons to see how they met. I feel like I won't watch the show either unless this turns out to be someone's nightmare - perhaps mark is in a coma and this nightmare has brought to light his true feelings for lexie since he felt torn between her and Julia ... Just saying ... And keeping my fingers crossed all summer the writers go this route ...

  • rachel - 8 years ago

    I've loved this character from her inception, her story line could go somewhere-straight to Mark! where is that Wedding, buying Derek's dream house etc. I would love to see Meredith waking up from her Nightmare onboard that flight their all on....Come on Shonda, I think you should have another heart to heart with Chyler, get her onboard!

  • callie - 8 years ago

    I agree with 49er girl. & ALL actors who played characters that left or died was solely on them...THEY wanted out! It's not Shonda's fault! I hated the fact it had to be Lexie, but what can a person do if Chyler didn't want be a part of the show anymore. Loved Lexie but seriously, where was she going? What was she doing? Secretly pining for Mark for the last 3 seasons. & in my opinion George or Izzie were not as huge a loss as Lexie!

  • BG - 8 years ago

    I dont know why show creators and networks feel season finales must equal death. When did that trend start? It's gotten old. There are too many season finales where creators 'promise' death - almost as if the audiences want it. We don't. Character deaths should occur naturally and shouldn't jeopardize the show's fan base. Producers have lost sight of who they're creating shows for. It's become more about the creators than the audiences. In any case, I've said it a million times before, Shonda doesn't do 'happy'. No ordinary human could survive what her characters go through. She needs to see a shrink.

  • Mania - 8 years ago

    I totally agree.....what a mistake. What if this is only an hallucination?, Meredith was hurt....her head was bleeding..........I just know this is no going to happen... so sad...

  • 49ergirl - 8 years ago

    Okay let's assume Chyler WANTED to leave (and if the broadway buzz is true she may already be attached to a show) then there's no other way for Lexie to exit. There's NO WAY Lexie leaves. Her sister, her love, her career are all @ Seattle Grace. Let's be true to the character and realize that there's not a plausible reason that she'd leave. She's still in the middle of her residency that's not something you just switch in the middle of 'just cause'

    In the end as much as it makes everyone mad it only makes sense for Lexie to have died.

  • Nada - 8 years ago

    Terrible decision just terrible and stupid. kill anyone but lexie ! what was she thinking doing that ?!!! we were all waiting for her reunion with Mark I am sick of the show what a waste 8 years of my life I've been a dedicated fan and now this comes a strike in the face !! killing George was terrible !! Isaiah leaving !!! Izzie Leaving !!!! and forcing us to have kebner !!! and you kill lexie !!! do anything make her in a comma make her come back anything just don't kill her that's plain stupid !

  • Gen Morrison - 8 years ago

    Big mistake killing a LOVED character. For me this was the last was a series finale for me. Sorry greys but lexie was my favorite...u almost lost me after George...and now u finally have. Been a great 8 years but I am finally done. U should have brought back izzy and killed her. It's been fun, but sadly it is over; my love affair with greys ended when lexie took her last breath! Unforgivable!

  • Ray - 8 years ago

    Shonda has an opportunity to have Lexi survive. Miracles make for a happy story line for a change. The series could use a breath of fresh air amidst all the tragedy. What an opportunity to have Lexi overcome great adversity and return to the surgical suite. After all she was established as having a photographic memory. She could overcome a disability and become a renowned surgeon in some specialty. Possibly getting Derrick to overcome any adversity with his hand injury and make big advancement in altzimer treatment. This could also touch the chief's situation with his wife.

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