Who SHOULD have won "Celebrity Apprentice"?

  • Darren - 8 years ago

    Wow, Sue. My inside sources told me the exact opposite. Never mind your fabrications, the show is over. The winner is a dime deal.

  • salticid - 8 years ago

    Should have been Adam and Penn in finale - and the best of the two should have won. That said, Clay was an extremely poor leader and Arsenio a very fine coattail rider. Clay showed to be a real wuss and a true weasel. And Arsenio is good at kissing butt. Clay has no idea how to delegate and is incredibly prone to hissy fits. Arsenio is indecisive and devoid of original thought. In the end, it is hard to tell who produced a better product - but follow the money and Clay is the man. Even so, my vote is for Arsenio. He did not alienate his teammates and have to scream 'but I am in charge' for results. I am so sick of his little whiny face, he truly repulses me now. He pities those with genetic defects, yet he bullies those with cultural barriers. A truly disgusting hypocrite. Arsenio is a genuinely good guy - and therefore a no-brainer as a personal favorite between the two.

  • Sue - 8 years ago

    Alice, You are right when you say no one could possibly know who should have won except for those who were there. Adam Corolla did a podcast and said that in the final boardroom after the last task in Nov. every person there said Clay should win--even the ones on Arsenio's team. Other cast members have publicly expressed their shock about the results.
    I know people who were at the final party in Nov. They checked out both sides and said Arsenio's was boring (even his people were saying it) and Clay's was so much better. People were leaving Arsenio's side and coming over to Clay's. They felt that the only thing that would prevent a win would be if Clay raised less money. Turns out he raised nearly twice as much.

  • nancy - 8 years ago

    i was wondering if clay could take it all along. i thought trump liked him and said 'you should have been the idol champ' so he would rig things for him. he did keep him around, but then he was a big fan of arsenios old chat show, and the new one is is the works. couple that with a black champ needed, arsenio being a older, wiser, better gamesman who kissed trumps ass, and you have the result. plus, trump HATES rosie o'donnell, a good clay freind, with a purple passion. gays , they made him keep that miss. universe man in the constest, maybe he felt annoyed. oh, and of all the unfair reality shows, which are never 'real', this is the fakest because THE DONALD can just dump and choose whoemever he likes as the final judge, and only. he picked his OLD FRIEND joan rivers. i have never watched the show so mucch as this season, nor will i watch it again.

  • Bonnie - 8 years ago

    I won't mince words either: Arsenio Hall-winner
    Clay Aiken-not.

  • los4121 - 8 years ago

    Clay won this contest hands down. Donald Trump did what he thought would be good for the ratings and everyone knows that. MY FAMILY AND I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN!

  • shelly - 8 years ago

    I love Arsenio Halls performance has a leader and a man. I think Clay is was a awesome team mate however not a great leader. Though Clay raise more than Arsenio, I was impress with Arsenio style of management. It was nice to see the two gentleman work well together and continue the respect and warm thoughout the competition.

    Congrats. Aresenio

  • trish silver - 8 years ago

    I am not going to mince words. Mr. Trump was wrong! Clay Aiken was amazing. He should have won, because he was simply the best. I will never watch the show again.

  • Chuck C. - 8 years ago

    Arsenio & Clay showed two different types of leadership, but nonetheless were leaders. I can't imagine anyone on this forum taking away what both men accomplished. Yes, Arsenio was the choice--maybe not the choice that some people agree with and that's okay. Donald made his selection and Arsenio won and it was deserving for good reasons--great charity, good leadership, passionate in the work and longstanding. Congrats to both!!

  • Star - 8 years ago

    Gay Aiken ......... Ahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Star - 8 years ago

    Big big congrats to ARSENIO HALL !!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clay..... 2nd "AGAIN" !!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaah runner up ........ Opps!!!!!!!!! :D

  • rs - 8 years ago

    There was never any talk about the final task and who did a better job because Clay's charity event was so much better. Arsenio had a cocktail party like any other cocktail party and he didn't even do it--Lisa and Teresa did it ALL. Clay's charity event too tons of planning and work to complete and it was ALL about the Charity (not advancing to a talk show).

    Arsenio should have been grateful to Aubrey because she did all the planning on the first two tasks that Arsenio got credit for. We mostly saw Arsenio standing around in the background, not upfront with any creativity. Arsenio's leadership style was to assign all the tasks then step back and let everyone else do the work. You never know if what you will get is your vision if you lead that way. Clay was the true leader who not only delegated the work, but followed it through and when the going got rough he stepped up and helped out--like painting the mural. That's the sign of a good leader. Arsenio couldn't even get through to his team he did not want a roast--even though he told them no roast he was wimpy and they roasted people anyway.

  • Nancy Azevedo - 8 years ago

    I didn't know much about Clay Akin prior to Celebrity Apprentice, but I will be a life long fan of this very talented and dedicated man. Whether or not being project manager he always put an enormous amount of dedication into every project he was in. I so admire him for the charity he started. Absolutely loved every moment he was on screen and presented himself as such a gentleman as well as a tremendous talent. Clay, you won, you just don't have the title. What was Trump thinking when he did not choose you. It was very evident he favored Arsenio throughout the whole show. Not fair. Arsenio did very well, but he played no where as intense as Clay. Most everyone has some sort of disability and I have such admirable feelings for the strength and tenaciously of the physically handicapped in all they do. Clay brought this out with his charity and I have the utmost respect for all he does to make us aware of the feelings of those who are disabled. His Mom raised a winner. He will be #1 to a lot of us for always.

  • Saul - 8 years ago

    Arsenio was very emotional for his charity--can't knock that. But it sounds like most of the Clay fans are just as emotional. Boohoo ;-)

  • Saul - 8 years ago

    Arsenio was very emotional for his charity--can't knock that. But it sounds like most of the Clay fans are just as emotional. Boohoo ;-)

  • Jake - 8 years ago

    YES Arsenio WON!! He's the BEST!! Trump definitely made the right call & both guys worked really hard for their charities. Can't wait for next season. Congrats Arseniiiiiioooooooo Hall!!!

  • PC - 8 years ago

    Arsenio cries and was totally rude and inappropriate towards Aubrey (and the language!) Clay can control his emotions and is always appropriate. Who should have won? Let's see.......how much money is Trump forcasting on making by declaring Arsenio the winner? Must be anticipating some financial gain cause I can't think why else he would have declared Arsenio the winner over Clay.

  • Alice - 8 years ago

    The "best" or "most deserving" is subjective in this case. It's "reality TV". No one truly knows in this case, except those who were actually there--certainly not anyone listed here. Better luck next show Clay.

  • Dawna Sullivan - 8 years ago

    As in the case of most reality TV shows, the winner is not always the best or deserving person.
    Clay raised more money, created a far more creative party environment and put together
    a better variety show...hands down, Clay should have won. He was decisive, in control and focused. I love Arsenio as a kind-harded soul but he lacked focus, direction and managerial
    skills. Trump loved Arsenio all the way through and championed him from the beginning.
    Such is realty TV life!

  • Jimmy B. - 8 years ago

    I liked both guys. Wish it was a tie. The word I got from a reliable NBC source is that the decision was based on footage we didn't see. The editing crew chose to mislead viewers by emphasizing the Arsenio's PSA drama, while showing Clay as a bit more "smooth
    sailing." In reality (and I don't mean "reality" TV), Aresenio AND Clay were doing amazing jobs at managing and organizing. Trump's decision at the end was meant to be a stunner, although his choice was clear and also informed by his advisers. CP has done this kind of artful editing before and I was left with my jaw dropped. I knew Arsenio had it. He wasn't my 1st choice, but it's growing on me. CONGRATS Arsenio!!

  • skye - 8 years ago

    Lisa was fired for being too emotional, yet Arsenio cried his way through the entire show. Clay disagreed with Dyanna, who it turns out, did not get along with most of the contestants. It gets turned around that he ganged up on her?? That wasn't mentioned by Trump when he made his choice. Come to think of it, he didn't even state WHY he made his choice. Certainly the behavior demonstrated by Arsenio towards Aubrey, no matter how annoying she may have been, was NOT indicative of a good manager. He called her the lowest of low names, he lost control, and he cried about being thrown under the bus. Not very admirable. As a comedian, Arsenio seems like a fun kind of guy, but Clay has the level head and the determination that should have won. As he proved once before, second place can often rise above first. The future will prove it. And - PS - it's a cheesy reality show.

  • sadie - 8 years ago

    I agree with Flo, Arsenio didn't put forth a lot of effort. He always seemed to be in the background. Also, Clay's event was more creative and entertaining. I knew Trump was going to pick Arsenio when all the questions that Trump asked in the board room was toward Arsenio. He didn't even ask Clay's helpers how they felt he did as a leader. I was so disappointed. I'll have to think really hard about watching it next time.

  • weather - 8 years ago

    Clay was the clear winner. It is my opinion with the talk of Arsenio getting a new talk show that Trump gave the win to Arsenio because he can now be on his show and get credit for Arsenio's comeback. This was rigged to me. Clay's production was better, his commercial was better, his leadership was better, his management skills were better. He even reigned in that snotty Debbie Gibson and the narcissistic Aubrey. Trump got rid of Lisa for crying in the board room. I believe I saw Arsenio cry in the board room. I have seen Trump dump candidates for not bringing in donations. Arsenio was the least fund raiser ever. I lost all my respect for Trump on this decision. It was self serving.

  • Tim - 8 years ago

    I really don't understand the fuss. Viewers saw what they saw & Trump (who was privvy to a lot more insight than the most avid viewer) saw what he saw. Arsenio won--good for him. Clay came in 2nd & that's not a bad thing. There's so many more intense issues happening in the world.

  • d.s. - 8 years ago

    Management is how you plan, organize, actuate,and control. Trump said very little about the amount of money that was raised, and the last task that each celebrity had to perform. Although I liked both celebs, I thought that Clay did a superior job on the last task. If that was counted Clay should have won, and Arsenio would have had one loss as project manager.

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    Clay was by far the better player. Totally Unfair!!

  • JC - 8 years ago

    Arsenio is the man that Donald Trump wanted so get over it!! Arsenio did a great job, especially with his video for his charity for Magic Johnson. A classy party he had also! So all of you Clay supporters take the defeat and move on, you don't get your way all of the time!!

  • RM - 8 years ago

    When Arsenio was selected for the final two I knew he would win, as he should not have even been in the final two. Trump has a huge ego and Arsenio has the most connections that Trump would want of the people left at the end. Clay did a far superior job in evey way on the final task.

  • ItsNotReality - 8 years ago

    Looking at the overall management styles, Hall was a superior leader. He successfully managed Aubrey even though she tried to throw him under the bus and take credit for things that were not due to her. Trump is looking at who can be a better leader moving forward and noticed Hall's passive but effective management style where he allowed strong personalities to be creative and guiding them to his direction if they swayed. I saw clay struggle at managing, where he tended to micromanage. Micro managing is needed sometimes when you have weak performers, but it's not effective for managing large multi million dollar projects. I believe this is what Trump is looking for. An effective proven leader.

  • Hannah - 8 years ago

    Of course Clay should have won! Everything he did in the final task was better than what Arsenio did. Clay was robbed.. AGAIN.

  • Flo - 8 years ago

    In my opinion, Clay should have won. He was the best worker and honest about everything. All I ever saw Arsenio do is sit there and let everyone else do all the work. I am convinced that Aubry won the task for him several times.

  • Ryan - 8 years ago

    Simply: I'm glad Arsenio won!

  • Luke G. - 8 years ago

    I agree, Buffy. They both are winners and I support The Don's choice. Glad Arsenio made it, but overall loooove Clay!!

  • Buffy - 8 years ago

    Of course, Trump didn't watch the same show as the viewers because he was actually there. I worked on TV reality shows for 7 years and there's definitely footage that viewers don't see and is used to keep you watching. Much of what is left out shows the real/true side to people. The word I've gotten from those who work on CP is that Arsenio was an amazing project leader, organizer and person. The same goes for Clay. At the end of the day, Trump went with the previous wins of Hall, the overall stats of both contestants and, of course, a little bit of politics--Arsenio is really the bigger star of the two and has a major charity to tie to Trump's name.
    In any event, Arsenio does deserve it AND Clay didn't disappoint anyone, especially his own charity. In my mind, they both are winners despite the viewer vote :)

  • M - 8 years ago

    To Star: How easily you condemn Clay for his mild loss of temper against Dayana, who for the record was kind of trying to tell him how to do what he does best, sing. It's also bizarre to me how easily you forget Arsenio's words about Aubrey, he called her unspeakable names and yet it's Clay you dislike?
    Clay should have won. He was the better candidate. End of story.

  • Star - 8 years ago

    Yessssss!!!!!!!! Arsenio won ........

    I don't like Clay cos he treated Dayana Mendoza so badly..... disrespectful human being.... he also ganged up with Lisa bullying Dayana........ That's why he can't win the Celebrity Apprentice......

    Well done Donald Trump!!!

  • Hedge - 8 years ago

    Equal Opportunity here, that's the reason. Clay was be far the winner, obviously Trump didn't watch the same season as we did. Shame on Trump for falling into that trap - the best should win no matter what!

  • Nancy - 8 years ago

    Clay should have won for every reason "winning" should matter. Professional, respectful, strong and collected more donations! I guess he just didn't kiss Trumps ass enough to win.

  • Marianne - 8 years ago

    Trump made a political decision for himself in selecting Arsenio Hall. I liked both candidates -- but Trump probably figured Hall had more star capital for his interests than Clay Aiken. Shame to put those people through the dog and pony talent shows when the decision was already made. Curious about what went on behind the scenes. Now, Trump can take the credit for whatever Hall does in the future. The public knows Aiken should have won.

  • sonia - 8 years ago

    Did Donald Trump prefer Arsenio's charity? Clay was a take charge kinda guy while I only saw Arsenio sit back and allow everyone else to make the decisions. Clay should have won.

  • Tom - 8 years ago

    I agree Art! I think Clay & Arsenio are really both winners. I'm just glad Aubrey didn't win. Such the wrong person to be representing GLSEN. As a gay man, I was totally offended by many of her comments on the show that came off as homophobic and of a bullying nature. While Arsenio did lose his cool and expressed not the best words (glad he humbly apologized later), Aubrey was grossly unapologetic for the way she treated others on the show. GLSNE should give the money back to O'Day and tell her to use it to buy a mirror and seek counseling.
    So glad Trump picked Arsenio and Clay as the final two!!!

  • Art - 8 years ago

    Trump made the right decision based on his assessment on who he wants to hire. Clay had nearly 2x the $$$$ raised, but the Donald had other criteria by which Clay & Arsenio were to be judged by. The choice does make sense. And, while I don't think Feminist groups will be protesting anything related to the Hall decision (how absurd is that idea) both men are truly winners. Congrats to both Arsenio & Clay for making this season of CA enjoyable to watch.

  • doubleR210 - 8 years ago

    I don't get it .. The Donald has to have had an ulterio motive .. I think it was evident, he was leaning to Arsenio .. well played by Clay but the Trump stacked the cards in favor of Arsenio

  • StirlingLass - 8 years ago

    Not only did Clay win in all three aspects of the final task, but Clay was also professional throughout. I would not be surprised if Women's groups rose up against this decision to hire Arsenio, as a corporation could never hire/keep an employee who spoke about a colleage the way Arsenio verbally attacked Aubrey. I disliked Aubrey a great deal, but it was over the top inappropriate to attack her personally calling her words akin to slut, only worse.

  • bute - 8 years ago

    Clay should have won for the 3 reasons that they were being judged on: money raised, production of event, and PSA. Clay raised more money. His event was more entertaining. His PSA was more creative.

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