If the bank teller made a mistake in your favor would you:

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Posted 7 years.


  • Jew from Brooklyn - 7 years ago

    Bullshit you don't take that. As taxpayers we bailed out the banks (who then paid it forward as bonuses to the people who fucked up everything in the first place) therefore it's our money anyway. so you realize karmas paying you back so you then take that money and buy some drinks for yourself and others.

  • DH - 7 years ago


    Everyone who said, GIVE THE MONEY BACK....
    You are bright, inteligent people, who understand you don't fuck with the white man's cheese or his mufuckin' money. They can and will put yo ass in prison.

    You are right also.
    Keep the money.
    Make up a story.
    Give some to Kevin Hart.
    While you at it, slap the manager on your way out.
    Jump up on the counter and shout out, I'M RICH, BIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!
    You are the man.
    Do yo thang.
    You are so smart.
    HOW CAN I BE DOWN??????

  • Isaiah - 7 years ago

    I'm slightly confused?

  • Dabarberman - 7 years ago

    The people who said return it are lying because if they were that honest they would not have left the counter with the money. If you leave the bank you don't go back and appologize for their incompetence... You can only hope the teller is the only one they pursue.

  • Isaiah - 7 years ago

    Keep the money? Hellll no! I'd return that money back to the white man shuckin and jivin with the softest shoes like the Uncle Tom I should be. You don't fuck with the white man's money and they wimminz. Now I gotta go back to the fields before massa knows i'm gone

  • Dbtrill - 7 years ago

    Man I would've kept that ish and did exactly what he did and filed a report saying I got robbed...but wouldn't it have been funny if he tried to deposit back into the bank...ha

  • Classick - 7 years ago

    If it were any other private sector business, they'd compensate the guy for the inconvenience. I'd return it, but with the caveat that this could have been entrapment of some kind and I should seek some compensation for looking out for the bank. Technically, if he returned it he'd be keeping track of their money, basically doing the job the teller failed to. And don't offer me no fuckin toaster, neither!

  • LDP - 7 years ago

    They track that shit, so give it back and save yourself trouble later on. Not worth jail time that for sure

  • SotaSlim651 - 7 years ago

    Give that ish back, Black people in america aren't spose to get ish accidentaly. 3 yrs ago i got a great discrepancy in my statements...me being influenced by ratchet artists in the rap game, had to go the club.VIP'in it!..4 days laters i had 5 missed calles from the bank...2 weeks later a letter from a lawyer. So yeah dont go dumb with money with the banks TBGWT nation cause "they were never spose give a N***as MOney!!!!

  • Corbin Macklin - 7 years ago

    Niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I voted keep it which really should have been "spend that shit as fast as humanly possible". Even though I know it's wrong. And they will try to act like I owe them once they figure out they fucked up. Which ain't right!!!

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