In what area does Wyandotte County need to improve on the most in order to increase the population?


  • Jeff Bryant - 11 years ago

    In my opinion our city needs to return to teaching our children the soft skills required for job placement. Work ethic, interviewing skills, and general hands-on practical knowledge will lead to a larger "employable worker pool". By creating a larger worker pool, we will solve many of the other problems our city encounters. We will draw in new businesses, which will hire from our worker pool. This will lower unemployment, which will increase tax payments to the city. This will allow the city to lower the property tax portion, because there will be an increase in other tax revenue streams. With a higher employment level, homes will refill, as more businesses move to the area. A city grows or declines by its investment in its children.

  • jeff - 11 years ago

    You are wrong, taxes in Wyandotte County are a joke what about collecting from people who don't pay i pay mine if more people would pay, the County could lower the property taxes and attrack more people.

  • Greg - 11 years ago

    Wyandotte County needs two things-better educational attainment and better public infrastructure-in order to attract a greater population.

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