Best Krizz Kaliko Album

  • Hunter - 4 years ago

    well i picked Genius because i love the song back pack from it but the really song Genius was my favorite song but when i heard that song i have been listening to that song and i am a big Tech N9ne fan favorite song is speedom and that when i heard Krizz kaliko best song ever but there was better by Tech N9ne
    and then i heard Twisted Insane fastest rapper ever and Krizz is very fast.

  • mizz wonder - 9 years ago

    this is probably the hardest poll yet to come. by the way, you left S.I.C. out the poll even though i know it's an EP. kali baby is one of the only ones to come out with cd's that i like and appreciate all of them..

  • Matt Lewis - 9 years ago

    Kickin' and Screamin' ALL the way! The others are still great, but all I've been listening to lately is that. Been a big Tech N9ne fan for a long time, and this is the only thing that can drag me away from his music for a while, haha.

  • tim McCain - 9 years ago

    Genius and Kick'in are by far my favs the only reason i chose Genius is timing. It helped me get true a rough time while Kick'in and Scream'in is like the story that Genius helped me get thru.

  • Keith Stone - 9 years ago

    yeah really difficult for me to choose krizz cuz actually vitiligo wuz my favorite and I wouldve picked that instead but ur newest album has grown on me Tremendously and now this new one is my favorite good shit maine!

  • Tony - 9 years ago

    GENIUS BABY ALL DAY!!! Shock treatment and kickin n screaming are just whatever. I'm still bumpin genius. Shock n kickin went to the cd book never to be heard again.

  • Nate Ray - 9 years ago

    Shock Treatment has such great bass bumping songs.

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