Do you think reparations should be pursued for African Americans?


  • Audrey Ophelia Boyd - 10 years ago

    I don't think that we should "hold our breath". I think that we should start getting the diaspora with one accord preferably with the AU. We need conscious leaders to get us hooked up with our African people. That is the only way we will we achieve sustainability. There can be no compromise or deals on this just total and unadulterated freedom. We really have enough money between us in the diaspora to not have to ask them for a thing, but I guess there is no harm in asking. Just don't forget who you are dealing with.

  • Crystal Bujol - 12 years ago

    I am over 75 years old. A retired pastor of two churches. An Angela Davis disciple from the days of old. A fist-raising community activist during my youth. I have grown tired of being angry and angered by the whole slavery issue and reparations. However, I do appreciate the sane manner in which this article is being presented and the intellectually emotional manner in which the politicians are approaching this issue. I hope to read more about this subject as they are interviewed in the future. Excellent article and excellent presentation of the information. Please keep me informed.

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