Who do you think should get custody of the children?

  • BB - 10 years ago

    This woman should be ashamed of herself, where is her self respect. Get on with your life. And try to be a good mother if that is humanily possible, whatever you put on User is not working anymore, get over it.

  • Destiny - 10 years ago

    Tameka is unfit. I think usher deserves these kids, not only because he's a celebrity and has money but because he is a true FATHER one who cares for his kids and loves them unconditionally all Tameka wants is the MONEY but what she fails to realize is that money doesn't buys HAPPINESS !!

  • Mobedda - 10 years ago

    I'm not understanding Tameka's fight over the children. Did she feel her first husband ( I think first) seem better to leave her first children with? It seems she is going after Usher because he peeped her card and The Tameka performance ended stat and Ms. Thang no longer was Usher's stylist. Via help from his Mom and other vested holders of his career. I know that prenup bit hole into the plan as well! It's obvious Tameka and Usher better pull it together for the sake of the children. REAL TALK.

  • Fancy - 10 years ago

    I hate Usher has to deal with this, and pray he get those boys and raise them. To me Tamika had a plan from the start to try and come up.

  • Delisa - 10 years ago

    She only wants child support. Who says a man cannot party if he's got kids? Did she only see the partying side when hé decided to leave her, she's the one not fit.

  • victoria - 10 years ago

    Tameka left her first husband and children for Usher and I dont feel she should have these two boys after what she did to her first family, what kind of mother leave their children for another man and Lord know what she do next keeping Usher two boys she not fit at all!!!

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