Do you think Zimmerman's case is unraveling?

  • Nicole - 10 years ago

    Bottom line, only 2 people actually know what happened that night, and one of them is dead. Changing witness accounts looks really fishy, but it is understandable. It has been a long time since the actual events and memories just don't hold up very well, especially if you are watching news reports that are re-writing the story for you. I don't agree with people saying that Zimmerman deserves to rot in jail because Trayvon is dead, bottom line, you don't know what happened. And a jury's decision doesn't mean the facts of the case have been brought to light either. Just because someone gives their opinion, does not make it a fact. The fact is, Zimmerman knows the facts, whether or not he is telling them all, we don't know. If you want to pray about something, pray that justice or mercy or whatever, GOD'S WILL be done, not man's.

  • jami - 10 years ago

    He should admit his wrongs and do his time. Trying to hide the 'blood" money tells of his guilt. My he rot in jail.

  • A mother of a 16 and 18 yr old sons - 10 years ago

    If Zimmerman get off and walk away a free man he will be killed in the streets. If Zimmerman is found. Guilty and go to jail he will be killed in jail. Either way justice will be served for Trayvon

  • Wiikola - 10 years ago

    Zimmerman has to be punished.His says it a racist.He has to pay with many years in
    jail.The best thing to him to do is 'kill himself,so that he don't harm anyone more.
    God rest Trayvon soul,he is with God.I pray for the Martin family and Zimmerman family.
    Zimmerman destroy two families.

  • Savanna White - 10 years ago

    hi, you all suck

    Savanna White.


  • Savanna White - 10 years ago


  • Louvenia Hicks - 10 years ago

    George Zimmerman was given over to his own desire and its consequence. George Zimmerman will go to prison, commit suicide or run, he will not escape accountibility.

    The Trayvon Martin shooting was not about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman or gun control. This is about Stand Your Ground law and any law liken unto it, with a focus on BLACK & WHITE (racialism). Trayvon Martin was chosen by Jehovah God. In this outcry, "You are witnessing the invisible Powers! of Jehovah God being revealed world wide by the things made known to man." By faith I will speak them out so law enforcements are without excuses... Jehovah God has rejected "Stand Your Ground/SYG" law, it is an offense. It is written DEU 5:17 "You shall not murder. ROM 13:9 THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Read MATT 5:18 " ...not the smallest letter,not the least stroke of a pin, will by any means disappear from the law ..." Florida (no-one) can change or replace THOU SHALT NOT KILL with Stand Your Ground. The Devil is a lie. That is a man made law that directly violates the Ten Commandments. Surely JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY GOD has a right to reject anyone that rises up against HIM. This outcry is a rejection not anger. To reason, does Stand Your Ground law "protects the innocent or premits murder. Do we not have a legal system where a man defends his actions in a court of law? Here SYG law says a man does not have to avoid or leave a confrontation, but stand his ground, with deadly force(murder), a license to kill. I well know Jehovah God is going to remove this practice. Consider a Ten Link Chain-if you remove one link you have broke the whole chain, the fool had said in his heart "I will take a link off the end" you shorten the whole chain / what I call a " French Fry Deal." because it does not change the look of the chain (it looks right). That is what the Media/News Reporters does with George Zimmerman pictures and police statements. But they (George Zimmerman Supporters) did not know I was packing. Just like George Zimmerman was packing a 9mm. Louvenia Green Hicks is packing the Word/Jesus. Stand Your Ground law and any law liken unto it has to be distroyed or JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY GOD will distroy that law and its legal defense.
    Do not have a working e-mail address.

  • WiseOne60 - 10 years ago

    Just as the above comment, I feel the same way as she does. Zimmerman can rot in *HELL* as far as I'm concerned! he *MURDERED* a child, and now he is trying to *LIE* his way out of going where he belongs. he has always had his daddy the *LYING IDIOT* to get him out of his other *CRIMINAL* actions, but it's not going to work this time! *HE MURDERED A CHILD AND NOW HE HAS THE NERVE TO CRY SELF DEFENSE.* there is *NO* way that this killing was an act of self defense. Zimmerman didn't even have a reason to call LE on this kid in the first place. what ever he gets, he will be deserving of what ever it may be. *REDRUM* Zimmerman!

  • Randy Evans - 10 years ago

    The most reliable witness is witness number 6 who testified that clearly Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and beating him up. Zimmermans shirt had wet grass stains - Trayvon Martin's shirt did no. Zimmerman had a broken nose and lacerations on the back of his skull- Trayvon Martin had no physical injuries on his body or fact. Come on you morons the evidence is clear - self defense - Zimmerman will be acquitted and rightfully so

  • Sandra - 10 years ago

    @ Linda Washington- Actually, you don't know for a fact that he continued to follow Trayvon, the police doesn't even know that. Investigator Gilbreath admitted on the stand that they have no evidence to contradict Zimmerman's version of what happened. Further, a 911 dispatcher is not a police officer and can't give a legal order to a person, and more so, it's not illegal to follow someone.

    A black man would have been arrested on the spot? Really, how do you explain Daniel Adkins, an unarmed, mentally challenged "white Hispanic" (whatever that is) was shot in a Taco Bell drive-thru. Adkins his the car with what police now believes was the dog leash (shooter first claimed it was a metal pipe). Instead of rolling up the window and driving away, he opened fire and killed him on the spot. Shooter has not been arrested. You probably know nothing about this story because the media didn't cover it.

    All in all, your post is not exactly factual.

  • Chizel - 10 years ago

    Idk how a high school football player couldn't run from a grown man double his size and double his age obviously trayvon was the aggressor Zimmerman never had any other altercation with anyone else it's a bs case should be dropped

  • Lee - 10 years ago

    If I were a juror I wouldn't believe a word of these new witness accounts; they are all repeating untruths told by the media about the relative sizes of the two men, or what their own opinion is of Zimmerman's demeanour, or that they couldn't see anything at all because they weren't wearing contact lenses.

    You can't accuse Zimmerman's legal team of initially putting pressure on witnesses since he hadn't been charged at the time - so why are they now suddenly changing their accounts of what happened?

  • dave - 10 years ago

    All of these witnesses will be discredited. The lady said she didn't have her glasses or contacts in. They will throw her testimony out. She isn't a reliable witness. Also changing their story after they had watched the story on T.V....thrown out. Because of some one's tone of voice? That isn't going to hold up. No one knows how someone will react in that situation.
    All 4 of these witnesses testimony will mean nothing.
    As for the comment about getting out of the car....the dispatcher said Zimmerman didn't have to follow the suspect....did not tell him NOT to or forbid him to. No law was broke there.
    If you had read all of the story...a witness, a black witness has said a number of houses were being broke into in the neighborhood by black young men....

  • Linda washington - 10 years ago

    Basically, I feel Zimmerman should be sentenced to life without parole. All I know is that when he was told by the dispatch office to not pursue Trayvon and he did anyway his intent was to harm him because u disobeyed the order. And another thing if it was a black man none of this would be happening because he would have been arrested on site. I pray for the Martin family and may they soon have peace. R.I.P. Trayvon

  • Doris P. Washington - 10 years ago

    The truth is God will take care of this, whats done in the dark will come to light.Story just keep changing and why did Zimmerson hand down like hes superior ordered and why did he refuse to go to the hospital the nite of shooting now he says he was so hurt, too thin and lies are flying and I am marking it our future is dying in the hands of someone who suppose to protect us and then try to cover it up, but God sees all and knows all.

  • R.I.P tray - 10 years ago

    i don't think he should not be burned in hell because two wrongs never make a right. But, he should deffinetly be held with 3,009 years to life. So he dies in jail were he can see the real people who pull things out there pocket. Also he needs to see that just because your black and your reaching in ur pocket doesn't mean there going to shoot you or try and hurt you. Most importantly, Trayvon was not foung with any wepons. So zimmerman get it right, get it tight or dont shoot nobody at all. R.I.P. Tray.

  • Penelope Owens - 10 years ago

    Zimmerman is gonna get exactly what he deserves. I hope he burns in hell

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