Who should win American Idol?

  • ar - 8 years ago

    Philip sucks.. It's a popularity contest not a singing contest..Think about it! voting for worst... We all know that Philip is like a average singer not a peformer. Because he is beautiful and charming, that's the reason why you vote him? for what? I don't know what happen to this show, I will never watch AI.. if they will only support good looking guys.,.

  • froilan - 8 years ago

    it is jessica...it was so obvious.... her voice is flexible...knowing also that she is only 16 years old... anyway que cera cera.... whatever the result will be, jessica is our winner...

  • Keiana - 8 years ago

    Love Jessica because I can listen to any of her song (voice) ANYTIME ! As for Phillip I think all he does is slow down songs and I literraly scrinch everytime it's his turn because I don't want to hear him anymore. Will never buy any of his music even if he sings songs by my favourite artists. Jessica has worked well, vocally. So what if Phillip plays the guitar. I wouldn't mind listening to him at all if he played just the guitrar without hearing his voice. Truth!!!

  • romy - 8 years ago

    JESSICA is so much for philips in the competition. She deserve the title for the 11th seasn of AI. I find the judges too exaggerated to give philips a stading applause. They just show the raise they're rooting for and to motivate viewers that AI is for an american guy. Its quite obvious!!!

  • Gilbert - 8 years ago

    its jessica. but if the prize has a sash, a ceptar and a crown, its PP. AI becomes a beauty pageant show.

  • 4thSax - 8 years ago

    Phillip hardly sang in his last song. I heard a lot of drums and a lot of OOOoooooo's but not very much singing. When those drummers came out, I thought for sure the judges would kill him with their comments. I thought it was very corney! Phillip sounds the same all the time. I liked it at first but now it's dull and boring to me. Jessica has a killer voice and at least tries to mix things up a little. I actually liked her last song. It was a little more contemporary. It wasn't a killer song, but that's not her fault. I wish the two finalists had to sing the same last song. That would make for a much better comparison.

  • angela - 8 years ago

    Phillip should win hands down!!!!!
    Jessica does not sing......she SCREAMS!!!
    She definately has J-Lo on her side...it seems she has taken her under her wing!
    But why??? I don't think it is for her singing ablility!!!!!!
    Next American Idol.......Phillip!!!!

  • John - 8 years ago

    Philip has an interesting sound, the first time you hear it
    after that every song sounds the same, He has indeed
    "Found Himself" and it will be more of the same from
    here on out!
    To those who say Jessica still needs to find Herself, "She's 16 years old!"
    of coarse She's still finding Herself! But Her ability to transform
    Herself each week and bring a unique performance each time
    was Genius! She kept it interesting and showed Her range as an
    artist, She has a unique voice with quality not seen for Decades.
    We are all honored to have had the opportunity to see the early stages
    of Her career and I hope and believe that She will continue to deliver
    a wide range of songs/hits for a very long time! Please take care of
    yourself Jessica, we've lost to many great talents already!
    It should have been Jessica and Josh in the Finale, Phillip has no business
    being there!

  • maryd6xy - 8 years ago

    ill pray 4u jessica 2 win!!!!

  • Quinten - 8 years ago

    Without a doubt, Jessica, Phil can't sing!!

  • Amanda - 8 years ago

    Phillip knows who he is as an artist. What you see is what you get. Jessica {and Joshua} can sing the S**T out of any song yes, but they can't perform. They haven't solidified who they are as an artist...they can just sing, watching them was sometimes boring. Like the judges said a few weeks back....what your seeing on the show is what you'd see at a PP concert....he has talent...he's a musician, song writer and singer....way more talent then Joshua and Jessica have combined. You have to look at the WHOLE package...not just who can sing a pretty song. And Phillips 3rd song last night...proved what kind of concert he can produce and what type of song he can write....it was AMAZING. PP will win tonight! Even if PP comes in 2nd tonight....we all know he will must more successful.

  • Martial Bonifacio - 8 years ago

    The Drums hides PP’s voice so to cover his flaws. And The Original song that was mentioned was ORIGINALLY sang by Greg Holden .. check youtube. Greg Holden Home.. AI and the Judges knew about this that is why they can not comment directly that it is a PP Original made for PP. There should be a disqualification there already.. or should i say a rigged!.. if PP wins kiss AI goodbye to THE VOICE! and they should change the shows title to AMERICAN MALE BEAUTY IDOL! it should be a Talent Show and not a Beauty pageant contestt!…

  • amazing - 8 years ago

    Many idolizes Jessica Sanchez and I think thats what American Idol is all about. She has the potential. Who know? She might write new songs if she is old enough.

  • ginger - 8 years ago

    jessica should win. pp cant sing like jessica and joshua ledet. we love you jessica .... we support you...

  • Venus - 8 years ago

    I enjoy Phillip, but it all sounds the same. There was only one performance that was different, and the song was picked for him.
    He may have a different voice, but who has the best voice.
    It is a singing contest. Come on Randy, give it a break!

  • Rick - 8 years ago

    Jessica should win idol hands down, very strong voice and can sing, Phillip seem to struggle to Carry a note and seem to be in pain, Josh should of been in the final 2, Phillip has no business to be in the final 2. if America vote for talent and voice than Jessica should win

  • cyndi - 8 years ago

    Obviously the writer really wants PP to win but just to remind you this is a singing competition and last night Jessica did an Amazing Job compare to PP (don't get me wrong i love PP) it's just that we all know that Jessica derves to win :) #JessicaForTheWin

    note: based on my research "home" sang by PP is not an original song , it was originated by not so popular band in the US

  • Jade - 8 years ago

    Personally I think Phillip should win because that song "Home" he sang sounded exactly like the music I love and I think he's more of a true artist. I'm not even sure Jessica has ever written a song. And I find her voice too deep when she sings for my likings. Plus I do not like the style of music she sings. So In my opinion I think Phillip should win, but I think he'd be better off not winning since he could probably do whatever music he wants without the instruction of others. But then again maybe that'd be good for him. I have love Phillip the entire season, so Team Phillip!

  • edwin ventura - 8 years ago

    jessica wins...its a voice contest everybody knows she got it...then whoelse....

  • tay - 8 years ago

    i soo think phillip should win!!! he can sing (: i love phillip phillip!!

  • Liz - 8 years ago

    Phillip Phillips should win hands down. Although i agree Jessica is good, and judges save her, he is just original. HE is truly AMAZING and IRREPLACEABLE.

  • Karl - 8 years ago

    I know jessica sanchez have won yes yahooo

  • karen - 8 years ago

    P2 should win. He is an amazing singer , performer, artist, and he is original.

  • Lymay - 8 years ago

    Best of luck to both of you... Though I'll go for Jessica for an outstanding voice with feelings. Just my opinion!

  • Trish - 8 years ago

    Phillip should win just like jo said above...Jessica can sing no denying that but i couldnt see me singing her song that she sang in finale...just saying

  • Can philip sing higherand hold a longer note ? - 8 years ago

    Phiplip should have kicked out from the top 7. How could you come
    Are Jessica and Josh to Phillip. Honestly, if the judges are not paid a lot to say nice things, I bet they won't pick Phillip. Who would buy his boring song? Every songs that he sang are so boring. How can u sing Stand by me with his weak voice? What a joke. I will not watch American's idol again if he won.

  • jo - 8 years ago

    I think Philip should win, he is an amazing signer. Jessica's vibrato is just to much for me. I can't see myself signing in my car and having fun with of her songs. Just sayin!

  • TheGuyJames - 8 years ago

    You're right Annie. For Philip, i dont know . You dont have any talent like Jessica's. She is the best! She should win.

  • Annie - 8 years ago

    Jessica should win. PERIOD. She has this amazing voice and she can sing ANY SONG. Best Luck Jessica, we'll be praying for you. WE LAV YA!

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