Do you think Dr. Alveda King should stop using her name to back her viewpoints?
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  • Wardell Mayfield - 8 years ago

    When you ignore and shun the God of Rev Martin Luther King Sr and Jr you destroy everything they stand for. Who do you think they were living their life for? Who did Rev King Sr and Jr pray to every single night to get vision and focus from? Who did they go to for strength? The further away you push the God of the King's away the less you will under about these Men and Women of God. Are you that blind? Shame on those of you who have forgotten and don't read/listen to their sermons out of fear. King represents a generation whose activism was rooted in an understanding of God's intention for humanity. I find it highly interesting that the homosexual community - number one hijackers of the King legacy - are crying heresy at the fact that Christian leaders are invoking his name when King was in fact one of the Greatest Christian Leaders.

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