What sports would you add back to the Olympics?

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  • Scott Farrell - 11 years ago

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I must look at this question through the lens of TV viewership, since the Olympics I've watched ever since 1976 have been pretty much made-for-TV events. Which sports I'd like to see added back is actually asking me which sports would I like to watch on TV.
    To take the options one-by-one, water skiing would be cool to see, but I'm not sure how many other nations take part in it (I'm sure I'd be surprised). Do Egyptians ski behind power boats up and down the Nile? Water skiing would take on an X-Games component, and thus, it doesn't get my vote because I will have the opportunity to one day see water skiing's best through other channels. It would be cool to watch the world's best on the water, just like I'm continually amazed at the X Games when the guys do flip in the air on motorcycles.
    Tug of War got my vote because it's the easiest, and the most level playing field among the nations. Get your 10 biggest or strongest guys, and I'll get mine, get a rope and let's get it on. I'm sure you remember the old TV show "The Superstars." Two things I loved to watch - the obstacle course, and the tug of war. And, I think it would translate well to TV and wouldn't take forever to complete. You could have a solo event, 3-man, and 10-man. Technology wouldn't favor anyone except for strength training.
    Croquet? I can't see that translating to TV very well. Can you imagine being the color commentator on a croquet match? I'm sure I would be entertained watching and appreciating some sort of trick shots the players had, much like you see in televised billiards, but I doubt I'd go back for the medal rounds to watch croquet over and over - give me the highlights that night and I'd be satisfied.
    Dueling Pistols? Wow - how did they ever pull that off? I'm thinking the Highlander movie - "There can be only one" gold medal winner if you're shooting is good. The silver medal is awarded posthumously.
    Good question.

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