Who had the better diss track, Lil Wayne or Pusha T?

  • CokeBoyzNigga - 9 years ago

    Jus wanna say, lil Wayne is garbage , a fake blood and a fuckin pussy who tried to act tough on Twitter but yet , he tried to suck pushas Dick in 09. Niggas at ymcm betta chill before shit gets real and them hood niggas start showing up at there doorstep boy. It's crazy how when niggas call out lil Wayne he starts actin like a biatch and get his punk ass friends to diss pusha when he already finished them in exodus. Ghoulish was fuckin garbage .

  • H-MERCY - 10 years ago

    Pusha t bitch u'l nevr evr b de best lyk lil'wayne,d0n ply Y.M.C.M.B muthr fuckr,it rich 4evr,it wil run diz game til hip dont h0p,jus check on urslf....wt u thnk hu u a?jus shut ya fuckn big mouth of urz b4 u go in ya daddy's dick!fuck u til u die

  • NESQUICK - 10 years ago

    Jus wna sai fuck pusha t,nigga stp plyn wit weezy cuz he nat wit dat bulsht u d0in,u such an idiot u'a muthr fuckn glaim nigga,u'a ugly darkly d0vey bitch ass niggar,if i wr u i'l piz off ma dick cuz u aint knw de use of it,u jus use it 2 urinate 4sur nw u'a mastr of mustrbation,fuck pusha t nd hu luv him,u'a rhymz are lame nd u'a waqc

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