For the ladies: Do you consider emotional affairs to be cheating?
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  • Amber Renee - 10 years ago

    1.Have you ever had an emotional affair?
    --- Yes
    2.If you have:
    1.How did you feel about it? Okay? Guilty? Turned on?
    --- In the beginning I was okay with it, but as time went on I felt guilty and realized what I was doing was very wrong. At that time I realized I needed to reevaluate my marriage.
    2.Did it affect your life with your significant other? If so, how?
    --- Yes, it brought me to the point of reevaluating our marriage and my happiness and in the end I ending up leaving him. Not for the person I had an emotional affair with, I ended that once I realized what I was doing.
    3.Did you tell your significant other about it? If so, what happened?
    ---No, I decided since I was leaving him regardless that there was no sense in possibly hurting him any more.
    4.Would you do it again?
    ---No, if I get to the point of wanting too I know it's time to reevaluate.
    3.Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner had an emotional affair?
    --- Luckily not.
    4.If so:
    1.How did you find out about it?
    2.How did you react?
    3.How did it affect your relationship and your ability to trust?
    5.Do you think emotional affairs are worse/better than physical affairs? Why? Why not?
    ---I would rather my partner have a physical affair with no emotional ties than an emotional affair. With an emotional affair there is so much more that goes into it and you lose that connection with your partner. Without that what else is there?

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