Do you think Justin Bieber should be charged?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Russian - 7 years ago

    I feel he should be charged, which at the time of this posting, he has been charged, so too bad your "God" has been touched by the law. I'm sick of people treating Justin like Jesus, its really sickening and it needs to stop, the pap was not blocking him, that fact is fabricated, paparrazi have a code and a plan when they get their photos, so sorry Justin is guilty for being a child and starting a fight that selena was forced to bust him out of. Justin is a skidmark on the pants of music, an eye-soar, and a tumor in the ear, that needs to be surgically removed. Seriously Justin if you ever see this, do yourself, Ms. Gomez, and all your brainwashed patrons a favor, go to canada, go to the base of a mountain, sing and start an avalanche, and wait for the ice to work you over and if we're lucky, you won't thaw out in 30 years or so.

  • Tanesha - 7 years ago

    Im sick of everything going on. He should go to jail! Celebrities SHOULD be treated the same IF NOT MORE as everyone else. So many people look up to celebrities and try to mimic or impress them and watch EVERYTHING they do. He should be charged because what he did was way out of line and should not be left unpunished!

  • Jo-Jo - 7 years ago

    I don't think Justin should be charged because obviously the pap was blocking his car and like most of you said they can't sit there forever. One of the witnesses said that she saw no punches thrown so most likely he's inoccent. I love Justin and will always have his back!

  • Sam - 7 years ago

    I think that he shoudn't be arrested because the pap was in his way he kindly asked him to move and stop taking pictures and he didn't. Justin wasn't wrong for doing this i would have did the same thing.

  • Tito - 7 years ago

    Justin shouldn't be charged. A "pap" was blocking the way. That must have put him in a bad mood dealing with this almost every single day. And plus, that guy shouldn't have been standing in front of his car. It's not like Justin and Selena could stay there the wholeeee time while him and the rest of the "paps" take pictures and stuff? At least go on the side or something. Not in FRONT of the car. Kay? Kay bye. --Tito out. ( ̄▽ ̄)

  • Mikayle - 7 years ago

    I think he shouldn't be charged. It's not his fault. The paparazi shouldn't've been blocking his car!!!!!!!!!! He so shouldn't get charged! D:

  • alexis,autumn,amber - 7 years ago

    Justin should not get charge for something that pap had strated they should have know better then to block Justin in were he could not go no were thats was the pap falut cuz no one likes to b blocked in in if you were planning to take pics you should have packed some were else

  • Tiffy - 7 years ago

    John... F U

  • Tiffany - 7 years ago

    Justin shouldn't be charged. I'm sure even. Non celebrity would not be happy with someone standing right by the door of the car. So to everyone saying yes... F**** You. Leave Justin alone. You can still take pictures. But give them a little space.

  • John - 7 years ago

    I think he should be charged because even though the "paps" we're blocking his car he still didn't have the right to basically start a fight with a guy. I'm so sick of these celeberties not getting justice because they are celebrities. And reading this and seeing yalls comments are sickening. Y'all need to take a step back and put this in real life purspective. If you are at a grocery store and there is someone in front of you in the middle of the aisle and there's no other way to get out, is it ok to start a fight with the individual,? No it's not! I know I went down a rabbit trail but this story and comments reall bug the HELL out of me.

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    Justin shouldn't be charged because that paparazzi was blocking his way.he and selena couldn't have been there all day

  • missy karras - 7 years ago

    Justin shouldn't b charged b cause the guy had there car blocked. How were they suppost to leave and what selena and Justin get in the car. They deff b locked in the car and they b snapping away on the outside. Justin is better then me i
    I would of beat the day lights out of the guy myself

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    I think that da pap need to back off and don't get in celebrities way or cars in this case and he should not be charged because dat paparazzi should not have tried taking pictures this iz just like the Mariah yeater case anyway he should have known better and he should not be charged

  • Meessa - 7 years ago

    I think the pap take things too far anymore and need to give celebs space and should NOT block their way or get in their face or invade their personal space-it's sad that they can't be nice and have courtesy-as I'm sure Selena and Justin wouldn't have minded a pic if the pap did it the right way. I also think sometimes the pap provoke the actors/actresses into provocations-it makes for a better story....

  • Sandy - 7 years ago

    I say good for Justin.. If people r out getting pics they should know to NOT be n front of car. At first I was not a Justin fan until I seem him on Ellen and realized what all he does for charities.

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