Do LCBO marketing inserts affect your wine purchases?

  • Michael Godel - 10 years ago


    Thanks for your comments. Today I am on a certain side of the fence and your words make me consider coming all the way over to the other side...but...

    We have indeed acheived a higher level of civility but how has the LCBO not played a role in this?

    I wholeheartedly agree that privatization is inevitable and necessary, just not quite yet. Licensed stores can collect the tax but prices will likely rise and a good argument can be made that selection in Alberta is no greater than in Ontario.

    The social responsibility discussion is like lifting a dead bale. It's a non-starter. My brain hursts to dwell on LCBO rhetoric like this.

    We are a young industry as far as wine is concerned. I believe there is still much to learn about buying power and creating infrastructure before we are ready for privatization. Not to mention the laws and practices that need serious reform with respect to Ontario wines, especially the governance of VQA.



  • Ken Burford - 10 years ago


    It is time for the LCBO to go. They have outlived their useful life. We don't need that type of control and interference in the alcohol beverages market in Ontario any more. They may not have noticed. But, we have acheived a higher level of civility since prohibition.

    Create licensed stores just like restaurants are licensed and still collect the tax.

    Also, it is time that each and every person takes over there own social responsibility. How can the LCBO be responsible for me? Only I can do that!!

    Many other countries have nothing similar to the LCBO and they manage to survive.

    And, while your at it, free up the sales of Ontario wine in this province and across the country. The industry is stifled. It's not likely to make any further headway re market share in the province or country unless more outlets are created for them to sell their product.


    Ken Burford

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