Should MSNBC fire Chris Hayes for his Memorial Day comments? (Poll Closed)

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  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Yes fire his a$$. He only apologized because people complained. He tried to force his political views in the typical spin not caring about his country or anyone that doesn't have the same views as him. Them he made sure to spew it all over the "news" if that is what you call MSNBC, in his unpatriotic hope of furthering the Liberal agenda.

  • Joel - 9 years ago

    Late Chiming in as I came to this article from a more recent article illustrating Chris Hayes' utter uselessness....

    As a Libertarian and veteran, I agree that Hayes should not be fired for giving his opinion, even though I disagree with him (he's an idiot). However, Chris Hayes SHOULD be fired because no one watches his show. Consistent failure used to get people fired from their jobs.

    On the other hand, no one really watches MSNBC at all, so perhaps he is one of the more successful commentators they have. Thus, he is, in their terms, a success. Which means that those running the network should be fired. Not that I care.. but I would if I owned a stake in the company.

  • Jakercat - 9 years ago

    As much as I find what he said reprehensible, our hero's fought for his freedom to be the idiot he is speak freely. God bless our service members for fighting for my freedom. My way of fighting this kind of crap is by not watching him.

  • Ken - 9 years ago

    It is important that we recognize and support people in the media to have opinions and to have the freedom to voice them, even if they represent views contrary to our own. Otherwise, when we voice opinions, we will be silenced.

  • Disgusted Voter - 9 years ago

    This disgusting metrosexual coward should be fired! Others have been fired for less. What he said was inexcusable and that he said it one day before Memorial Day makes it ten times worse.

  • Ted - 9 years ago

    I don't have a clue who this guy is before yesterday. However, this is another reason not to watch MSNBC. This guy knew what he was doing, trying to increase his piss poor ratings and I will not add to his.

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