What is your favourite brand of Foundation?


  • Erica - 11 years ago

    Hey Angela.
    I'm not a huge fan of MAC foundations at all either; I do though like the face and body one as it is water based and does not clog your pores (at least in my experience with it. That being said it is the only foundation I use. As for cover effects I do use their blot/setting powders from time to time. I have heard of Arbonne a few times it is something i have yet to try so it is good to hear another positive comment about them!

  • Angela - 11 years ago

    I used to to MAC and then switched to Cover FX when I was taking my make up school courses. I loved MAC but didn't realize they they were NOT non-comedogenic and after learning about skin and the good and the bad of skin products/foundation it totally turned me off. I stopped using them and now use Arbonne. They are non-comedogenic, don't test on animals and all around a very healthy skin product.

  • Erica - 11 years ago

    Hey guys once you vote please write a comment and tell me exactly what foundation it is that you prefer.
    And Face and Body is a great foundation nice and light!!!

  • Sarah - 11 years ago

    MAC Face and Body : )

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