Did Cops Really Need To Shoot Miami Cannibal?

Posted 7 years.


  • Brittany - 7 years ago

    He should of been killed!!

  • jack - 7 years ago

    okay lets be for real people. anyone on the fence is an ignorant fuck. end of story. what was done is completely justified. they saved the mans life. if deadly force was not used the man could have bitten a vital area killing the victim. anyone in their right mind that approaches a situation in which a man is eating another mans face and asks questions and then acts shouldnt be a member of law enforcement. police are well trained to handle all types of situations but please, i know they havent been trained to handle someone eating another human beings face. open your fucking eyes and lets really see what we are dealing with. Another dirty scumbag is off the streets now. so anyone on the fence, go get your fucking face chewed off. the use of deadly force is completely justified.

  • ALBO420 - 7 years ago

    Hmmm, Unarmed and Naked?? What did the Cops think he had a GUN UP HIS ASS?? Police use TOO much Excessive Force ALREADY!! To KILL another ..almost Human??....I believe they COULD have used a Barrage of NON LETHAL Weapons, which are VERY effective..Trust me, I know from MY experiences in this "POLICE STATE" We Live In!!! My BIGGEST concern is that they could ALSO have Killed the VICTIM in that kind of manner!! BULLETS go through HUMAN BEINGS,...what if "one" Hit RONALD POPPO??? ....THINK ABOUT IT!!

  • B K - 7 years ago

    If you believe that the cops were the slightest bit wrong for shooting this fucking animal, then I really wish it was you lying in that hospital with your face chewed off. Maybe then you would get the light bulb and see what a fucking idiot you are. Personally, I think you seriously need to consider getting some psychological help, because there has got to be something wrong with the way your mind works. I came upon an accident once and I saw a guy burn up in a truck with nothing I could do to help him. That image was sobering. Maybe you should take a look at this guy's face, you piece of shit.

  • victoria Sanchez - 7 years ago

    Me & my friends are High Schoolers & Hell na you think i want that Niggar coming over here & eating our faces off. FUCK NA.
    They should should keep Weed for getting high , Why try something different if you love what your doing .

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  • Joe Somebody - 7 years ago

    In response to Angry American... proper gun training = no warning shots and no shooting to wound. If use of deadly force is justified, you must shoot to kill.

  • laura - 7 years ago

    I think the officer did the right thing. Most people would have shot him. The man having his face eaten was at serious risk. He could have been killed at any second, bite to the jugaler vein who knows. If you saw that shit youd shoot the man. I know i would. I think biting part of someones ear off and completely eating someones face is a bit different. If you were eating someones face off id shoot you ina heartbeat.

  • Bonnie - 7 years ago

    First of all, if I see a deranged murderer-to-be standing up from a inert bloody body, I would not hesitant to shoot to kill. Obviously, this is a sign of a not- normal person and you have to deal with it, in a split second decision. Someone said the police should have tazed Rudy. What if he tazed him and the crazed man kept coming? It shouldn't have taken about a few seconds to jump over the barrier and sink his teeth in the policeman's neck. Whom I might add, WAS by himself for a few minutes, if you've seen the vidio.) Frankly, he would have had to catch me first if I had been the policeman, but.. as a former EMT in the Rescue Service, we were taught that our safety comes first. Blood dripping and human flesh hanging out of a person's mouth as they were growling, is a sign of .. shoot to kill before being killed.

  • Zombie Expert - 7 years ago

    I would have shot them BOTH! Everyone knows that if you're bitten by a zombie you become a zombie unless you get a bullet in the HEAD!

  • Aaas - 7 years ago

    I'd shoot him in a heartbeat.
    Like really! If you think it was wrong to shoot him, you are mentally retarted.

  • Angry American - 7 years ago

    How would I react to the cannibal if I had a gun? I would fire a warning shot at the ground next to him first and order him to stop and lay down on the ground. Then if he didn't snap out of his drug-induced craze and comply with orders I would shoot him in the leg. If he still didn't stop I would then shoot him center mass. Apparently this didn't work immediately to subdue the assailant so I would shoot him center mass again. This is basically what the officers did but I think they skipped the few preceding steps I have aforementioned. Either way they did their job and this psychopath is no longer a threat to anyone. Case closed.

  • Carlos - 7 years ago

    If they would have let that fucking nigger live, he would be back out on the streets in a couple of years... And probably eat someone elses face... Then what huh? Justice for trayvon my ass!!!!

  • Katie - 7 years ago

    Damn right shoot him and make sure he's dead ! Would anyone really feel safe knowing this psychopath was free to run the streets ?!

  • Kate - 7 years ago

    How is this even up for debate? He was eating a man's face, stopped for all of 3 seconds and people are saying that since he wasn't "actively" attacking the man when he was shot means he shouldn't have been killed? Clearly he didn't respond well to the officer's commands telling him to stop, if I was faced with someone with human flesh hanging out of their mouth while growling at me (which I would take as a threat in this circumstance just as much as I would if he charged at me), I would fucking shoot him too. The officer's first bullet didn't even phase him, so at that point I would keep it going until I was sure he was stopped.

  • Charles - 7 years ago

    It's people like you that will not survive should anything actually happen, in the eye of the cop I fully understand, if it was my face, all I would be thinking is Someone shoot this man, the cop aproached the scene of something unheard of, this man was in the act and refusing to back down, he was not unarmed, he was using his mouth as a weapon, because of military training if a marine gets into a fight and kills someone with his bare hands he is subject to as assult of a deadly weapon because of his training, it's not unfair... it is justice. There is truly no hope for simple minded people that think with their head up their ass, alas your face might be safe there

  • Jake R. - 7 years ago

    Let me preface this by saying, while I am no Law Enforcement Officer, I do live in an area where calling 9-1-1 is followed by at least half an hour, if not more, of silence and waiting, and have dealt with my fair share of life and death situations (angry bears, coyotes, and one rabies-infected raccoon).

    First, remember, this officer stops on the side of the road, and orders the man to stop. Then, the man (Rudy) turns around, and starts snarling and growling at the officer, with not just blood, but flesh hanging out of his mouth. Would you sit there, with this situation facing you, and do nothing? The officer had no idea the guy was just on a bad drug trip, or if this guy had some sort of serious infectious disease (rabies maybe?) All he knew was he had to protect the citizens and stop this guy before he did any further harm, and was probably dealing with quite a bit of surprise at the situation (even my cousin, a hardened Marine Sniper, would probably do a double-take if he saw this, and no training anyone goes through can, well, prepare you for seeing THAT). So he did so; shot the attacker, not only to protect the victim, but also to protect himself, and others. Even a 9mm round, when fired from a low-powered gun like a pistol, will not kill a human on impact; don't believe the movies where they bad guy flies backwards immediately upon being shot. If he had waited, the attacker (Rudy) could easily have gotten to him and bitten him, possibly disarming him, or even taking his service weapon. Tasers also have been known to have limited effect on those under the influence of drugs, or high on adrenaline (you'd be surprised what your body is capable of when the adrenaline hits you). Ever seen TruTV? There's at least one person every 3-4 episodes, who takes a couple hits from a taser and keeps going.

    Although there is some question as to the other high-profile shooting case in Florida, I believe the officer in this case responded correctly to what is, well, an unusual sight for anyone to see. If anyone needs questioning, it is the people who drove by, slowed, and saw what was happening, yet drove on by without even trying to report what they saw.

    As far as touching the dead man (Rudy), the police do not always have gloves, and had no idea what kind of infection, disease, drug, mental illness, etc. they were dealing with; just like how, other than some speculation as to possible drugs, we really don't know what Rudy was on even now (and hindsight is always 20/20).

    I am all for them shooting him, and if I drove by, I would pick out my .22 LR, .30-06, or .45 colt revolver, and would have done the same thing they officers did. And for going up to him and trying to stop him up close ... SERIOUSLY, he's EATING ANOTHER PERSON.

  • Juan Alvarado - 7 years ago

    Hmm, where to begin. Cops are people, lets start there. Cops get all kinds of training to deal with all kinds of situations. At the end of the day, they go home and live with their family, read a book, play video games or whatever else people do to unwind. Like many people, it could be that these men had a horrifying fear of zombies and seeing one in the flesh would scare man people. I do not believe their training covers Zombies, men acting like zombies or any such. Yes, he was alive and not undead. Yes, he is more a cannibal than a zombie but when you hear hoofbeats, you think horses, not zebras because horses are more common.

    Before you tell me about zombies being 'rare' remember that these are people, that they can be afraid. If I saw a man with a burned face, clawed hand wearing a striped shirt slice into another man, I would be scared witless. I wouldn't think that Freddie is imaginary, I would flip out, he scares me, plain and simple. Fear is a powerful motivator. What do you do to zombies? You shoot them, not taze them. I am glad these cops did not do the headshot, though they did do the doubletap.

  • blc58 - 7 years ago

    Why are people being so venomous in their comments here?? Is it really important that you bash other people and their views rather than strictly giving your own? I'm all about free speech, but people are such bastards to each other. It makes sense to say what you think and agree or disagree, but don't be a dick about it. You don't need to insult other people personally to get your point across.

    As for me, I guess I am still a bit on the fence. I can't say what I would have done if I had been the one witnessing the act. Honestly, I would have been terrified and some self-soiling would most likely have ensued. If I had a gun, which I never will, who's to say that I wouldn't have shot the guy? It's a definite freak-out scenario. BUT, that is only assuming that I were the one on the scene reacting. Here we have trained law enforcement officers who have the means to handle the situation in a number of ways. They do have tazers and they do have physical training that would be beneficial in dealing with a drugged out lunatic. There were also many police officers and one "cannibal." Doing the math here, it just doesn't make sense that the officers could not have even attempted to diffuse the situation in another way.

    Even if this drug does what people say it does, and increases the aggression and strength of the person taking it, one naked and deranged man does not spell imminent danger for these armed policemen. I hold it to our law enforcement to make their decisions and do what is right by the law in order to keep us safe, but this was an unarmed man. He had recently become homeless and was most likely out of his gourd on drugs. THAT does not make him a cannibal, that makes him not of his right mind.. severely. Obviously I would want someone to come to mine or my loved ones' rescue if we had been the ones attacked.. I just don't think that any more or less damage would have been done to the victim if police had subdued him with tazer guns rather than shooting him to death. Now we won't get all of the details and know what was really wrong with the attacker. We will be happy to call him a "cannibal" and argue for gun-toting rights. Bring on that zombie apocalypse!

  • meg - 7 years ago

    anyone who thinks it was wrong to shoot this guy is a moron. imagine if it was your son, your dad, your brother, who ever, getting there face chewed off. Would you want the officer to stand there and assess the situation??? Or say if you had walked up to a wall and looked over and saw this, two naked guys, one being literally eaten... what would your first reaction be?? and sure you can say cops are trained to make quick decisions but i highly doubt they were trained in cannibals 101... come on.. this kind of stuff does not happen enough to where you would have an idea of your reaction. -- aww poor little cannibal just hungy!!--

  • efra - 7 years ago

    All I have to say for jdohe is... put yourself in the victims shoes, now tell me if you'd be so sympathetic for the CANNIBAL, then put yourself in the police officers shoes and tell me if you would try to neutralize the subject after seeing him eat another man's face...oh but you want the cops to do that... stop with your ignorance because you have know idea what it takes to make the decision to take someone else's life in a situation under those circumstances let alone having to deal with his decision psychologically for the rest of his life

  • jondoe - 7 years ago

    JDOHE... Knowing more?????? That officer did what he was trained to do. There is no way in any way shape of form that the officer did anything wrong. In fact, even if a citizen was walking by. A citizen has a right to stop that with a gun. What kind of moron idiot are you??? I myself would of shot that cannibal if I was walking by. Good luck taking guns away from citizens now you dumb assed fool. But, if it was you as a OVER TAKEN, DEFENSELESS, homeless man getting your face ripped off by some cannibal. Your thought would be.... Shoot him. Your no different than the idiot narcissists that are minimizing Trayvon Martins actions. What if this cannibal racially profiled this homeless man? This state of Florida like many others is a "STAND YOUR GROUND" state. Not like the monetary lawyer legal system games that majority of the northern states have become because of some bureaucratic tyrant scum selling out its citizens to control them. Even if you deliberately tried punching me. I would shoot you. Let alone bite me just once... You don't minimize actions like this. If that defenseless man had a gun. He'd have his face!!!!!!! It's people like you that make ridiculous insinuations because you were coddled too long in life. You don't have a realistic perception of REAL life. You don't harm another person. You don't even touch them.. You don't rip away and dissect the defenses of a citizen whose face has been ripped off... Its people like you that WILL AND ARE bringing this country to its knees. What are you going to say when we are at war with each other here in America? It's not going to be like the 1860's if it comes to it.

  • Taylor - 7 years ago

    Okay, firstly, the guy was eating another guys face... potentially killing him... I think the officer has as much right to shoot the guy as the guy on the ground...

    Secondly, they will be milling about for the exact reason you didn't want them to shoot... they didn't want to shoot! you are saying that they should have not shot, and done somthing else, which in turn would have meant they could have done nothing. By going over to the victim they would have been putting their own lives at risk, which is not their job!

    Thirdly, the reason there isn't an ambulance is that the police were flagged down by a man named 'Vega' so they would have been there way before ambulances would have been called.

    I will agree on one thing... it was stupid to reaveal the drug, however they do use it's 'Street' name, so hopfully no one will find out how to get it easily.

    Unless we were watching different videos, I saw the victim fully clothed, and the attacked naked, which makes that point invalid.

  • Zombie - 7 years ago

    jdohe. I would love to hear what you think the officer SHOULD have done. Regardless, your Monday Morning Quarterbacking is useless because you have no idea how you would have responded under similar circumstances as much as you might think you may. You condemn their fatal use of force but offer no alternatives. He was violently mauling another human being. He did not respond to verbal commands. TAZER is ineffective at best against those heavily under the influence and a hand to hand situation is not going to happen considering the circumstances.

    Paramedics and ambulances don't magically appear, especially in Miami, it takes time. In fact response time can be up to 20 minutes in some areas. Moving the DEAD man would have been pretty pointless considering he was dead, what's the point of pulling him away, exactly? Police are not trained to give medical assistance either other than basic first aid which this man was WAY past and their interference may have been detrimental and then you'd be on here complaining about police giving the wrong medical attention.

    And to your comment about a boxer biting someone's ear off... this attack was significantly more vicious and the circumstances were clearly different. Don't compare apples and oranges to try to make a point (an inaccurate point at that).

  • jdohe - 7 years ago

    Although this looks 100% horrific, the police had no business shooting this guy fatally UNLESS the guy charged at the officer. The circumstances of this act have still not been revealed, but the officer should not have made a snap fatal decision without knowing more.
    Keep in mind that a certain professional heavyweight boxing champion once bit the ear off his opponent in front of millions of people, in the middle of the ring, on live TV!

    I see about a dozen police milling about in this video, pretty much just standing there doing nothing (which is what police are best at). Where are the paramedics? Where's an ambulance? Why don't the cops offer any assistance to the injured man? Why don't the cops pull the attacker away from the injured man? They were more interested in preserving the crime scene than they were in saving the injured man's life.

    Why did the reporters reveal the substance that was believed to have triggered the attacker's mental rage? Now that drug will be experimented with by thousands of people. If the average person took this drug, might they exhibit similar behavior?

    Why were they both naked? Was a knife or some tool used?

    Also, this story has some strange similarities to the story of a couple of months ago where Kony filmmaker Jason Russell was also naked and behaving like a crazed wildman on the sidewalk? It is as if these people's brains reverted to a wild animal, resulting in amongst other things tearing off clothing to "run wild".

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