Who is the best defenseman of all time?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Mark Wilson - 5 years ago

    Just curious as to why you didn't list the same stats for each player in the "Resume" section? Lidstrom has no mention of All Star Games (12) or All Star Teams (12). Only Potvin and Bourque have any mention of points. And only Lidstrom has any mention of +/-.

    Since part of the point in my previous comment has to do with longevity/career - it would have been helpful to see all stats and let us decide on which were the most important factors in choosing who was the best.

  • Mark Wilson - 5 years ago

    I voted for Lidstrom based on career comparisons. There's no question that Orr was the more skilled defenseman. And while I know that bum knees are not Orr's fault, the fact is... Orr only played 9 seasons and Lidstrom played 21. If Orr had played for 15 - 20 total seasons, I would have not only voted him the best D-man ever, but I likely would have voted him the best player ever. But as the facts stand, Lidstrom edges Orr out.

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